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I Will Get My Divorce Chapter 701-702

Chapter 701

“Hair?” Rongshu raised her hand to touch her hair, and only when it was wet did she understand what he was referring to, she put her hand down and said, “It’s nothing, I just washed my face and it got wet.”

Fu Jingting nodded slightly and didn’t ask any more questions, taking her hand and walking towards her room.

On the way, Rong Shu suddenly thought of something and turned her head to look at the man beside her, “You wouldn’t have prepared a room for me again, would you?”

“No need.” Fu Jingting hooked up his thin lips and looked over, “My room is yours, you’re staying with me.”

“I knew it.” Rongshu rolled her eyes.

She wasn’t the least bit surprised by the man’s remark, she had guessed it long ago.

This man was sometimes so thin-skinned that he couldn’t make a fart out of eight sticks.

But the vast majority of the time, his skin was thick, and there was nothing he wouldn’t do to share a bed with her.

Now that he had brought her to himself, how could he possibly sleep in a separate room from her?

Even if he did, she was sure he would wake up the next morning and see him beside her.

He hadn’t done much sneaking into her room in the middle of the night.

“You don’t want to?” Fu Jingting paused slightly in his steps.

Rongshu also paused, “If I say no, will you prepare the guest room for me?”

She asked instead of answering.

Fu Jingting didn’t even think about it and blurted out, “Impossible.”

Rongshu let out a laugh, “Then what’s the point of me not wanting to? I already knew that you wouldn’t help me prepare more rooms, so from the beginning, I never thought of sleeping by myself.”

Hearing this, Fu Jingting laughed lowly, “You really know me.”

“You don’t even need to know much to know that fancy of yours.” Rong Shu’s bright red nails poked his heart through the lapel of his suit.

Fu Jingting raised his hand, grabbed her messy finger, put it to his lips and kissed it, “So, you’re actually willing to share a room with me, right?”

“Knowingly.” Rongshu looked away from him.

Fu Jingting’s laugh became more and more seductive and provocative.

Rongshu’s ears were getting a little crispy, so she moved her body and urged, “Okay, stop laughing and let’s go.”

“Mm.” Fu Jingting nodded, took her hand and continued to lead her into the room.

Once inside, Rongshu realised how much his room had changed and was dumbfounded for a moment.

Yesterday, his room was still cold and clear, with nothing but basic electrical furniture, and the style was also cold and dark, the kind that made people feel depressed.

The black curtains had become beige, and the bed was still the same, but the four-piece bed set had changed from black to white.

In addition to this, the room is decorated with many other things, not to mention flowers and other things.

The most conspicuous one was the dressing table, which was full of skin care products and cosmetics, enough to drive any girl crazy.

Rongshu looked at the dressing table and stared at it.

Fu Jingting led her over and said softly, “This is all for you.”

“Me?” Rongshu’s lips twitched, and only after a long time did she make a sound.

Fu Jingting gave a hint, “Yes, I just said that this would be our wedding room from now on, so I had someone simply decorate it in advance, changing it to a style you like, and then had someone prepare a lot of things that you would use, these are one of them.”

He pointed to the dressing table.

Rongshu blinked, “One of them? You’ve prepared others for me?”

Fu Jingting smiled at her, then took her hand and led her towards the cloakroom.

Arriving outside the cloakroom door, he opened it and a huge cloakroom, appeared before Rong Shu’s eyes.

Yes, huge.

His cloakroom, it wasn’t that she hadn’t been here before, she had been here yesterday.

But the cloakroom she had seen yesterday was definitely not as large as it was now, and this cloakroom now was at least more than twice as large as the one she had seen yesterday.

The extra space was filled with new wardrobes, new shelves and all kinds of women’s clothes, from socks and lingerie to formal wear, from dresses to pajamas, from casual wear to sportswear, in short, everything.

In addition to all this, there are heels of all colours, bags of all kinds, and jewellery configurations that scream for attention.

This was no longer a cloakroom, but a small luxury shop.

Rongshu turned her stiff neck to look at Fu Jingting, “You gave me all these ……?”

“Yes.” Fu Jingting led her in, “As your future husband, to prepare these for you, isn’t that what you should do, right now I just had some randomly prepared, not a lot, but it’s okay, in the future every quarter someone will send over the latest models, all in your favorite style.”

After saying that, Fu Jingting looked at her, with a plea for praise written in his eyes.

Rongshu was a little amused, “Thank you for doing this for me, actually you didn’t have to do this ……”

“Of course I did.” Fu Jingting cut her off, “I said, as your future husband, these are the right things to do, otherwise why earn so much money? The most important thing is to make money, isn’t it for spending, isn’t it to give your family, your lover the best life? So don’t say those words, I don’t like it.”

He had a somewhat serious expression.

Rongshu looked at him for a moment, then smiled, “Okay, I won’t say anything, but don’t you think you’re a bit aggravated yourself?”

