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His Destined Path Chapter 3616

At one word, almost all those present paled, and some even turned pale at the sound of these words.

This was alarming!

This was outrageous.

How could a man hide in an ancient book?

Isn’t that f*cking bullsh*t?

Yet, they all understood that these were the words of a divine dragon envoy, which naturally meant that the impossible was also possible, and the unimaginable was also a reality.

“f*ck, if that’s the way it is, then I’ll chop up this D*mn book right now. I’d like to see where the f*ck he can hide without this D*mn book.” Ye Shijun shouted angrily, and with his sword in hand, he was about to rush over.

Just hearing Han Qianqian’s name meant absolute anger to Ye Shijun, and he could not wait to cut Han Qianqian into pieces right now.

However, just two steps away, a light directly blocked his body, and no matter how much he struggled, his whole body did not move in place.

He looked at the Divine Dragon Envoy reluctantly, obviously not knowing what she meant by stopping him.

“An ancient book that can hold so many people, do you really think it is as simple as a book? Lord Ye, I can understand that you have some anger, but anger can make people lose their minds, and I hope you can understand this.” As soon as the stunning beauty’s words fell, this was before her hand slightly withdrew, and the wall that was blocking Ye Shijun dissipated with a bang.


The first thing that I did was to think about it, but on second thought, Fu Tian’s words did have his reasoning.

The actual fact is that you can’t get a lot of people to do this, but you can’t do it.

“This type of divine object must have its own special method for us to enter freely like Han Qianqian. Right now, we definitely can’t try to find a way.”

“So, the only way, there is only one.”

“Force him.” The stunning beauty laughed coldly.

“Force him?”

The group of people were once again dumbfounded, what kind of solution is this?!

“This Han Qianqian is all in the book, how can we force him?”

“Who said anything about forcing him? What I said, is to force it.” With those words, the stunning beauty placed her gaze on the ancient book that was hanging in mid-air.

Forcing it?

The group of people were stunned, they had seen people forcing dogs and animals, but they had never seen anyone forcing a book.

If this was not said by the divine Dragon Elder, they would really want to hammer him to death.

Zhu Yanshuo did smile, “Elder divine Dragon is right, we should really force it properly.”

“Where are all the experts.”

A group of experts suddenly shouted in unison, “We are here.”

“As the saying goes, the eight immortals have crossed the sea, and each of them has shown their own skills. Now is the time for you all to show off your skills.”

“I am sure you all know how I have treated you all in the past. Now that the Dragon Envoy is here, it is time for you to serve me.

“All experts, use your skills to form groups of the five elements: gold, wood, water, fire and earth, and then form rows or circles.”

With these words, the group of experts did not say anything and quickly formed five square formations.

Ye Shijun was obviously a bit confused, and watched the group of people busy themselves for a while, not knowing what they intended to do.

He even had a more or less mocking sneer in his heart.

What a bunch of psychos, right?

But only Zhu Yan Shuo himself knew clearly that this was not because the divine dragon elder was crazy, nor was it because he was going crazy with him.

Rather, it was that it had to be done.

“Such a book is naturally very magical and must be spiritually charged, what the divine dragon envoy wants us to force is the spirit in this book. We don’t have the method to enter inside this book, but it does.” Zhu Yanshuo saw that he did not understand, slowly and quietly came to Ye Shijun’s side and laughed softly.

Upon hearing this, Ye Shijun slapped his thigh, “Oops I go, why did I forget about this?”

Looking back, the five formations had been set up, and the woman fiercely controlled the ancient book and slowly attacked the huge fire formation at the front.

And almost at the same time, a burst of laughter suddenly rang out ……