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His Destined Path Chapter 3618

The mere sight of it was enough to make anyone’s scalp tingle with fear.

Even though it was late at night, such a commotion caused all the people in the city to wake up and join those who had been peeking in the windows earlier, and the whole city was completely spied on.

In just a few moments, 70,000 troops had arrived from all sides, roaring and crowding the place to the ground.

“Report to Elder Divine Dragon, the 70,000-strong army is ready and at the Elder’s disposal.” Zhu Yan Shuo was extremely satisfied, and even had a hint of pride.

These 70,000 troops, although they were not elite soldiers, were definitely the best of each and had contributed a lot to the growth of Cailuo City.

It is true that they are not as brave as the elite soldiers, but they are extremely well educated in combat, have excellent cooperation and discipline, and are basically good at most group battles.

The momentum of the gathering just now alone was a glimpse of what was to come.

The beautiful woman looked behind her at the huge army and nodded with a slight satisfaction.

“How much of the city is still fortified?” She said.

Faced with this query, Zhu Yan Shuo gave it a moment’s thought and said, “There are still about 20,000 miscellaneous soldiers.”

“Leave ten thousand out of seventy thousand.” She continued.

Futian was puzzled, not knowing what its meaning was, after all, this had just called the men over.

“Elder Divine Dragon is worried that in case the process doesn’t go well after we go in, in case Han Qianqian and the others escape from the book and the city is not fortified, allowing them to escape?” Zhu Yan Shuo reflected quickly.

The stunning beauty nodded, “Now it is a case of catching a turtle in a jar, but once we let him break through the defences, it would be tantamount to letting the tiger return to the mountain, and if we want to have such an opportunity in the future, I’m afraid it would be more difficult than climbing to the top.”

“Besides, in case we enter it and lose, at least, there will be someone outside the city to meet us, so we won’t be beaten to death.”

Fu Tian was dissatisfied, “We have 70,000 good soldiers and 10,000 elites plus a bunch of experts, that Han Qianqian is somewhat capable, but no matter how capable he is, won’t he be dead through and through this time?”

Ye Shijun also nodded and said, “Fu Tian has a point, there are so many of us here, why do we need to go through all the trouble?

Their mentality was simple: if they wanted to get Han Qianqian, the more people they had, the better, and it would be best if they could even scare Han Qianqian into kowtowing to the ground and begging for mercy just by their momentum.

“To deal with a smart enemy, apart from having a smart brain, you need to have a foolproof plan. Otherwise, once your brain fails to keep up with his reflections, you will make a lot of mistakes and let him seize the opportunity to turn defeat into victory.”

“Moreover, this person, Han Qianqian, has survived many desperate situations along the way, even completing extremely cla*sical counter-transformations, apart from his brain being smart, the skills within him you should also pay attention to.”

“Once or twice it might be luck, but three or four times it’s definitely the huge potential he contains and his true ability. I know that in the eyes of some of you, Han Qianqian is just an earthling, a so-called inferior human being, so you are full of contempt for his physical conditions and abilities.”

“But that is you, under my command and leadership, anyone who dares to think that way, he can now turn around and go back to his mansion to rest.”

The words fell, and the stunning beauty let her eyes fall on all of them.

The group of people collectively bowed their heads, especially Fu Tian, a group of self-made family members who knew Han Qianqian extremely well, who could not wait to stuff their heads into their trouser pockets.

Yes, they had thought they knew Han Qianqian best, after all he was the “son-in-law” of the Fu family.

However, in fact, they were the ones who had been slapped in the face the most, including the deepest contempt they still had in their hearts when the divine dragon envoy had just said that.

Now that they had been named, they were naturally quite embarra*sed.

“Good, since no one has reported having such a mind that is the best, Heavenly Book, it is time for you to open the door.” The stunning beauty nodded her head in satisfaction, and at this point, she turned her gaze towards the Heavenly Book that was hanging in mid-air.

“Yes.” The Book of Heaven replied, and then a ray of light suddenly spread out from the book, shooting straight at everyone present.

The next second, everyone disappeared with this light, leaving only the ancient book, flying all the way up into the sky ……