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His Destined Path Chapter 3624

It was time for her to admit that she had lost, and that she was weaker than Su Yingxia.

She should have even been like Fu Li, helping Su Yingxia and Han Qianqian, instead of stepping on them and looking down on them.

Otherwise, even if she couldn’t possess Han Qianqian, being a left arm and right arm like Fu Li would at least be far better than the current situation.

At the very least, her cultivation level should be at least below a good level at this point in time, in reference to all the people in the Mystics’ Alliance.

At least she would have been able to hold a position that was not too big or too small in relation to Fuli.

After all, she is still more or less related to Su Yingxia and Han Qianqian, so her treatment should not be any worse than that of ordinary people.

So, in fact, no matter what, it was at least much better than the current situation.

How could she not regret it?

How could she not leave tears of regret when she thought of the inhuman torture she was being subjected to today?

But what was the point of regretting now?

If she had a choice, she would willingly join Su Yingxia and the others in a heavy siege even now.

At least, dying with a bang would be far better than living in a shameful state now.

“Bang Bang Bang!”

At almost the same time, Su Yingxia and Ziyou’s combined forces came crashing down on her with the force of a mountain.

Between the two joining forces, the wildly sounding explosions directly lifted the ground into a high rift and attacked down furiously.


The earth was lifted and another group of elite soldiers and experts were sent flying, followed by a mountain of yellow earth that crushed down, obliterating hundreds more elite soldiers and experts.

Between the two of them, a total of three to four hundred elite soldiers fell and more than twenty experts were killed or injured, the force of which was so terrifying that even if Han Qianqian were here, he would have been stunned.

This could only be described as terrifying!

Fu Tian’s teeth were clenched as he pointed angrily, “Go, go, go, go, all of you.”

But apart from him, all the others present were silent.

With such power, anyone who had any sense left in their heads understood that the other two, although women, were obviously extremely difficult bones to gnaw.

No one listened to Fu Tian, and the experts began to retreat to keep a distance from the two women.

The elite soldiers were no fools, and when they saw the masters retreating, they naturally fell back slowly with them, as if they had not heard Fu Tian’s angry roar.

“Kill, kill me!”

The sound of killing was heard everywhere!

But it was obvious that these powerful voices did not come from their side, but from the mysterious alliance of people who had been caught in a heavy siege.

Seeing how fierce Su Yingxia’s side was, it was obvious that the morale of the other side was also greatly boosted, as the left and right blades broke through plus the death squad led by the Devil’s North Sky, frantically pulling the 50,000-strong army’s defence line.

This should have been an extremely difficult task.

After all, the 50,000 strong army was too dominant in terms of numbers and position.

It was a miracle that the Mystic Alliance was able to hold out and not give an inch of ground.

However, Su Yingxia and Ziyou were making a huge commotion in the rear.

Although the battle did not reach the back of the 50,000-strong army, they had been struck by a blow, and their hearts were naturally a little cold.

The soldiers at the back, in particular, are constantly on guard against the situation behind them, and their fighting spirit has all but disappeared.

As soon as they lost their confidence, those in front of them naturally pa*sed from one to another without any backing, until eventually the whole group became disorganised.

In the face of Devil Beitian’s desperate onslaught, plus the scalpel-like cutting of Ning Yue and Emotional Ji, it was also clear that they were in a difficult position for a while, and began to disintegrate.


“Among the army, the right road has been forcibly cut by two waves of enemies, one is responsible for the breakout cover, and the other has already killed the heavy siege and is running towards us.”


“The left side of the army has been opened by a group of troops led by a woman. Although our troops resist stubbornly, they can’t resist the fierceness of the other side.

Two successive battle reports immediately made the faces of Ye Shijun and others cold, shaking their eyes to look at the situation in front of them, and for a time they were all jaw-dropping ……