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His Destined Path Chapter 3561

When this voice came out, everyone was startled.

After all, who would have thought that someone would actually answer to this “scoundrel”?

And when they saw who it was, the group was even more shocked.

If it had been an impulsive young lady like Wang Simin, the surprise would have been understandable, for after all, those who could respond to such words must be more nervous.

But this time, it was not her type of person who answered, but Qin Shuang, who was as cold as an iceberg and said very little.

The actual fact is that you can find a lot of people who have been in the business for a long time. You …… you should not listen to his nonsense.”

“Yes, senior sister Qinshang, that person …… is not, is not even a human or ghost thing, full of bragging just, you pay attention to him what for.” Shiyue also sharply advised.

Fu Li also gently pulled Qin Frost, indicating that she should not pay attention to this “crazy person.”

Not to mention them, even the poor man of the sky was clearly stunned, he wanted to fish casually, and even prepared himself for the banter that no one would pay attention to him.

But how could he have known that ……

This fishing actually caught the biggest fish ……

Sometimes there is really no fear of dreaming, but only fear of not daring to dream ……

“You …… you want to learn? You are willing to call me?”

Qin Frost’s face was like frost, but just thought this frost, it made her already sharp features show even more heart-stealing: “Not bad.”

“Good!” The Poor Angel of Heaven also responded with a fierce voice: “Since I said it, I can naturally do it, if you dare to shout, I will definitely dare to teach.”

“Qin Shuang, don’t pay any attention to him, look at him, he doesn’t look like something really capable, what would he do to teach you, he just simply wants to take advantage of you.”

“Yes, that’s right, don’t believe his slanderous words.”

“You are our iceberg goddess, don’t let your image be affected by a lustful man.”

At this moment, apart from a few people from Ning Yue, even the other disciples of the Mystic Alliance also spoke out to persuade, and their words were not even the slightest bit polite as they pointed their swords at the Poor Man of Heaven.

Yes, Qin Shannon’s cultivation had soared during the recent period of training, and now she did not dare to say how strong she was, but at least she was one of the top experts among all those currently staying in this Heavenly Book World.

There was absolutely no need for her to lower herself for the sake of some teasing words.

This was also a scene that most people at the scene did not want to see.

But only Qin Frost herself, her eyes steadfast.

What everyone could think of, how could she not actually think of it? It was just that her thoughts were very simple, she only wanted to become stronger, she only wanted to be the first one to help Han Qianqian when he needed help.

Therefore, she had been cultivating hard, and even sometimes taunted herself in the middle of the night. She was Han Qianqian’s senior sister, so how could she lag behind her junior brother?

She was the proud daughter of the Voidless Sect, so how could she be no match for a “slave”?

But just now, Su Yingxia’s casual hand that turned the heavens and the earth upside down, and even Violet Emotion’s call to the wind and rain, were all deeply irritating to her.

She had a strong sense of crisis, and if Han Qianqian needed help, she might even be reduced to being too backward an option.

So, as long as there was the slightest chance of becoming stronger, again, no matter what, she was willing.

Even if, as now, it’s like putting down her dignity.

She could let go of Su Yingxia and Han Qianqian for a hundred years because they were meant to be a match made in heaven, but Qin Shannon also knew she couldn’t let go of Han Qianqian.

The only thing she wanted was to be able to guard them, to guard Han Qianqian.

So, she had to become stronger.

“Good, Brother Qi, please teach me.” As Qin Shrost’s words fell, she slightly bowed her head, and her frosty face slightly turned into soft water, her beautiful eyes slightly drooping, her pretty face slightly parted.


The crowd was in an uproar. During Han Qianqian’s absence, Qin Shou had always been as cold as ice and frost, and as her name suggested, she rarely even spoke.

However, because of a few words of nonsense from this “scoundrel”, she even lowered her head and eyes, showing her softness ……

This ……

The others were also surprised at the same time, after all, they knew Qin Shou’s character very well.

“Good, you come with me!” With these words, “Su Yingxia” suddenly grabbed Qin Shannon’s hand and flew directly towards the jungle in the distance ……