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His Destined Path Chapter 3621

Between several successive explosions, the thick wall of 50,000 people, which had been surrounded by several circles, was blown out into several huge gaps.

The horror of the power of the law was so terrifying that people were staggered to see it!

“Han …… Han Qianqian is here.” Ye Shijun was full of anger when he didn’t see Han Qianqian, but he was more fearful when he did, and he shouted in a panic.

However, almost at the same time as he shouted out, another white figure flew out between several successive explosions.

“It doesn’t seem to be Han Qianqian.” Zhu Yan Shuo said.

The distance between them was too far, and the smoke was already rolling in front of them, so it was impossible to see the other party’s appearance clearly, and just from the figure alone, it seemed that the person flying out was not Han Qianqian.

“But who else could it be if not Han Qianqian? I’ve never heard of any super experts in Han Qianqian’s formation.”

“We’ll know if it is or isn’t Han Qianqian when we give it a try.” Ye Shijun withdrew his shock and pointed his gaze at the bamboo house to the side, “If that man is Han Qianqian, his family will be unguarded in his house, and this is a great opportunity for us.”

“If he is Han Qianqian, this move is a clear attempt to surround him, so we can attack him from the east and take his family.”

“On my command, right line of elite troops, take the bamboo house immediately.”


The horn sounded, and the elite troops near the bamboo house, hearing the sound, accelerated their speed towards the bamboo house, surrounded it, and after a few looked at each other at the door, they were about to rush in.

But just as they were about to enter the door, a huge strange force suddenly lifted out of the room.

The men on the door were instantly catapulted several metres away and fell to the ground spitting out a few mouthfuls of blood before they were unable to struggle any more.

Immediately afterwards, a figure in white rushed out of the bamboo house.

Behind her, she was carrying another unconscious figure.

With the flip of her hand, she wasted no time in exploding the surrounding area, and the elite soldiers surrounding the bamboo house were blown away before they could even react.

Even the experts were in a mess, those who were far away fled from the explosion, while those who were close were unlucky, either suffering from wounds or looking ashen as if they had just emerged from a mud pit.

If it were normal, the masters would have been bombarded by this insult, but at this moment they were all looking at each other, as if waiting for someone to lead the way.

The richer they are, the more they care about their own lives, and the higher their cultivation level, the more they are not exempt from this commonplace.

They had what it took, and naturally there were many different ways to lead a good life. Only the bottom kind, the ones who had no choice, would rush endlessly with one brain.

Just by looking at the huge crater several metres in diameter that had been blown directly into the ground, they already knew that the other side was definitely not small, and rushing to meet them would be no different from being cannon fodder.

Naturally, they all looked to the others, hoping that they would go first.

However, while they were in a daze, the white figure had already broken through the first line of defence, carrying the man on his back, and was heading straight for the centre of the encirclement.

Seeing this, Ye Shijun, who was watching the battle from a distance, was furious and stomped his feet.

“Rice buckets, rice buckets, all of you f*cking rice buckets, go on, all of you, or I’ll kill you all right now.”

With his angry roar, a group of experts rushed forward in a trance-like manner.

Facing the crowd of experts behind him, the man in white was clearly not afraid, and as he turned back, he flipped his hand and struck out with a direct shot of true energy.

A big ball of True Energy!

The experts hurriedly retreated, and the magic energy pa*sed through their midst, and there was no telling which unlucky person failed to dodge it and was directly hit by the ball of true energy, which smashed into the ground.

With a loud explosion, the bamboo house, even though it was still at least a few metres away, was half destroyed in the blast, not to mention the unlucky man in the middle, who was turned into pieces on the spot, without even a single crumb left.


When the masters saw this, they let out a long breath and sighed in their hearts that they were lucky to have dodged so quickly.

The other side of Ye Shijun, is about to thunderous anger, but Fu Tian but a slight pull him, eyes body looked at the person in the air, can not help but murmur: “that …… that is not …… Su … … …Su Yingxia?”