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His Destined Path Chapter 3579

It is a long stick about one metre six or seven long.

It is dark green in colour, with a pattern of auspicious clouds at both ends and the seal of two dragons soaring in the centre.

At a glance, one could tell that this stick was extraordinary.


The stick suddenly moved and swiftly flew towards the monkey’s hand.


The monkey received the long stick and steeply lifted it up, preventing the monkey god from descending in a mighty manner.

The green light around his body recycled collectively, flowing slowly around his circumference, and his pair of monkey eyes were ice-cold to the core, staring deadly at the shadow of emptiness.

“A dead man, here comes a monkey?” The voice said with slight surprise, but in the next second, he bellowed coldly, “But so what?!”

“I’m not afraid of a man, so I’m not afraid of a P*ssing monkey?”

Between the words, the eight circles of light moved once again, and the light wolves instantly came heaving into the sky.


The Jade Monkey also shouted angrily and raised his stick to attack!

On the one hand, the waves of light were like a tsunami, attacking the sky, and on the other hand, the Jade Monkey raised his stick and broke through the tens of thousands of pounds.

“Ignorant, have you forgotten how you were just dissolved into a pile of mud? You think you can resist just because you’ve changed into a monkey and changed your hair?” The voice sneered with disdain and mockery.

The jade monkey said nothing, but continued to charge with his stick.

“Go to hell.”

The wave of light was already down, and in the midst of his roar, the light wolf flashed even more fiercely at once and charged at the jade monkey.


The wave of light had already pa*sed through the jade monkey, and the jade monkey also held the stick to break through it!

But ……


The Jade Monkey’s attack did not decrease in the slightest, and the wave of light pa*sed by without harming it, but on the contrary, the Jade Monkey’s momentum of raising its stick and smashing became more and more fierce.

Closer and closer, closer and closer to the illusory shadow.

Ten centimetres, five centimetres!

The monkey’s face was fierce, powerful and extraordinary.


Suddenly, the monkey flickered and reappeared, but it was not a monkey, but Han Qianqian, and the long stick in his hand had turned into a cold, jade sword!


As he roared in surprise, the stick arrived at the sword, and the monkey arrived at the man!


The illusory shadow was directly smashed solidly, retreating several dozen meters before barely stabilizing, but his entire body could not stop the illusory movement.

Once the jade sword was retracted and his stance stood, Han Qianqian transformed into a monkey again, and the jade sword transformed into a long stick, proudly fading into the illusory shadow.

“You …… how do you ……” a mouthful of transparent liquid out of its mouth, and almost at the same time, the sky hanging in the eight circles of light, also darkened a little, and even a circle of light Eventually faded away!

This can’t be!

This is impossible!

How could that boy have survived the attack of his own wave of light unscathed?

How could that boy …… have injured himself?

I don’t know how many years, I don’t know how many years, here, outside, he has always been the absolute supreme existence.

No one can shake it!

But by chance, right now, this unheard of kid has accomplished what is simply impossible for ordinary people to accomplish.

“Little …… kid, just …… what kind of freak are you?” He asked in a cold voice.

But the jade monkey did not answer.

Suddenly, he violently remembered something like.

“Monkey …… monkey, you …… are that seventh spirit monkey in the hands of Zhang …… Yong Shi? You cracked it? Got its true transmission?”

“Impossible, impossible, never!”

He roared in anger, his tone filled with resignation.

What was in the Sun and Moon Pool, of course, he knew incomparably well, although he openly claimed that he only ruled this place and everything else was privatized.

But in reality, the Moon’s Treasure of the Twin Gods of the Water Pool and the Seventh Spirit Monkey he had long since secretly speculated about.

Unfortunately, even he himself had never been able to fathom the subtleties of them, and for many years he had only been left with an empty mind and no other means.

But he could never have imagined that what he had been thinking about for so long would appear in front of him in a different way at this very moment.

This was simply disconcerting and simply unacceptable.

Suddenly, he thought of something and looked fiercely at Han Qianqian!