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His Destined Path Chapter 3580

“No wonder, no wonder you kid can actually come back from the dead, so it’s the spirit monkey at work!”

“Good, you b*****d, since you have the approval of this dead monkey, then I will kill you to take it back, hum, it will save me a lot of trouble.”

With these words, his body transformed and completely disappeared into the air, but the remaining seven suns in the sky were instantly glowing.

The entire space instantly rose with great heat, like a furnace that had been burnt red with fire.

The Jade Monkey raised its eyes and looked towards the sun in the sky.

In the next instant, with a stomp on his feet, he carried his wooden stick and flew straight up.

And almost the instant he flew into the sky, the monkey body transformed into Han Qianqian again, and the long stick abruptly transformed into a jade sword.

“Come on.”

The seven suns suddenly moved greatly, and in the next second, with one sun as the centre, the remaining six suns took on a six-combined stance, each releasing a sword-like blanket between them to blast at Han Qianqian.

The seven mists were centred on Han Qianqian, so it was clear that if they were directly hit, they would only be reduced to rubble.

Han Qianqian did not panic in the slightest, and with a movement in his hand, he directly struck out with his backhand in the face of the seven rays of light.


The Phantom Emperor was strong when it encountered strength, but weak when it encountered weakness, and it was almost identical to the Phantomless Divine Technique.

The seventy-two divine swords instantly reoriented themselves and stabbed at the nearest light circle.

Almost as soon as his 72 divine swords were waved, Han Qianqian transformed into a jade monkey, and his long sword transformed into a long stick, and his strange and tricky golden maze transformed into a domineering stick technique in an instant.

The circle of light also clearly sensed Han Qianqian’s intentions, but their respective attacks were both trapped by the Phantom Emperor, making it difficult to pull out for a while.


The sword arrived at the club, carrying the terrifying power of Han Qianqian and the jade monkey, and the attacked circle of light froze for a moment before being reduced to nothing with a great explosion.

The sword fell from his hand and the stick struck the air!




One by one, the circles of light fell and exploded as Han Qianqian attacked with frenzied panache!

In less than half a minute, six of the seven suns had fallen, leaving only one sun, hanging high in the sky, looking so weak.

“Force Breaks the Mountain and River!”

The long stick flipped up and the jade sword broke through the air!

Along with the ever-changing shadows of the man and the monkey, the force of a thousand evens came crashing down.


The blazing sun collapsed and the light exploded.

The entire world was in an extremely blindingly bright state.

A moment later, the light dissipated and everything, as usual, returned to its tranquility.

The Seven Suns had long since disappeared, and all that was left in mid-air was Han Qianqian, holding a long sword in a mighty manner!


A heavy out-breath sound resounded throughout the space.

“This is even possible?”

The voice was a little puzzled, a little shocked.

It was still really wonderful.

The counter-kill was completed between attack and defence without the slightest hint of dragging.

The defence was like a solid wall, while the attack was like flowing water.

“Despite being an opponent, I must praise you, this is the most magnificent attacking and defending technique I have ever seen in my life, it is really out of the blue but better than the blue, the wave after the Yangtze River pushes the wave before it.”

“Brat, you’re really something.”

Han Qianqian remained cold-faced and expressionless, only his eyes were steadfast and he did not utter even a single word.

“Hmph, it seems that those b*****ds, all of them, have betrayed me.”

“Burning silence, the Phantom Emperor has even made it out, it’s really getting interesting.”

From the moment Han Qianqian’s tentative Burning Silence drove the Heavenly Flame in, he had already sensed that something was wrong.

However, he did not take it to heart, there are indeed some things that some people can never penetrate in their lifetime, while others are as simple as chopping up a melon and mastering it completely.

This is called fate, or luck.

He had had such an experience in his lifetime, so naturally there was no need to be surprised.

But as Han Qianqian had just brought out the Seventh Spirit Monkey, and now blocked it with the Phantom Emperor, he understood one thing deeply.

One thing might be luck, but two, three could no longer be explained away by luck.

It was destiny!

Or rather, it was Chosen.

But what about the Chosen One?

“I’m dead, so what does it matter if I want the world or not? What the hell do I care about the Chosen One?”

As he roared, the sky suddenly turned grey, as if a cloudy aura had enveloped it, and something even more bizarre happened.

The eight aperture suns that had completely disappeared were suddenly, once again, high in the sky ……