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His Destined Path Chapter 3615

The two men raised their swords and were about to slash, when they realised that the figure coming up was one of their own guards.

There was nothing in the pit.

Where the hell were Han’s three thousand men?


The guard crossed the two men, not daring to stop in the slightest, and ran quickly to the stunning beauty’s side, kneeling down on the spot and holding a book up with both hands: “My subordinate and the others have already dug down more than a hundred meters into the ground, no human smoke or traces have been seen, only this was found.”

“A volume of books?”

Zhu Yanshuo frowned, they had come to find Han Qianqian, what did it mean to dig up a book?

“You rice bucket, you were told that you were there to find someone, and you came up here to dig up antiques?” Fu Tian bellowed angrily, his heart depressed to the core because he hadn’t caught Han Qianqian.

It was thought that the Divine Dragon Envoy should also be extremely disappointed. Therefore, if he could help out at such a time, he could naturally not only vent his frustration, but most importantly, he could also kiss his a*s.

When Zhu Yanshuo saw Fu Tian cursing, he was just about to help out, but his words got stuck in his throat.

It was very clear that the situation did not seem right.

“Don’t you have anything to say?” The stunning beauty laughed coldly as a pair of beautiful eyes faintly swept a glance at everyone present.

The crowd once again looked at each other, not knowing what the Divine Dragon Envoy meant by this question, and even asking if they had anything to say.

What could they say? What did they dare to say?

Only Zhu Yanshuo, the handsome genius who was already the lord of a city, quickly discovered the problem.

“This is not an antique.” He opened his mouth and spoke in a gruff voice.

Even if an antique was buried underground, even if it was not very old, it should have been eroded by the soil, and the surface should at least leave traces belonging to the ages.

Especially something like a scroll.

But what we have here is surprisingly new.

It doesn’t look like an antique that has been buried in the ground for a long time ……

It was more like ……

“Something that has just been buried in not long ago.” Zhu Yan Shuo said.

“Something that has just been buried in not long ago?” Fu Tian frowned.

Ye Shijun was also quite puzzled, “Who would dig such a deep, huge pit to bury something, isn’t that child’s play?”

“Remember your words clearly.” The stunning beauty hummed softly, looked at Ye Shijun and said, “Then you should ask, who would bury such an object in such a deep place.”

“And what is the significance of burying it.”

Ye Shijun was stunned, calling the king a king was something he was now familiar with, but if we were talking about using his brain, it was obvious he was an amateur.

“The Divine Dragon Envoy is saying that it might have been buried by Han Qianqian.” Zhu Yanshuo frowned and said.

The stunning beauty smiled coldly, “Go on.”

“This thing might have something to do with Han Qianqian’s disappearance now?”

The Jedi Beauty smiled and finally averted her gaze coldly, taking a few steps towards the deep pit, “At last there’s someone here who isn’t broken in the head.”

“Isn’t it strange that a huge pit a hundred metres deep is burying a scroll? Isn’t it the fissiest of fissiparies that Han Qianqian has inexplicably disappeared and gone missing?”

“Connecting these things and then carefully pondering what we’ve found now, doesn’t something call out?”

With those words, she made a slight movement in her hand, and in a flash the ancient book was thrown straight into mid-air and slowly opened.

Once the ancient book was opened, a picture of a great mountain and river was displayed in front of everyone.

In the ancient book, there were mountains and water, the sky and the earth, just like a new world, and most importantly, there were dotted figures like stars in it.

Zhu Yanshuo’s whole person was obviously stunned, his eyes were staring at those figures, and he was immediately shocked and said, “Divine Dragon Envoy, do you mean that …… Han Qianqian and others are in this ancient book?”

When the words were spoken, not only him, but everyone at the scene was astonished.

How is this …… possible?!

People …… people were in the book?!

This not only turned everyone’s perception upside down, but even just the mere sound of it made people terrified.

“Not bad!”

“They’re in there!”