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His Destined Path Chapter 3622

Su Yingxia?!

For the Fu family, it was a name they disdained the most, but also one that had to exist in their memories.

The earthly name of their family goddess, who would not return home for a man of Earth, was vulgar, abhorrent and annoying.

But at the same time, she was supposed to be the name of the Goddess who led them to glory and back to the top; she was supposed to be the Fuyutsuki.

“Su Yingxia, that’s Su Yingxia, it’s really her.”

“This is impossible, Su Yingxia has already degraded herself for the sake of Han Qianqian, this Earth waste, what awaits her can only be incomparably miserable in the future, how can she be as powerful as she is now?”

“That’s right, what makes this b*tch able to be so fierce?”

The crowd of the Fu family exploded, the feeling of indignation and resignation was even on the verge of turning the sky a vinegar colour.

Now that the Fu family had been bullied by dogs, it was only natural that a traitor like Su Yingxia, a stubborn son who disobeyed the family’s teachings, should also fall even further, or even fall into the abyss and never be allowed to live again.

What they would have liked to see was Su Yingxia living like a rat and a snake, begging for food, starving to death and living in exile, rather than the way he is now, soaring to the heavens and killing people.

But sometimes, even if they don’t want to see it in their hearts, what they see in their eyes is hard to change.

It was Su Yingxia.

For their former goddess, for their former family’s hope, how could they not recognise at a glance that it was Su Yingxia?

“D*mn, when did Su Yingxia become so brave?”

“f*ck, that b*tch Su Yingxia, what gives?”

“Has God gone blind?”

Indeed, afterwards, as former “family members”, there was no blessing from the Fu family, only eternal curses and hungry words.

They could not wait to curse Su Yingxia to death with this, and the poison in their hearts was evident.

Fu Tian did not utter a single word, his eyes staring deadly at Su Yingxia in mid-air, and he did not utter a single curse from the beginning to the end.

Naturally, he couldn’t be distinguishing himself from the others in a good way, he was just confused.

During the period of holding Su Yingxia, whether it was the chronic poison that came openly, or the various suppressive poisons that were engaged in behind the scenes, he had used quite a lot on Su Yingxia.

No mistake.

He was well aware that these medicines would even affect Su Yingxia’s future cultivation path, but there was no way out, and in order to achieve his goal, he could only do whatever he could.

However, under such circumstances, Su Yingxia, this dead girl’s cultivation not only did not go step by step to the point of obliteration, but now prevented as if the gods were protecting her body, fierce beyond belief.

This ……

However, while Fu Tian was watching with his eyebrows locked, Su Yingxia in the sky did not stop.

After two consecutive energy blasts in her hand exploded two more huge craters and toppled dozens of people, she had already broken through the third line of defense.

Looking at the situation in the distance where the wooden house was under siege, she first blew up the people around her with an energy blast from her left hand, and then hit the 50,000 people with an energy blast in the air with her right hand, catching the rear of the 50,000 strong army by surprise.

After that, while quickly escaping from her own encirclement, Su Yingxia headed straight for the 50,000-strong army, clearly intending to help her friends out.

“What the f*ck are you doing? I order you, go, go, go, stop her.” Ye Shijun was furious.

Once Su Yingxia was allowed to break through to the back of his army, it would be a life-saver for Han’s 3,000-strong remaining party, who were already besieged to death, how could he see such a military taboo appear before his eyes?

The group of experts also regained their composure and in their haste, they joined forces and flew towards Su Yingxia.

This group of people were obviously not vegetarians either, and after regrouping again, they quickly formed an encirclement around Su Yingxia, plus the interference of a group of elite soldiers, Su Yingxia instantly stagnated and was in a bitter battle.

“Humph!” Seeing that Su Yingxia was surrounded, Fu Tian’s face turned from cold to a cold smile.

This was the situation they should have seen.

But just as Fu Tian was smiling coldly, several blasts suddenly came flying violently from the side ……

“I go ……”