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His Destined Path Chapter 3623

The formation that had just been set up was directly broken by the sudden explosion. On the contrary, the experts were mostly focused on Su Yingxia, the expert, and did not take into account the attack from behind.

As a result, there were several casualties, and more than twenty of the elite soldiers fell on the spot.

But there was no mercy in war, and before they could stand on their feet, another white shadow flew in from afar, a blast of white light in his hands.

“That’s not Han f*cking Three Thousand.”

Only when the figure flew closer did the group realise, to their dismay, that this was the same white figure they had first seen, the one they suspected was Han Qianqian.

“It’s a woman.”

“And a super pretty woman.”

Between her flying in, she relied on that fluttering posture and those incomparably delicate features to make her look as if she was a fairy at the moment, and while marvelling at the fierce power in her hands, one must also marvel at the stunning beauty of her features.

“This D*mn Han Qianqian, what kind of f*cking luck has he had, gra*s, the beautiful women around him are f*cking playing wholesale.” Ye Shijun roared furiously in annoyance.

Little book pavilion

The difference between the two was too huge, which made people really angry and annoyed.

The two of them are also very depressed, and can even be said to be depressed to the grandmother’s house, this D*mn trapped one expert results in another, just they these watching the battle are discouraged and annoyed, not to mention the group of experts who are participating in the battle.

The beautiful woman’s brow was furrowed and she didn’t say a word.

She knew very well how many people Han Qianqian had around him, and she knew very well how capable these people were, as a rule.

But it had only been a short time since then, and at this moment, the people around Han Qianqian seemed to have completely changed drastically.

Not only were there two great experts, Su Yingxia and the woman in white, sitting in formation, but even the cultivation levels of those ordinary disciples had also soared.

They were so heavily surrounded that, in fact, according to common sense, they should have been as powerful as a bamboo box, and the attack was as painful as a drainage of water and silver.

But the fact was that the battle had been raging for nearly ten minutes, but the battle had not actually advanced in the slightest.

The main reason for this was the strong single combat ability of the so-called Mystic Alliance disciples.

Although they were at an absolute disadvantage in terms of numbers and position, every single soldier could basically block ten with one, so naturally their defence was not exposed, so how could it be easy for the other side to attack?

The guys, with their superb single-player ability and perfect teamwork, were unable to give an inch of ground.

“Those who are close to vermilion are red and those who are close to ink are black, this saying never lies, these guys really have a different life after following Han Qianqian.” Shaking her head helplessly, the stunning beauty sighed softly.

Almost at the same time as she said this, someone else’s dark sigh echoed it in their heart.

This person was obviously someone at the very back of this group of executives.

Fu Mei.

She had long since lost any say in the matter, so much so that her existence was almost forgotten in the crowd.

But she herself, having followed along, had long been shocked by the world here, and even more so by the soldiers led by Han Qianqian, and of course, by Su Yingxia and the woman in white.

The woman in white was not even mentioned, but Su Yingxia alone.

Su Yingxia was someone who was inferior to her in her eyes, and even if she had to break her pride to admit that Su Yingxia was better than her, Su Yingxia should not be much better than her.

But now the two of them, one flying in the sky, facing several masters alone without fear, with a large number of elite soldiers at their disposal, are spoiled by their god-like husband.

And her?

She was just one of Ye Shijun’s dogs, being played with and trampled on at will, like a gra*s.

Suddenly, Fu Mei cried, tears slowly and continuously flowing down from the corners of her eyes, she thought of something ……

Perhaps the heavens are echoing that thought within her at this time, Su Yingxia and Ziyou have combined forces at this time, and even more horrible things have happened ……