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His Destined Path Chapter 3632

When Han Qianqian regained his footing, his surroundings had long since disappeared from their original appearance.

All kinds of gases filled Han Qianqian’s surroundings, making it seem like an extremely distorted and unreal world.

Han Qianqian tried to take a step forward, but found that he was stepping in the air, with light ripples swirling around his feet.

“It looks like nothing, but in fact there are killing machines everywhere, this Eight Trigrams Formation, it’s really not simple.” Han Qianqian said with a bitter smile.

At first glance alone, Han Qianqian already felt the extreme abnormality of this place, and all the crises hidden beneath the abnormality.

If one wanted to break the formation, it would be even more difficult to break through it, and a phrase like “tiger’s mouth” could not even describe the risks involved.

“Something interesting.” Han Qianqian smiled bitterly in a soft voice.

It was a good thing that he had learned a lot of the Eight Trigrams from Qinglong, and now he even had the Two Yi Heavenly Arts taught by Shengyuan. Although caution and prudence were inevitable, it was not at all possible to say that he was worried much.

With this in mind, Han Qianqian’s yin and yang energy dispersed directly from within, and he walked quickly towards the Qian position.

Han Qianqian walked with more or less panache and confidence.

This was a confidence that he had the stock and the wisdom to congeal in the end.

But in contrast, here in the wooden hut and bamboo house at this time, the Mystics’ Alliance side was being routed because it was under heavy siege and as time went on.

The daredevil charge led by Devil Beitian had almost been killed and wounded, leaving only the bloodied Dagger Twelve and Mo Yang with three or five scattered generals standing trembling and barely able to stand.

Opposite them, there was still a large and heavy encirclement.

The three of them were not in a good position either, Master Lu had almost fallen limply to the ground, without any fighting power, and although Pig San swept a piece of his stick, he had already been stabbed with many holes in his body because he was too big and the target was too big.

Duke Ruyu, dressed in white, had long since been dressed in red, and blood was constantly dripping down the corners of his clothes to the ground.

Although his eyes were bloodthirsty and unruffled, his right hand, hidden behind his back, had long since trembled slightly as it was stripped of its strength.

The prolonged exertion, plus the sheer number of enemies, even though Duke Ruyu had taken several family heirloom elixirs in between, still could not withstand such exertion.

The situation on Ning Yue and Emotion Ji’s side was not good at this time either, even though they had made a vow to not give an inch, they could not withstand the ferocity of the opponent’s firepower.

Now that the line is being eaten up step by step, they can only be forced to retreat step by step.

At present, half the troops behind them had been forced into the huts, and once they retreated they would be caught in the middle.

The result would have been devastating.

But these things, they could only watch without the slightest ability to change.

Many of the Mystic Alliance’s disciples had already been killed or injured in battle, and the losses were extremely heavy.

On the other side of the bamboo house, although Su Yingxia and Ziyou had joined forces and killed many people, they were clearly locked in a long tug-of-war with many experts.

Although these experts had different hearts and were afraid of death, they were all veterans and had been through many battles, so they were almost completely crushed compared to a “first timer” like Ziyou.

Although Su Yingxia is not as experienced as they are in combat, she is smart enough to get the upper hand.

Unfortunately, Qin Shant, who was on her back at the moment, became the biggest burden that slowed her down.

So in this way, although the two women could rely on the unimaginable feats in their hands to kill, it was always difficult for them to stand out from the shamelessly delaying circle formed by many experts.

They mostly used their experience to dodge without any great conflict with the two women, but if the two women wanted to break out to support the wooden house, they would unite again to strike hard.

After several rounds, not only did the two women fail to break out, but they also consumed a lot of energy and aura as a result.

The Hundred League Book

“Sister Ying Xia, what do we do now? If we continue like this, not only will we not have the ability to break out, but we will end up being worn out and in a deadly situation because we are trapped for a long time.” Zi Emotion said with worry.

Su Yingxia raised her eyes to look at the siege in front of her, she had seen what Ziyou had said, but what could she do now that she was surrounded by points?

The bodies of the dead Mystic Alliance disciples were piled up like mountains, and blood was flowing into rivers. Su Yingxia gritted her teeth and suddenly stopped, then she flew into mid-air alone ……