“Why?” Fu Jingting obviously didn’t understand what she meant.

Rongshu pointed to his side of the cloakroom, “Your area is so much smaller than mine, it looks like it’s kind of squeezed into a corner.”

Fu Jingting shook his head, “No, it’s fine just like this, you have more stuff to show that, you’re the mistress of the place.”

“You really do have all sorts of reasons.” Rongshu shook her head in amusement.

Fu Jingting let go of her hand and walked over to the pyjama section, fetching a black silk camisole pyjama set under her puzzled gaze.

Seeing the nightgown, Rong Shu’s heart thudded and a bad feeling rose up.

He wouldn’t be trying to ……

The man’s suspicions became more and more certain when he saw the man coming towards him with the nightgown.

It was not until the man handed her the nightgown with an expectant look on his face that she was completely sure of his purpose.

He wanted her to wear this nightgown to bed!

As expected, when Fu Jingting saw Rong Shu accept the nightgown, he said, “Tonight, will you wear this?”

“……” the corners of Rongshu’s eyes jumped, “Why?”

“I want to see it.” Fu Jingting did not hesitate to say what he had in mind.

The corners of Rong Shu’s eyes jumped even harder.

Originally, she wanted to refuse, but when she saw how much he was looking forward to it and thought of the cloakroom he had prepared for himself, she finally softened her heart and nodded with a sigh, “Okay.”

It was just a nightgown, so I could wear it.

Although it was a little shorter, it wouldn’t leak anything, so it would be better to wear a more conservative swimming costume.

With this in mind, Rongshu took the nightgown and went to the bathroom.

Fu Jingting, on the other hand, was sitting on the edge of the bed, holding a financial magazine in his hand.

He was obviously reading the magazine, but after half a day, he didn’t even turn a page, instead his eyes looked towards the bathroom from time to time, making it clear that reading the magazine was a lie, waiting for the person in the bathroom to come out was the real thing.

But he didn’t have to wait long before the mobile phone in his pocket rang.

Fu Jingting frowned, then closed the magazine and took the phone out.

The call was from a*sistant Zhang.

Fu Jingting pursed his thin lips and asked in a cool, muted voice, “What is it?”

“Mr. Fu, it’s not good, Miss Rong is in the news again.” Zhang’s a*sistant’s anxious voice came over the phone.

Chapter 702

Fu Jingting’s eyebrows instantly wrinkled into a Sichuan character, his voice cold and frightening, “What hot search?”

“It’s that the matter of Miss Rong not being the Rong family’s biological daughter has come to light.” a*sistant Zhang hurriedly replied.

“What?” Fu Jingting’s back straightened all of a sudden, his face extremely gloomy, “Exposed?”


“How did it come to light? Who exposed it?” Fu Jingting asked in a stern voice.

The matter that Rong Shu was not the Rong family’s biological daughter was known to very few people, just a few.

It was impossible for the Lu family and his grandmother to expose it, while the remaining people were him and Lin Tianchen.

It was also impossible for Lin Tianchen, who was not the kind of person who liked to take the initiative to cause trouble.

What’s more, Lin Tianchen wouldn’t betray Rong Shu either.

So this matter was clearly very wrong.

Just as Fu Jingting was guessing who the person who had exposed it was, a*sistant Zhang had already spoken up to answer, “It’s Rong Yuan.”

“What did you say? Rong Yuan?” Fu Jingting’s eyes narrowed dangerously.

a*sistant Zhang nodded, “It’s her, she was the one who exposed this matter, she also cried on the internet that Miss Rong had snatched all of Tiansheng’s shares, and even created rumours on the internet that Miss Rong had bullied her since she was a child, and that Miss Rong was the illegitimate child of Ms. Fan who cuckolded Rong Hao and cheated on her with another man, now the internet is cursing Miss Rong and the heat is very high. ”

After hearing these words, Fu Jingting fiercely squeezed his phone, as if he wanted to crush it, and an extremely frightening aura emanated around him.

D*mn, how could he have forgotten about Rong Yuan.

The day before yesterday, Lin Tian Chen was still telling Rong Shu that Rong Yuan had sneaked into the hospital’s data room and checked Rong Shu’s physical examination report, possibly suspecting Rong Shu’s identity.

He knew that Rong Yuan might use Rong Shu’s identity to get into something, but he never thought that it would be so soon!

He thought that Rong Yuan would at least hold back for a while, but it turned out that ……

The latter, Fu Jingting didn’t think any further, his face was gloomy as he hammered the head of the bed, “I know, you contact the major media now to keep the heat down, at the same time, find out exactly which media has accepted Rong Yuan’s exposure, I want it to disappear completely!”

His voice was cold and ruthless, a gut-wrenching order.

a*sistant Zhang answered with a serious expression, “Yes, Mr. Fu!”

When the call was over, Fu Jingting brought his phone to him and then casually clicked into a browser.

