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His Destined Path Chapter 3619

At this time, a new day had long since dawned in the world of the Heavenly Book.

Just like the previous days, Su Yingxia had practiced for a whole day, and when she saw that dusk was approaching, she withdrew her divine power and planned to go back to her house to rest.

The satisfaction she felt at the increase in her kung fu had long since suppressed her physical fatigue, and she was about to call it a day and take a rest.

However, before she could take a few steps, she suddenly felt a sense of unease rising up, but looking around, everything seemed to be calm again.

Little did the two men know that a whole group of 70,000 men had suddenly appeared on the far side of the meadow like divine soldiers descending from heaven.

The group had not even had time to sigh in wonder at the sudden descent, but they had already spotted the bamboo and wooden huts situated in the distance.

“The wooden huts are so huge, so I guess that must be where their lair is.” Zhu Yan Shuo said in a quiet voice, somewhat excited.

The stunning beauty gazed slightly: “Although the bamboo house is small, it is still exquisite, so it should obviously be a place where important people live, and I suspect that Han Qianqian lives there.”

“Then what should we do, Special Envoy Shen Long? Capture the thief first?” Fu Tian said sharply.

“I’m afraid that Han Qianqian, the king, is not that easy to capture. If we press our troops on him alone, we will be surrounded by his people in reverse, and then we will be surrounded by enemies at our backs, to our disadvantage.” She said.

“Then what should we do?” Ye Shijun asked, “If we attack his barracks and this b*****d Han Qianqian breaks out from the rear of our army, we will have the same difficulty.”

The stunning beauty frowned and thought for a moment, “Fifty thousand troops will attack their camp directly, they will be destroyed directly, and five thousand elite soldiers along with a group of experts will give me a deadly siege of the bamboo house.”

“What about the remaining people?” Zhu Yan Shuo was puzzled, there were basically more than 10,000 people left without a mission, I didn’t know why.

“Didn’t you hear what the ancient book said before you came in? There are still a bunch of strange beasts in here, the forest is all on the periphery, leaving more than 10,000 people as a reserve to prevent the strange beasts from raiding.” She said in a cold voice.

Hearing this, Zhu Yan Shuo nodded his head repeatedly and slightly arched his hand, saying, “It is still the divine Dragon Envoy who is considerate.”

She smiled coldly and said, “If you want to catch a tiger, you naturally have to be prepared for everything, otherwise, you will be the tiger’s dinner.”

With these words, he shouted coldly, “Move!”

Sha Sha Sha!

Tens of thousands of troops split into two and attacked straight away.

Inside the wooden house, a large number of Mystic Alliance disciples, including Mo Yang and Prince Ru Yu, had fallen into a drowsy state after a day of training.

Some of them were still planning to settle down for a while, but some of them were already ready to pack up and get some rest.

They were not prepared for the surprise attack from outside at this time.

Or rather, in fact, they had never thought that a stranger would enter here at all.

Especially after Su Yingxia had blown up countless craters in the ground.

That was probably the only time they thought something was wrong, but also since that time, everyone was still more convinced in their hearts that nothing would go wrong at all.

So, not to mention the lack of any sentries, they were not even the slightest bit prepared in their simple minds.

The 50,000 soldiers were getting closer and closer to the bamboo house and spread out from all sides, surrounding the group of them to death and shrinking their defences, getting closer and closer in the blink of an eye.

Inside the bamboo house over there, Su Yingxia had already sat down and was about to put her sword down when she suddenly felt her heart beating faster and extremely abnormal.

That uneasy emotion, too, rose up in her heart and grew larger and larger.

Thinking about it, she wanted to go out and take a look, but then she remembered the words of the Poor Man of Heaven, and couldn’t help but turn back and sit down.

But after sitting for less than a second, she stood up again anxiously.

For some reason, she really couldn’t sit still.


Even if she would be told off again by the Poor Man of Heaven, she was prepared for it, or at least much better than this anxiety.

With that in mind, she hurried out of the bamboo house.

Only a few moments later, a scream pierced the sky.

“There’s an enemy!”