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His Destined Path Chapter 3564

A mouthful of blood spurted out directly from Qinshang’s mouth, because behind him was Su Yingxia, Qinshang himself was defenceless.

He was so preoccupied that he could not concentrate at all, and was simply defenseless against such a sneak attack.

After he fell a few metres forward, he didn’t even have time to turn his head back before he completely fainted.

“What are you doing?!”

Seeing Qin Shant in such a state, Su Yingxia’s entire body was both anxious and angry.

She did not understand why the Poor Qi of Heaven had suddenly manipulated herself to sneak attack Qin Shannon, and even though it was not Su Yingxia’s intention, hurting Qin Shannon still made her feel guilty.

“You get out, get out.” Su Yingxia shouted loudly, her entire body in a state of complete rage.

“Hey, don’t be in a hurry.” Heaven’s Poor Man sighed, “Trust me, give me ten minutes.”

“When that time comes, I’ll kill you or not.”

With those words, the Poor Man of Heaven stopped talking, leaving behind a bewildered Su Yingxia.

Looking at the motionless Qin Shuang on the ground, the blood spurting out even stained the hem of her skirt, Su Yingxia wanted to help her up and see how she was doing, but she didn’t know how to refuse Heaven’s Poor Qi’s ten-minute order.

“Stay away from her, she’ll be fine, there are still nine minutes left.”

Su Yingxia was very anxious, but she also believed in what the Poor Angel of Heaven said, after all, it had never lied to itself for so long, and with its status and position it did know more than herself.

Thinking of this, although Su Yingxia was very worried, she still took one step backwards.

About a few dozen metres later, Su Yingxia stopped and leaned against a large tree under the guidance of the Poor Man of the Sky, before looking at Qin Shant with a worried face from afar.

A few short minutes pa*sed quickly, but for Su Yingxia, it was almost as if days were pa*sing by without being able to ascertain the exact extent of Qin Frost’s injuries.

However, just as Su Yingxia was worried beyond belief, suddenly, Qin Frost, who had fallen to the ground with serious injuries and was completely motionless, moved slightly.

Su Yingxia was immediately energised and hurriedly tried to get up and go over, but she tried to move but found that she could not move her body at all.

It was obvious that the Poor Man of Heaven was stopping it.


However, at that moment, a strange and bizarre silver light suddenly flashed out from Qin Shannon’s body, with a faint golden light within the silver light, and they wrapped around Qin Shannon in a fine manner, like streams of light slowly.

Immediately afterwards, Qin Shuang slowly rose from the ground.

As her back was to Su Yingxia, Su Yingxia could not see Qinshang’s face at this moment, so she did not know how she was doing.

Suddenly, Qin Shoung stood up, froze slightly for a moment, and then suddenly, turned her head.

At this moment, the fresh blood at the corner of Qin Shrost’s mouth still had not disappeared, and her cold face was even colder at this moment.

Su Yingxia’s joy at seeing Qinshang had not yet blossomed, but faded away in her icy eyes.

Although at this moment, Qin Frost did not seem to be in a different mood than usual, at most she could be considered to be in a bad mood and therefore cold.

However, if someone deliberately reminded her of this and took a closer look, one could see that something seemed wrong with the current Qin Shushiang.

In particular, those eyes were cold and sharp, but they did not have the usual brightness of senior sister Qin Shushi.

I couldn’t say what it felt like to be around her, but it just felt like there was an ice mountain pressing down on her, both cold and heavy!

“Senior Sister Qin Shou.” Su Yingxia opened her mouth, carefully and with some guilt, she looked at Qin Shou.

“Something’s wrong?” She replied coldly, then her willow eyebrows were like swords as she bellowed coldly, “Su Yingxia, I’ve said long ago that you’re just someone who will always only hold back Han Qianqian.”

“I am not very powerful, but I am definitely one of the best in this group. You attacked me behind my back, and I will not pursue you for the sake of our relationship, but you should be clear that Han Qianqian will lack someone who can help him for at least a while in the future.”

With those words, Qin Frost coldly glared at Su Yingxia, turned around and walked towards the outside.

Su Yingxia was clearly shaken by that look, and her heart felt guilty because of Qin Shou’s words.

But just as Qin Shoung was taking two steps, an accident happened ……