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His Destined Path Chapter 3620

Immediately afterwards, as a burst of explosions rang out, shouts of murder echoed through the heavens and the earth.


Su Yingxia suddenly went out and found the enemy, although it could not stop the fact that they were surrounded.

This was at least a great blessing among misfortunes.

When they heard the shouting, they rushed out and saw that the enemy had surrounded them in a dense circle, they could only manage to fight in a hurry.

Otherwise, if they were surrounded by the enemy, the Mystics’ losses would have been horrendous.

All they had to do was to guard the doors, windows and other exits, and they would have been able to catch them in the middle.

But even if the situation wasn’t that dire, the group was still facing a lot of difficulties in the face of a heavy encirclement and the sheer size of the enemy army.

After only a few rounds, the group retreated in a series of battles.

Even though even the most inferior soldiers in the Mystic Alliance could already block several people at a time under the training of a super time bonus like the Eight Desolate Heavenly Books.

But …… still had very little effect.

“f*ck, where did such a big group of people appear from?” Fu Li said angrily as he chopped over several elite soldiers with his sword.

When he looked around, he saw a large black ma*s of enemy troops, which was already desperate just by looking at them.

The disciples of the Mystic Alliance resisted with all their might, but they were still unable to withstand the flood of enemy attacks.

“Where are the disciples of Baguio Palace.”

Ning Yue also glanced back at them, and the whole group shouted sharply.

“Present.” The group of female disciples of Baguio Palace immediately spoke in unison.

“We’ll cover you, make sure to kill a bloody path, remember, no matter what the cost, you must go and save the Alliance Master’s wife.”


“Wait.” Mo Yang spoke out to stop him, “If we are to go, it will be us seven-foot men who will go, Blade Twelve, bring a group of brothers to charge with me.”

“Don’t worry.” Blade Twelve dragged his long sword, his eyes were covered with blood and his killing intent was steaming.

“Count me in as one of the brothers from Devil North Heaven and the Heavenly Demon Palace.” Demon North Heaven also spoke in an angry voice.

Ning Yue frowned slightly and was about to be displeased, but Emotional Ji had already spoken, “This matter does not distinguish between men and women, it is urgent, we are quite familiar with the people from the other side, so let the people from the Heavenly Demon Palace go, it is better to deal with the matter.”

Ning Yue thought for a moment and looked at Mo Yang, “Okay, Mo Yang, I’ll leave this to you.”

Mo Yang nodded vigorously, and with a draw of his long sword, he roared, “Follow me.”

At that moment, his entire body accelerated and rushed directly towards the black pressed enemy army.

Devil Beitian led the Heavenly Demon Palace disciples to follow closely behind.

“Such a lively event, Master Lu, we should also join in the fun, right? Pig San, how are you preparing?”

Master Lu and Pig San smiled at each other, and Pig San even patted his chest and promised, “My lord, don’t worry, with old Pig here, I will make these dog thieves come back without a return.”

The jade fan in his hand was folded and he flew straight over.

Seeing that they had already moved, Ning Yue’s side didn’t stay idle either, as she drew her long sword, “All listen to the order, with Baguio Palace and Hundred Demons Hall as the main ones, gather on the left and right, attack the enemy’s left and right flanks, with the two sides acting as horns, pulling each other, break through the heavy siege for me.”


As soon as the words fell, the Mystic Alliance disciples lined up left and right, and as Ning Yue shouted out to kill them, the left and right sides suddenly became two sharp swords, charging directly at the enemy army.

“Hold on, hold on, hold on for me, anyone who wants to break through the encirclement and break out is an empty talk, I tell you, even a fly must not be let out for me, those who disobey the order will be dealt with by military law.”


On the side of the army of Cailuo City, the morale of the generals at the front of the line was also heavily boosted by the angry roar of their generals, forming a thick wall of death, determined to block the opponent’s attack.

“Humph, a bunch of rabble, still trying to break through the heavy siege, these fools probably don’t know what 50,000 people is, do they? Even if they stand there in several circles and let them kill enough, then they will still have to kill them to exhaustion.” Seeing that the situation was greatly stabilised, Fu Tian could not help but laugh coldly.

The corners of Ye Shijun’s mouth twitched and he was about to say something in triumph when suddenly, several successive loud explosions directly froze his entire smile on his face ……