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His Destined Path Chapter 3633

“That’s enough.”

She suddenly bellowed angrily, the Qi from her body spreading out abruptly, hardening and exploding all those around her.

The entire surrounding ground trembled, and the bamboo house, which was only half left in the distance, completely collapsed in the shaking, kicking up bursts of dust.

The trembling, coupled with Su Yingxia’s thunderous shout, caused the battlefield on the other side of the hut to suddenly stop for a moment and turn back to look this way.

Su Yingxia’s eyes were fixed on the stunning beauty who was sitting in the reserve formation at the moment.

She knew that she was the supreme commander of the other side.

Sure enough, sensing Su Yingxia’s eyes, the beautiful woman raised her hand slightly, and all the enemy troops completely stopped in a moment.

She looked at Su Yingxia indifferently, seemingly waiting for Su Yingxia to make a statement.

“If we continue to fight, we may all be wiped out. However, you guys don’t want to be alone, you will have to leave layers of skin even if you don’t die, do you agree with this?” Su Yingxia said.

The stunning beauty smiled gently and did not say anything, but the speed of blinking was also significantly slower.

This was enough to show that she more or less agreed with Su Yingxia’s words.

“Since that’s the case, I propose a truce.” Su Yingxia said, her face unprepared without saying anything.

“Joke, big beauty, you are afraid that your brain has been kicked by a donkey, right? Right now, we have a combined force, but you are already defeated, what qualifications do you have to make peace with us?”

“That’s right, there’s only one ending for you, either you surrender or you will be surrounded by us and die, there is no other choice.”

“D*mn, what a joke, the Losing Family is making peace with the Ying Family, I’m afraid this is the funniest joke I’ve ever heard in my life.”

Without waiting for the stunning beauty to speak, the crowd of experts were already scrambling to be the first to sneer.

The stunning beauty looked at Su Yingxia and gently smiled helplessly, “Miss Su, you can see that the crowd is like this, even if I am willing, they may not be willing.”

“Han Qianqian isn’t here.” Su Yingxia said, “In other words, if you kill us, Han Qianqian may not be able to catch it, on the contrary, if he sees that we are all dead, he will definitely take revenge on you with his death, this, as his enemy, you should also know his personality very well.”

The stunning beauty nodded, she did not deny this.

“If I go with you and spare the others here, Han Qianqian will still come to my rescue, but he has an obvious weakness in your hands, and his offensive will naturally weaken.”

“A Han Qianqian who is full of revenge and has murderous eyes and a Han Qianqian who is in your hands with leverage, two choices, I believe it is an extremely simple choice, right?” Su Yingxia laughed softly.

“No, sister Yingxia, don’t, even if Ziyou dies in battle, I will definitely not let you fall into the hands of others.” Ziyou smiled and shook her head firmly.

Instead of living under pain and guilt, it would be better to fight to the death, at least when they met in hell in the future, she could pat her chest and tell anyone, including Han Qianqian, that she, Zi Eo, had never failed anyone.

“Hmph, the Dragon Envoy, what’s the point of paying attention to her. We could have killed them and then caught this Su Yingxia. Wouldn’t it be better to kill the gra*s and get rid of the roots, while still having a handle on Han Qianqian?”

“That’s right, Special Envoy of the Divine Dragon, there’s no need for us to talk nonsense with them, they’re just fighting a trapped beast, they won’t last much longer.”

Several experts immediately disdained Su Yingxia’s remarks.

Su Yingxia, however, was not the least bit flustered and looked at the stunning beauty indifferently, smiling slightly, “Are you sure you can capture me alive before I commit suicide?”

Little Book Pavilion

At these words, the stunning beauty who had been staring at Su Yingxia suddenly laughed: “Good, good, good, good Su Yingxia, a true dragon with a heavenly phoenix, Han Qianqian is brave, and her wife is also icy smart.”

“Such a predicament, you can also turn the tables on me, interesting.” The stunning beauty smiled faintly, then, in the face of a number of experts who wanted to speak out again, he slightly raised his hand to signal them to shut up while looking at Su Yingxia, spoke indifferently and said, “Okay, Su Yingxia, I can agree to this request of yours, however, it has to be reduced by half.”

“Halved?” Su Yingxia frowned slightly, not knowing what it meant.