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His Destined Path Chapter 3627

“Kill! ~”

Knife twelve directly pulled out the big knife, evil licked the blood of the tip of the knife, coldly laughed, and the next second, also directly killed in.

The general bears a nest, while the general is fierce naturally a nest is fierce.

With his three leaders’ desperation, a group of men, despite the heavy casualties, still rushed out directly without bloodshed.

Although it may seem like hitting a stone with an egg, when morale is high, it is not like stabbing an elephant with a small knife!

A thousand men charged once, failed once, and lost a hundred men.

Another charge, another failure, and again a hundred men.

However, just like the leader, Blade Twelve and Mo Yang, who were desperate for their lives, this team was also desperate for their lives.

If they failed once, they would fail again.

If they failed the next time, then the next time.

After six consecutive charges, there were less than three hundred men left behind Blade Twelve and Mo Yang.

This was an ace division, the most elite force in the Mystics’ Alliance.

However, it was still difficult to resist in the face of a group of people besieging them.

However, the other side was obviously no better, the originally thick wall of the crowd was now hard pressed out in a huge concave shape.

There was a pause, and much of the fighting stopped, and they looked over their shoulder.

The elite soldiers of the Cailou who were within range of the charge also slowly lowered their swords.

Everyone is afraid of the fierce, but everyone is more afraid of the unafraid.

No one wants to be the target of the next charge, because the enemy will die, and so will they.

Some fought with fear and some feared, but all were so unanimous that none of them tried to block those concave gaps.

Even those out of the very tail end of the concave gaps had begun to retreat slowly.

“These guys …… f*ck, what exactly did Han Qianqian give them that was worthy of their lives?” Ye Shijun was also obviously shocked by such a deadly general spirit, the whole person frowned incomprehensibly.

People with interests like him naturally found it hard to understand the cohesiveness and bloodlust within a team, much less the fact that there was something that was called emotion.

People are great because they have feelings, and because they have feelings, they become more explosive and more terrifying.

He hated the injustice of the heavens, hated the heavens for giving him such elite troops, if these troops had been given to them, Han Qianqian would have died many times.

“Want to die and still not make them whole?” Fu Tian said coldly in a grim voice.

“Send people over to reinforce them, if they want to die a heroic death, let them die a heroic death.” Ye Shijun laughed coldly.

“Hehehe, good, I’ll arrange it.”

With those words, Fu Tian Hui waved his hand with his eyes, and several senior Fu Clan officials immediately led the way, leading a group of disciples from the Fu Clan to rush over at fire speed.

With the reinforcements, the soldiers on the concave side finally settled down a little, and only then did each of them bring their swords back up.

“If you want to be the ghosts of the sword, I’ll let you all go.” The general of the Fu family raised his sword and shouted angrily, “It’s just a group of people who are about to die, what do the generals have to fear?”

“Listen to the order, follow me and kill them.”

With these words, the general took the lead and went straight ahead with his spear.

With the general in the lead, the group of soldiers also regained their morale, and then followed him straight up.

In mid-air, the final combustion of Demon Beitian was coming to an end, relying on a desperate energy to be strong for a while, but it would never last much longer.

And on the ground, Blade Twelve and Mo Yang also fell under the charge of that Fu family general, and behind them three hundred soldiers also fell one by one under the siege of the enemy ……

The blood, stained the earth, also at this time seems to print the sky red.

And at this time, Han three thousand at ……