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His Destined Path Chapter 3614


Ten thousand ghosts rose up and gushed down in a frenzy!

Immediately afterwards, they quickly wandered around,, seemingly looking for something.

A few moments later, the ten thousand ghosts gathered not far from the cottage, and some even kept burrowing into the ground.

The beautiful woman’s face was suddenly frozen, and with a flip of her hand, an energy was aimed directly at that place with a palm strike.


A loud and shocking sound shook the entire city, and the nearby cesspit even lost its skin, emitting a stench.

The area where the blast was made had by now been blasted into a several-metre deep crater.

However, they were disappointed and puzzled by the fact that the operation was as fierce as a tiger, but when they looked closely, there was nothing in the pit.

“What is this Dragon Envoy doing?”

“No, after all this tossing and turning, there’s nothing here, is there not?”

“I don’t understand what this is all about, isn’t it about finding someone? What is he doing here?”

“Could it be that the Dragon Envoy is already full of confidence? Is he digging Han Qianqian’s grave here in advance?”

A group of people looked at each other, carefully discussing.

They were so, in fact, Zhu Yan Shuo, Ye Shijun was also confused, not knowing what the absolute beauty wanted with this play.

“I knew you guys were too dirty and smelly, that’s why Han Qianqian chose such a place, humph, a place of extreme stench, blocking you guys and also greatly hindering the night dogs’ sense of smell.”

“If you want to make an enemy of Han Qianqian, I’d like to ask you to be a little quicker in your thinking, for he was scouted by the night dogs just once and knew to change his strategy immediately, while you only went back to the same place. This alone makes you all different from the others.”

The stunning beauty smiled coldly, her eyes full of disdain.

The group of people were scolded, and although they were quite upset in their hearts, they had no guts to refute, and their bottom line was all but gone.

“What the Divine Dragon Envoy means is that Han Qianqian used these dung pits to cover the nose of the night dog?” Ye Shijun asked.

Although the beautiful woman did not say anything, the meaning of this was already clarified through her cold eyes.

When he got this answer, Ye Shijun couldn’t help but suck in a cold breath, his grandmother’s leg, this Han Qianqian is really smart.

Just once, it was clear what method the night dog used to scout them, and quickly made a response ……

This alone is enough to make people hate him and at the same time have to admire how smart this guy’s brain is turning.

“So now …… now what do we do?” Ye Shijun is a bit helpless, being led by the nose, when the feeling is really bad.

“What to do? Dig ah.” The stunning beauty did not have a good-natured white glance.

Ye Shijun obviously froze for a moment, not knowing why he had to dig, could it be that this guy Han Qianqian was hiding underground?

Although this is very far-fetched, but thinking about this side of the cesspit used to block the night dog’s sense of smell, as if Han Qianqian is hiding under the ground, it seems to be a real possibility.

“What the f*ck are you doing? Dig for me.” Ye Shijun bellowed.

At once, a group of soldiers behind him did not dare to slow down at all, and hurriedly went towards the exploding pit, and worked feverishly thereafter.

Looking at the group of men digging deeper and deeper, with the addition of brute force and magic power, they had already probed from a few meters before to nearly dozens of meters, Ye Shijun’s side was both angry and suspicious.

Naturally, the doubt was that Han Qianqian could not really be hiding underground. If he was really hiding so deep underground, then it would be too D*mned much!

This is a good search, just digging the ground, there are already several groups of people.

The man in front of him was staring at a deep pit, he had already dug at least a few dozen metres.

Suddenly, just as the group of people were thinking, there was a shout from inside the deep pit, which instantly lifted the spirits of the exhausted and disorganised 10,000-strong brigade.

Ye Shijun and Fu Tian were also the first to rush to the side of the deep pit, their faces full of excitement.

They even had their own long swords in their hands by now!

Soon, in the deep pit hole, a human figure quickly flew up ……