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His Destined Path Chapter 3566


Suddenly, the silver and gold breath on Qin Shannon’s body violently dissipated, while almost simultaneously, the Demon Subduing Divine Sword also violently stayed at a position millimeters away from her pupils, motionless.


As the silvery-golden demonic energy dissipated, Qin Shannon, who had previously been quite energetic, dissipated with the energy in a few moments and fell to the ground with a crash as if she had lost her soul, after a moment’s pause.

As soon as Su Yingxia withdrew her hand, the Demon Subduing Divine Sword was pulled back to her hand on the spot. I

Only after she had withdrawn the sword did Su Yingxia herself feel that her body was also released from control in an instant, and only then did she hurriedly run towards Qin Shannon with immense worry.

She had no intention of hurting Qin Shannon, and at this moment when she was able to control herself, her first concern was of course the safety of Qin Shannon.

“Senior sister.”

Only, after Su Yingxia helped Qin Shannon up, she couldn’t help but be alarmed.

Qin Shuang’s eyes were slightly closed and her breath was like silk, but her eyes were slightly closed and she did not respond to Su Yingxia’s shouts.

“What the hell do you want? Why did you hurt her like this?” Su Yingxia shouted in annoyance.

“She is not at all the person you think she is, yes, I know that Senior Sister Qin Shuang is fond of Han Qianqian, but all along, she has just simply and kindly retreated to the side silently, never had the kind of dirty thoughts you said, and even when Han Qianqian and I quarreled, she always quietly helped us.”

“Why did you do this to her?”

“I’m not doing it to help you.” The Poor Man of Heaven said with carelessness.

“I don’t need your help, I’d rather her really steal Han Qianqian from me than to see her get hurt, do you understand?” Su Yingxia was angry and anxious.

She was angry at the Heaven’s Poor Qi’s hurtful behaviour, and also at the fact that it had used its own body to hurt Qin Shannon.

Although, Su Yingxia had no intention to do so, after all, her body was hers and so was her magical energy, so how could she possibly be alone in this matter?

What she had was just full of guilt towards Qin Shou.

“Hey, understand, understand, it’s not like I wanted to hurt her.” The Poor Man of Heaven said helplessly, “She just had her demon qi rush through her body, and now that it has dissipated, she is just weak for a while.”

“It’s alright.”

“Both of you are thinking of each other, you want her to learn, but she doesn’t really want to ruin your relationship with Han Qianqian and doesn’t want to learn, what can I do?”

“Although I don’t know her very well, I know that this girl is as smart as you are, and you also have some similarities in your personalities. Unless you are willing, if you want to force you to do something, isn’t it more difficult than climbing to the top?”

This was something Su Yingxia had nothing to say and had to admit.

Even though she and Qin Shuang were completely different in character, there were some things that were surprisingly the same.

They were both determined about something or something or someone and would never give up easily, while those they refused would never bow down freely.

Thinking from this point of view, Su Yingxia believed that even if she were to put a knife on Qin Shou’s neck, she might not necessarily nod her head to learn.

“Hey, don’t worry about it, she’s not a big deal, it’s just demonic Qi coming up.”

“I can only provoke her and teach her what I want to teach her by attacking her when her demon energy rises up inside her and her heart changes.”

Hearing these words, Su Yingxia suddenly understood and reflected that at that time when she attacked Qin Shannon, even she herself felt that her stance was unusually odd.

It clearly did not look like a spell to attack a person.

“What you mean is ……” Su Yingxia asked.

“The set of moves that she was forced to make in defense were the moves that helped her open up her dual cultivation veins. This is a unique secret technique of Laozi, there is no other one. If it weren’t for the fact that she is Han Qianqian’s senior sister and you are so nervous about her, I wouldn’t be willing to do it.”

Hearing these words, Su Yingxia first froze, then suddenly became happy, so to speak ……

But just before she had the time to be happy out loud, she suddenly realized a very serious problem, at once the whole person could not help but frown greatly ……