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His Destined Path Chapter 3562

A few moments later, deep in the jungle.

Su Yingxia and Qinshang landed one after another, Su Yingxia walked slowly with her back to the front, but did not turn back.

Qin Shuang just annotated her back and did not disturb her.

“What’s wrong?” Su Yingxia’s words opened very softly and asked the Poor Man of Heaven in a soft voice.

Shaking her head, the Poor Man of Heaven murmured, “Who is she?”

“Han Qianqian’s senior sister, Qin Shuang, what’s wrong?”

“Which sect is it from?” It asked.

“The Voidless Clan.”

“What kind of sect is the Voidless Sect, an evil sect?”

“Although the Voidless Sect is not considered a big sect, it is by no means a crooked and evil sect, it is a righteous sect, right, why are you asking this?”

After hearing Su Yingxia’s words, the Poor Man of Heaven did not say anything, as if he had fallen into some kind of contemplation for a while.

A moment later, he opened his mouth and walked towards the jungle in front of him while instructing Qin Shannon, who was not far behind him, to say, “Wait for me here first, I will prepare first.”

With those words, Su Yingxia quickly entered the jungle ahead of him.

After walking a few dozen metres, she made sure that Qin Shannon was not following her, and then she stopped.

“Han Qianqian, this sister, is not right, are you really sure she comes from a famous school?”

Su Yingxia was puzzled, “What do you mean by that?”

“Just now, I pulled her into this jungle to facilitate teaching her the proper gongfu, so while your hand was pulling her, I was also peering into her body’s internal breath. But the result was that the energy within her body was extremely strong, yet in complete chaos.”

“And within this chaos, there is an energy that is the most ma*sive, even though it is hidden in the shadows, however, how could it possibly escape my eyes.”

Su Ying Xia frowned, somewhat puzzled.

“It’s demon Qi, the demon Qi that rushes through the sky.”

“Demon Qi?” Su Yingxia was even more confused, most of what Senior Sister Qinshang cultivated was the Voidless Sect’s discipline proper, her body should naturally be the Qi of the Great Dao, how could there be demonic Qi that reached the point of rushing to the sky.

“Put it this way, just say that she is a beast cultivated into a spirit, and I will definitely not doubt this demonic Qi in her body alone.” Heaven’s Poor Man said.

“What’s also good is that she has a golden light inside her that she can barely suppress, plus her own power has been deliberately suppressing these demonic qi, so although it’s dangerous but overall it’s barely pa*sable.”

“However, Su Yingxia you have to be careful with this person, dangerous.”

Su Yingxia was stunned, she knew very well how senior sister Qinshang was like, she was Han Qianqian’s senior sister, in fact Su Yingxia also considered her as her own senior sister.

She was trustworthy, there was no doubt about that, she didn’t understand why the Poor Man of Heaven was telling her to be careful of Qin Shou.

“She may be a good person, I am very clear and certain of that from the fact that her good-looking eyes show as much clarity as they can. But the demon qi inside her is extremely complex, and I am worried that once she does not control this demon qi inside her well, some things will not be under her own subjective control.”

“To three thousand, Qin Frost is his family, and to me, too, since you can find out what’s going on inside her body, is there any way you can help her a little?” Su Yingxia said.

“I believe that the situation inside her body today, with Han Qianqian’s cultivation and intelligence, there’s no way he wouldn’t have noticed it. However, he might be a little confused about what’s going on inside her because he doesn’t have enough insight.”

“However, she will definitely find that his power can’t enter Qin Shannon’s body to help either, and in fact, that’s why there’s nothing I can do to help her at the moment.”

“All in all, Han Qianqian’s power is now far above mine, what can I do if even he can’t do anything about it?”

Hearing this, Su Yingxia couldn’t help but be a little anxious: “Then …… then you mean that this is all that can be done? Then what if senior sister she …… is in any kind of danger?”

“Theoretically everything can only listen to heaven and rely on personnel, and her current situation can only rely on herself. Hey, it’s a pity that she is fantastically gifted, her roots and bones are fantastically good, she is a person of genius that does not come across in a hundred years, and most importantly, she looks really D*mn beautiful, maybe, it’s the so-called heavenly jealousy of red faces.”

“However, one thing leads to another, who let her meet me, I have some ways to maybe help her some, but …… this has to ask if you are willing.”

“Me?” Su Yingxia frowned, she did not understand, why would this involve her?

And what could she do?