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His Destined Path Chapter 3567

Seeing Su Yingxia’s appearance, without even needing her to make a sound, Heaven’s Poor Man already knew what she wanted to say.

“You are trying to say that having opened dual veins is not the same as dual cultivation, right?”

Su Yingxia nodded undeniably, but it was so.

“So, sending the Buddha to the West, that’s something I’ve long considered.”

“She is extremely heavy with demonic energy, once she explodes, it will never be easy, and I naturally took this into consideration when I drew her demonic energy upwards.”

“However, I know that she has the Demon Suppressing Divine Sword in her hand, and this sword is the only divine weapon to suppress evil.”

“No wonder as soon as you used this sword just now, Senior Sister Qinshang quickly ……” Su Yingxia seemed to understand something.

“Not bad. The Demon Subduing Divine Sword can effectively suppress her demonic energy, and as she was forced by this sword when she was already defeated, her demonic energy naturally dissipated and the person returned to her original state.”

“But the fatal strike that you and I combined our efforts just now was obviously not light, it almost took half of her life when she was unprepared, plus her demon qi rushed her body and was quickly forced to disperse, right now, she is almost indistinguishable from being almost dead.”

Upon hearing this, Su Yingxia, who was still relatively emotionally stable, was completely stunned.

Thinking back for a moment, she suddenly questioned, “Didn’t you say that she was fine?”

“Fine means not dying, there is a difference between not dying and dying, ah.”

“You ……” Su Yingxia was furious, she was in a calm mood because she knew that Qin Shou was alright, but how could she know that this D*mned Poor Man of Heaven was simply fooling her.

“I’m doing this for her own good, and to fulfil your request.” The Poor Man of Heaven said helplessly.

Su Yingxia was slightly angry, “Nonsense, how can this be called for her own good, and also, when did I ask you to beat Senior Sister Qin Shou like this?”

“Yes, you did not say that you wanted to hurt her, but the problem is that you asked me to help help her, isn’t that what I am doing?”

Su Yingxia was so angry that she could hardly speak, what kind of sophistry was this? How dare you call it helping someone when you’ve beaten them up like this?

“Don’t get excited, let me ask you, even if I open her dual cultivation veins, will she be willing to dual cultivate?” The Poor Man of Heaven laughed.

The answer to this question came after a little thought, “Not necessarily.”

“That’s not right.” The Poor Man of Heaven smiled, “And I’ll take a step back, if she agrees, so what? Double cultivation requires two people, and would Han Qianqian agree to it?”

Su Yingxia was silent, no one knew Han Qianqian’s character better than she did.

This had even touched his bottom line, he would definitely not agree.

And if she forced him to do so, it would be unimaginable to Han Qianqian how hard it would be for him to be forced by the person he loved.

Besides, Han Qianqian would agree with her on everything else, but on such matters, Su Yingxia did not have confidence.

“That’s right, she can’t, he won’t either, what can he do?” The Poor Man of Heaven said in a bitter voice, then with a long sigh, “Isn’t that right now.”

“With your words, and Qin Shushi being dead and dying, would he, Han Qianqian, think that much in order to save his life?”

“Qin Shoushang so this, also can not resist, can only be forced to accept, two birds with one stone, is not it?”

Su Yingxia thought dully for a moment, it seemed like it was really the most perfect solution at the moment.

Thinking of this, the big stone in Su Yingxia’s heart was finally put down again.

“However, Han Qianqian has not returned now, Senior Sister Qinshang she ……”

“Don’t worry, I’ve lived for so many years, can I still strike without a light blow?” Speaking of this, the Poor Qi of Heaven was quite proud, shaking his head and smiling, “Everything is just right, everything, too, is under control ……”

And almost at the same time, with the end of the battle here, the sun in the sky also officially slowly set from the west.

The sun pond, Han Qianqian also felt the slanting shadow pa*sing by, slowly opened his eyes.

Immediately afterwards, he stood up from the ground and walked quickly towards the last stop in the jungle, which was also the last stop of his trip ……