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His Destined Path Chapter 3613


The trumpet blows!

Ten thousand troops, officially heading out!

And almost at the same time, those unjust souls in the sky began to flow like dark clouds rolling in, drifting rapidly in a certain direction towards the city.

The stunning beauty’s face was stony as she followed closely behind, quickly following.

“Everyone, hurry up and follow me.” Ye Shijun bellowed loudly, leading his troops to follow closely behind.

In the quiet night, the sound of footsteps was so heavy that many residents were awakened by the sound and looked quietly out of their windows.

The residents looked at each other in disbelief, wondering what was happening.

After about ten minutes, the long line of troops suddenly came to a halt.

It was just a normal alleyway, and many people did not even realise that their march had suddenly stopped here, so there was a bit of a crash.

The back was like this, but the front was not easy either.

In particular, Ye Shijun and Zhu Yanshuo had a group of experts with them.

At this moment, each of them had a hard look on their faces, and some of them even pinched their noses to death with a look of life and death.

“What the hell is this Divine Dragon Envoy up to? Why is she stopping here?”

“That’s not true, is she in an internal emergency and wants to make it easy?”

A group of people whispered, crossed their ears and chatted lightly, whispering and talking non-stop.

Ye Shijun and Zhu Yanshuo were also puzzled and looked at each other with question marks on their faces.

This large group of people stopped next to an outhouse, the stench of which needs no introduction, but is also more puzzling.

What on earth was this all about?

And, most importantly, the divine Dragon Envoy who was walking at the front of the group also did not seem to have any intention of leaving, as if he was already set in place.

Seeing Ye Shijun and the others’ doubts, Fu Tian hurriedly took a few steps behind the stunning beauty and coughed lightly, saying tentatively, “Elder Divine Dragon, there’s something I don’t know if I should say.”

The stunning beauty was not in the mood to pay attention to her, and at this moment, a pair of good-looking eyes were just suspiciously looking around, as if they were searching for something.

Seeing that the Divine Dragon envoy did not speak, Fu Tian was a little embarra*sed, however, when he looked back at Ye Shijun and the others, he saw that their eyes were clearly full of expectation, hoping that he could ask a question, so he still put his head on a hard line.

“Elder Divine Dragon, we …… have a large group of people who attacked late at night and are now in the midst of a rainbow, how …… could we have come to this stinking place, which… …”

The first thing I did was to say a few words, and then the beautiful woman interrupted with a displeased expression, “What’s wrong with this place?”

Fu Tian was taken aback and was visibly stunned, but now that he was riding a tiger, he was about to answer when the beautiful woman took the lead and opened her mouth, “A bunch of rice buckets, how dare they call themselves the king’s division?”

With these words, although the puzzled crowd had reluctance, but looking back at the incomparably cold eyes of the divine dragon envoy, they could only avoid its sharpness and lowered their heads one after another.

“This …… king’s division has nothing to do with us …… us staying in this place, ah.” One expert muttered with his head down.

The sound was small, but in this collective quiet and nighttime situation, it instantly seemed enormous.


No sooner had the man’s words left his mouth than his body was suddenly wrapped in a strange force, and before he knew what was happening, there was a muffled thud and he was thrown directly into a cesspit.

He was screaming and struggling desperately to get out.

But at that moment, none of the team dared to help, and they all shut their old lips even more tightly, fearing that they too would end up in such a miserable state.

“What does it mean to be a king’s division, that is, to be able to go forward in any place, in any condition, in front of any difficulty, you can’t even stand a mere cesspit, and you still dare to boast of some bullsh*t king in front of me?”

The group of people did not dare to breathe.

Seeing the deadly atmosphere, Ye Shijun hurriedly stepped forward and first said respectfully, “The divine dragon envoy is educated.” Then he turned his head and looked angrily at the soldiers, “Do you all remember this clearly?”

“Yes!” Ten thousand people answered in unison.

Seeing this, the stunning beauty slightly adjusted her breathing, and then, slowly looked towards the thatched pit, “This is where Han Qianqian is smart, compared to him, it is normal for you all to be played like monkeys.”

“Ten thousand ghosts listen to the order!”