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His Destined Path Chapter 3565

She had just taken two steps when she suddenly sensed that something was wrong, and as she sidestepped her head slightly, a spell just happened to pa*s by her ear and hit the tree in front of her, exploding with a bang ……

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Su Yingxia’s eyes were anxious, but her body was controlled by the Poor Man of Heaven, and the corners of her mouth smiled coldly: “How can a tiger sleep soundly on its couch?”

“I’m not trying to drag my feet, I just want to put an end to it.”

“Do you think we mention the method of dual cultivation because we really want you to learn it? Oh, to tell you the truth, it’s just to tell you why we want to kill you.”

When Qin Shannon heard this, her face suddenly turned cold, and her eyes also fiercely revealed killing intent and anger: “You guys ……”

“Sneaking up on you once, and sneaking up on you twice, do you need any more answers? It is clear to tell you that it is to kill you.”

Hearing these words, Qin Frost frowned, his hand moved, and a surge of energy was instantly held in his hand.

Almost at the same time, Su Yingxia’s side also fiercely flew directly towards Qin Shannon with a blast.

There were explosions all around, and the trees in the jungle were falling down in the midst of the explosions.

Outside the jungle, the people who were waiting for the situation inside did not panic at all when they saw the explosions in the jungle.

In their eyes, these explosions were obviously normal, after all, Qin Shuang was learning a new dharma inside, so these explosions were in a way not violent enough.

This was probably due to the fact that the damage done by Ziyou and Su Yingxia’s party earlier was just too great.

“With Qin Shuang’s talent, as long as someone is willing to teach her, it won’t be long before she’s bound to become great, this girl, so enviably beautiful and gifted that she’s primed to be jealous.” Ning Yue smiled gently and couldn’t help but sigh.

The people around her also nodded their heads, everyone recognized Qin Shuang’s talent.

However, at this moment in the jungle, it was not as calm as they had imagined, instead, murderous intent was on the rise.

Although Su Yingxia was unable to control herself under the manipulation of the Poor Qi of Heaven, she had no heart but her power, and faced Qin Shannon with almost every killing move, and with the previous teachings from the Poor Qi of Heaven, her power was now needless to say.

I’m afraid he didn’t want to hurt Su Yingxia more, so he mostly defended himself, but knowing Su Yingxia’s killing strokes, he gradually had to carry his anger and charge back.

As one fought to kill and the other to save his life, the two fought more and more fiercely.

Trees fell wildly, land exploded, and the scene was a mess.

“I’ll show you some colour.” Su Yingxia gently shouted, and between the flip of her hand, she directly pa*sed by several palms.

There were two huge craters on the ground, and the mushroom clouds rose, and the powerful blast wave was so strong that even Qin Shannon was in a mess.

Although she dodged the attack of the two palms, the air wave in the centre still caused her shield to break on the spot, and she stumbled back for tens of metres.

In her haste, Qin Shannon had no choice but to use her luck to fight.

The two beautiful women fought with each other, one attacking and one defending, just like a fairy fighting.

In just a few moments, Qin Shannon was clearly at a disadvantage. Although her body was full of true energy and her qi was powerful, she could not stand up to Su Yingxia’s strange attacking style and could only manage to defend herself.

However, what she did not realise was that the defensive manoeuvres her hands were putting up to defend against Su Yingxia’s attack were in fact, on their own, clearly a set of extremely bullish gong techniques.

She was forced to defend against Su Yingxia, or rather by the Poor Qi of Heaven, and was forced to perform various moves of various kinds.

“Back off!”

As soon as the words left her mouth, her hands rose and Qin Shannon was directly sent flying several metres before she could barely stabilise herself.

Su Yingxia stopped attacking and wrapped her hands around her, but a long red sword was already in her hand.

“Tsk, that’s a nice sword, why don’t you use it?”

Qin Shannon was instantly shocked, only then did she suddenly realise that her sword had actually been taken away from her just now.

She remembered this sword better than anyone, it was the Demon Subduing Divine Sword given to him by Han Qianqian!

“Let me tell you, you don’t dare to use it.” Su Yingxia laughed coldly and slapped her hand on it, and the long sword suddenly stabbed Qin Shannon fiercely straight.

At this moment, Qin Shang was already unable to retreat, unable to dodge, and could only watch as the longsword stabbed straight ahead.

The sharp tip of the sword was already instantly less than a millimeter away from her widened pupils ……