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His Destined Path Chapter 3563

“That’s right, you.”

“I’m afraid of you, losing my husband.”

After these words, without waiting for Su Yingxia to ask any questions, the Poor Qi of Heaven already spoke up and said leisurely, “Although I am not interested in these love affairs of you humans, but I have been used to seeing them for many years of existence in the world.”

“Qin Shuang is extremely beautiful and has a superb temperament, with her beauty, I would like to ask, how many people in this world can resist?”

“Demons can produce charm, if such a stunning woman has demonic energy to add charm, I believe there are even fewer people who can stop it.”

“As for her figure, you are not blind, as you can see, although the long skirt is on her body, but it is unstoppable hot, I ask you again, if she is naked, which person can hold it?”

Su Yingxia was silent, she had to admit that the words of the Poor Man of Heaven had no half-measures.

Even though she was a woman, she totally agreed that Qin Shushi was indeed so attractive.

“Qin Frost clearly only has Han Qianqian in his eyes.” The Poor Qi of Heaven sighed, “Although I can see that she is deliberately trying to suppress her emotions, who can tell what will happen when the demonic Qi spreads.”

“I believe in Han Qianqian.” Su Yingxia said.

“What if he’s also lost under the demon qi?” Heaven’s Poor Man asked.

“Once he loses himself, out of his body’s instincts, what should happen in case something happens? Although I don’t have much contact with this kid Han Qianqian, I can tell that he is an extremely negative any, when the time comes, you and her share a husband equally, are you willing to do that?”

Su Yingxia was silent and seemed to be thinking about something.

“Someone tried to set them up a long time ago, you just don’t know it.” The Poor Man of Heaven laughed bitterly, “After more contact, it is inevitable that love is born, at least Qin Shant does, doesn’t it?”

“You think it over.”

“I don’t need to think about it, if you can help her, then feel free to do so, I believe in Han Qianqian, and I also believe in senior sister Qinshang, even if there would be consequences like you said, there is no way I would stand by and watch senior sister Qinshang in danger.” Su Yingxia said in a soft voice.

However, although her voice was soft, her tone was unusually firm.

“It’s an honour for her to have a friend like you.”

“From the time you were unconscious, I could also see how nervous Han Qianqian was about you, therefore, I also believe in Han Qianqian. In that case, I will do some foundation first. ” towards

As the words fell, Su Yingxia had already turned around and walked towards Qin Shannon.

Qin Shannon was still waiting there, not to mention moving a fraction, even if she hadn’t moved a bit.

“You know a set of sword techniques, right?” The Poor Man of Heaven asked through Su Yingxia’s mouth.

Qin Shannon frowned slightly, “How do you know?”

“A two-person sword technique that needs to be used together with Han Qianqian.” The Poor Qi of Heaven continued.

Hearing this, Qin Shannon clearly blushed slightly with guilt and looked at Su Yingxia with the slightest hint of averted eyes.

“Don’t worry, Su Yingxia knows, she doesn’t mind, and has asked me to teach you a more powerful dual cultivation method than that.”

“What!” Qin Shannon snapped her head up and looked at Su Yingxia in disbelief.

She did not understand why Su Yingxia would choose to agree to such a practice, that was a beloved person, not something.

However, even if Su Yingxia agreed, Qin Shannon wasn’t willing, “Even if Yingxia agrees, I don’t need it, can you teach me other gong methods?”

“You two are really interesting, you’re even being courteous to each other?” The Poor Man of Heaven was slightly displeased, “Do you treat me like a vegetable market? Bargaining.”

Qin Shannon did not say anything, and turned around with the intention of leaving.

She did want to learn some stronger spells, expecting to help Han Qianqian, but definitely not in the way she was at the moment.

When Su Yingxia saw this, she became a little anxious.

She wanted Qin Shannon to learn it, obviously more for her safety’s sake.

As she was about to step forward, she suddenly felt that her body was out of control, and in the next second, under her panic, the Poor Qi of Heaven had already manipulated her hands, directly forming a hand seal, and aimed a direct palm strike at the unsuspecting Qin Shannon on the spot ……

“Poof ……”