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His Destined Path Chapter 3560

Suddenly, the wind gusted around them and stratus clouds rolled across the sky.

Just as the crowd looked to the sky in amazement, the wind stopped, the clouds dispersed and the sun remained.

It was as if nothing had happened earlier.

“Don’t be puzzled, don’t be surprised, it’s just my daddy’s way of making an appearance.”

“A man as rakish as I am, it’s only natural that I should make a rakish appearance.”

“Ahem, all looking at me, right?” Su Yingxia suddenly changed her previous posture, standing proudly with her hands behind her back, her stunning face with a hint of arrogance, but her voice was already a male voice again, “A brief self-introduction, I …… huh, am the friend of teenage girls, the dream girl of billions of teenage girls.”

“For men, call me Master Qi, for women well, it’s okay to call me Brother Qi.”

“However, you must be pretty to call brother oh.”

With these words, Su Yingxia’s gaze at this moment was like that of a lecherous wolf, glancing back and forth at the women among the crowd.

Good boy, b*****d Han Qianqian, really happy beyond compare, ah, in the midst of so many beautiful women, tsk ……

The more the b*****d thought about it, the more excited he became, especially after seeing Qin Shannon and Xia Wei, he simply could not move his eyes for a while.

If this was a pervert, the beauties would naturally be angry, but this was Su Yingxia, and they were more puzzled.

“Su Yingxia is possessed by a ghost?”

“Or a lecherous ghost?”

Ning Yue couldn’t help but frown and whisper, and the more indifferent Qin Frost actually replied echoing the question.

“Cough, cough, mind the stern words, mind the stern words, this seat is not some lustful ghost, this seat is just normal gawking, normal gawking.”

“For the sake of you two girls being so pretty, this time, this seat forgives you.”

This goods how confident full of confidence, in fact, condensing moon and other people will be how vigilant, and even some people have quietly began to hand tighten the long sword, and carefully intended to directly surround Su Yingxia.

Seeing that the situation is not right, at this moment the purple love hurriedly stood out and said in an urgent voice: “Everyone don’t get excited, don’t act recklessly.”

“I know that sister Yingxia’s current physical condition is indeed …… very odd indeed, and it is difficult for you guys to understand it for a while, but I won’t be able to explain it clearly to you guys at this time. All I can say is that you guys can rest a*sured that sister Yingxia he is fine, it’s better to wait for big brother Han to come back and tell you guys more about it.”

Neng Yue frowned, “Zi Ei, do you mean that Han Qianqian knows about this too?”

Zi Emotion nodded repeatedly, “Not bad. It can even …… be said that the fact that Sister Yingxia is like this now is …… what he did. Sister Ying Xia’s current body just has a small talking thing inside it, it’s that …… simple.”

The people smiled and looked at each other, a little confused but generally able to understand.

“It has no malicious intent, it’s just that Han Qianqian is not back right now, it can only follow me temporarily.” Su Yingxia also recovered her voice in time and explained softly.

Seeing Purple Emotion’s explanation, as well as Su Yingxia’s own personal affirmation, the crowd then slowly lowered their guard, and Ning Yue asked again, “By the way, Yingxia, then you are now suddenly cultivated ……”

“Hey, hey, it was taught by the old man.” Once again, the Poor Qi of Heaven inside Su Yingxia opened her mouth.

“How about it, big beauty, are you shocked? Don’t be too surprised, these ah are all just child’s play, it’s not time to really explode yet.” With a turn of phrase, she continued, “Call out to Brother Qi, if you call out well, hehehe, Brother Qi might be happy and teach you some real skills as well.”

Ning Yue’s face was slightly frozen, angry and extremely surprised.

She was angry that this guy was talking like a stinky third, but she was shocked that this guy was really that capable, that he could make Su Yingxia soar to this level overnight.

“Can you be a little more restrained, they are all friends of three thousand.” Su Yingxia couldn’t listen to it anymore, and opened her mouth to complain softly.

The Poor Man of Heaven was shameless: “Hey, it’s because they are Han Qianqian’s friends that I can teach them so generously, otherwise, do you think that my skills can be learned by a cat or a dog?”

“Come, come, come, last chance, beautiful girls, look at your beauty and give you a big reward, call out a nice brother Qi, hey, hey, I’ll teach you some real skills.”

The b*****d was shamelessly shouting at people, but it was clear that everyone was looking at it more as a kind of joke.

But only one person, out of the blue, stood out, “Calling you poor brother, are you really willing to teach?”