Probably this matter was bought by Rong Yuan, so when Fu Jingting clicked into the browser, he saw the news that Zhang Cheng said was on the top of the list.

A cold glint flashed in Fu Jingting’s eyes before he clicked into the top recommendation.

Once inside, a live broadcast began to play.

The video showed Rong Yuan sitting on a sofa in an office with a handkerchief, her hair in a mess and a few bright red fingerprints clearly printed on both sides of her face, obviously trying to tell others that she had been slapped left and right, and looking at her highly swollen cheeks, it was obvious that the person who hit her was not light.

At this moment, Rong Yuan was crying, wiping her tears with a handkerchief, while choking up and speaking sadly, all she said were words of accusation against Rong Shu.

Just like what a*sistant Zhang had said on the phone, Rong Yuan said that Rong Shu had been very domineering since she was a child, not treating her like a sister, abusing her or beating her, saying that she had grown up under Rong Shu’s oppression, and that Rong Hao, who was her father, would not help her, and even helped Rong Shu to bully her and her mother together.

The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the public. ready to tell this matter out, because my sister is afraid that after I tell it, she alone can not hide the matter of the shares, after all, is not the biological daughter, but snatched all the shares of the matter is not honorable, so my sister will ……”

She didn’t continue, her hands covering her face and crying even harder.

The way she looked, in the eyes of all the viewers watching the live broadcast, was that she was too sad, so she couldn’t go on.

However, Fu Jingting knew that Rong Yuan was not saying that she couldn’t go on, but that she had deliberately stopped talking here, leaving the back to the viewers, so that they could point fingers at Rong Shu.

This was Rong Yuan’s way of putting Rong Shu on the fire rack of public opinion!

Fu Jingting’s fists were clenched and his eyes stared at Rong Yuan on the live stream with gloomy eyes, wanting to tear her apart.

Of course, in his heart, he knew very well that while Rong Yuan was hateful, these netizens, who could not distinguish between right and wrong and were either black or white, were no better.

Looking at the pop-ups in the live stream, those who were reprimanding Rong Shu, Fu Jingting’s cheeks were clenched.

“The actual version of the white-eyed wolf, I can see, as an illegitimate child who does not even know who his father is, but still so unaware of himself, actually bullying his adoptive father’s own daughter, ah this ……”

“Upstairs, you do not only talk about that Rong Shu, not to say scum father ah, you did not hear just Rong family second young lady said, her father only good to Rong Shu, not to her it, but also help Rong Shu together with bullying her and her mother, this kind of scum father is the most disgusting abomination.”

“That’s right, originally heard that his ex-wife cuckolded him and made him a happy father, I kinda sympathize with him, but it turns out that he himself is blind and blind at heart, helping a b*****d to suppress his own daughter and his second wife, if you ask me, this kind of person, just doesn’t deserve sympathy.”

“That’s right, that’s right, and that Rong Shu, she must have known her identity for a long time, that’s why she grabbed all the shares of Tiansheng and didn’t leave any for the Rong family’s own daughter, because she was afraid that once her identity was exposed, she wouldn’t get anything and she would be kicked out of the Rong family, so she hid her identity and kicked out the Rong family’s own daughter first and kept all the shares in her own hands. It is really disgusting, obviously those shares should be this Rong Yuan’s, that Rong Shu is just an illegitimate daughter, how can she be qualified to inherit Tiansheng, return the shares to Rong Yuan.”

“Yes, give it back to Rong Yuan. Also, didn’t that Rong Shu get back together with the chairman of Fu’s group? Now that something like this has popped up, I’m beginning to doubt the vision of the Fu Group chairman, I’m afraid that someone who would like such a person is no good.”

“Upstairs, you have a lot of guts, how dare you say that the chairman of the Fu Group is not a good person, are you not afraid of being retaliated? So I’m also wondering why the chairman of the Fu Group would want to get back together with such a person, but it’s also possible that the chairman of the Fu Group, doesn’t even know the true nature of that Rong Shu?”

In a flash, the pop-ups in the live stream instantly went from all kinds of discussion to unified aids to Fu Jingting.

As Fu Jingting watched these aids, a fierce storm was written on the bottom of his eyes.

At this moment, he didn’t need to look, he knew that under the official website of the Fu Group, under Weibo, and in the comments section of other platforms, all of them must have turned into such clear-cut aids as well.

They were all trying to tell him to ‘see’ Rong Shu’s ‘true face’!

Heh, ridiculous.

Does he not know what Rongshu’s true face is?

He needed to be reminded by these fools.

The ones who really need to see clearly are these idiots, who are being used as a wooden hamper and still proudly don’t know anything.

Fu Jingting’s thin lips pursed a bit cold as he prepared to turn off Rong Yuan’s live stream.

Suddenly, the majority of the originally dense pop-ups in the live room disappeared, leaving only a few scattered, inconsequential pop-ups.