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His Destined Path Chapter 3617

The crowd was in a panic and looked around, but no one appeared, and all they could hear was the sound of laughter.

“Gentlemen, there is no need to look or search, I am the Book of Heaven.”

The Book of Heaven?

As soon as some people reflected, those who were closer to the Book were even frightened on the spot, throwing their armour and preparing to run away.

But there were some who looked at the Book of Heaven with more curiosity, as if they had encountered something new and strange.

The masters were much more calm and cautious, each one just looking up, their long swords raised in their hands and taking up a stance, both listening and ready to counter-attack.

There was also a hint of concern on Ye Shijun’s face, although he tried his best to hide it, but it was obvious that his acting skills were poor.

The stunning beauty, on the other hand, did not seem to panic in the slightest, protecting herself from the fact that she had expected all this.

With a slight smile, “You’ve turned up earlier than I thought.”

“I’m just a book, and you’ve set up five attribute formations to screw me to death, I’m just a tool to be used as you see fit, there’s no need for that.” The voice of the Book of Heaven said helplessly.

“A tool should have the awareness of a tool, since you are also clear about your duties, you should naturally be clear about when to do what, especially a tool like you that still has a spiritual nature.” The stunning woman smiled softly.

“Your voice is familiar.” Heavenly Book spoke softly.

The Jedi woman was startled at the words, and a hint of horror flashed in her eyes.

Heavenly Book smiled gently, “Perhaps, remember too much about pretty women.”

With a few words, the tension of the stunning woman was eased, and at the same time, the somewhat puzzled crowd beside her finally let out a normal breath.

“Joking aside, a tool does have the awareness of a tool, this is not, you have not even been tortured, I did not come out obediently. Oh, don’t worry, there will be no fraud, I see things through and through.”

“I can withstand one, but I may not be able to withstand five. So, instead of that, I’d rather talk about it in advance and suffer less.”

“Good, I didn’t expect you to have a lot of knowledge in a book.” He pointed at the ancient book and said angrily, “Let me ask you, is Han Qianqian’s group hiding in your world?”

“Exactly, and he has brought along quite a few of his accomplices. With my power, there is a Qiankun within, so they are hiding in my world, peacefully.”

Hearing Tianshu’s reply, Ye Shijun gritted his teeth, very good, Han Qianqian you son of a b*tch, I’ve finally found you.

“However, they have a lot of people, are you sure you can win with a mere 10,000 people?” Tianshu laughed, “I forgot to tell you, Han Qianqian not only brought people in, but also a lot of strange beasts.”

“In the middle of the forest, there are patches and patches of them, as many as there are cows’ hair. Among them there is no lack of excellent quality, but also no lack of acting as a meat shield, with your power, difficult oh.”

After all, he was an elite soldier, plus a lot of experts, what kind of wind and waves could they not withstand?

A mere strange beast could make them afraid? Wasn’t that nonsense?

However, at that moment, the divine Dragon Envoy waved her hand, indicating to Zhu Yanshuo to shut up, and then she looked at Ye Shijun: “Han Qianqian can control thousands of strange beasts, so you should not underestimate them.”

“Even if they are cannon fodder, they will certainly be able to stop us for a long time, why don’t we send more people?”

Ye Shijun did not say anything. Back then, although he had not been present at the battle of the Voidless Sect, he had heard about the power of the thousands of strange beasts in that huge battle.

It was only that the matter was later forgotten, and he gradually forgot about it.

Now, when he brought it up again, he was terrified to learn that such an “army” was also in this Heavenly Book world.

Seeing that Ye Shijun was also worried, Zhu Yanshuo changed his mind at once: “There are still 70,000 soldiers in the city.”

“Dispatch them immediately, seventy thousand people, even if one person takes a mouthful of spittle, that is enough to drown many people.” Fu Tian said urgently.

Zhu Yanshuo nodded and gave a glance to his men next to him, who immediately took a strange little horn in their hands and blew it into the sky.

The next second, the entire city was rumbling in unison, a burst of footsteps, with a mountain of people quickly approaching this way ……