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His Destined Path Chapter 3634

“Good, cut it in half. Halve the number of people.” The stunning beauty laughed coldly, “All of you here who are alive, one of you will count.”

“You can choose half of them to die, and for the rest, they can live.”

With those words, she looked towards Su Yingxia indifferently.

Naturally, she was not making things difficult for Su Yingxia, she was just doing what she intended to do to benefit herself.

A furious Han Qianqian with a horrible vengeance was indeed much more terrifying than a Han Qianqian with a handle.

But, the gap between them should not be greater than the fighting power of the gang at the moment.

Otherwise, what was the point of her making this deal?

Moreover, the key thing was that this move she was making right now could cause the Mystic Alliance to fall apart to the maximum, with hearts and minds fractured, and even if she reorganised her team, it would be far worse than before.

It could even be said that it was almost destroyed, along with its foundations.

What a great move.

Su Yingxia had a ruthless intent in her eyes, of course she knew the other party’s intentions.

But she couldn’t be too busy to refuse, because although this condition was extremely cruel, at least half of her people would be saved anyway.

If she did not agree, only one fate awaited them all.

They would all be wiped out.

“Miss Su, I know you are very unconvinced, however, you have no choice, this is your only option and the only bargaining chip.” She laughed softly.

Su Yingxia did not speak, and after a slight silence, turned back to look at the crowd over the wooden hut.

They were in a desperate situation!

Just as Su Yingxia was caught in a difficult decision, Purple Emotion rushed up to the sky with a flying body as well, engaging several experts who were about to attack.

However, seeing the stunning beauty shake her head at them, the group of experts gave up on this plan again.

“Listen, all of you, Sister Ying Xia wants to save our lives with her own body, now, the demand is for half of us to die and leave the other half behind, I, Zi Ei, am the first one willing to sacrifice.”

This voice was transmitted with such forcefulness and after-effects that everyone at the scene could not help but be stunned.

“The Lady of the Alliance is actually going to hand herself over to the opposite side for our sake? How is this possible?”

“Is this not a joke? We can die, but nothing can happen to the Lady of the Alliance.”

“Yes, what are we afraid of? Let’s fight them, it’s just a big deal to die. I’ve just killed three or four of them anyway, so I’ve made enough money.”

“The reason we cultivate our bodies is not to live like before, if we are still like this now, what is our purpose?”

“Good, never surrender, fight with them to the end.”

A group of disciples, both male and female, when they heard Zi Eo’s words and understood what was going on, they all chattered in unison.

However, no matter how much they talked, their core had never changed, which was to refuse to surrender and fight to the end in blood.

Neither Neng Yue nor Emotion Ji spoke, looking back at Fuli and Jiang Hu Bai Xiao Sheng, the executives in the alliance, asking for their opinions.

But this enquiry was more like I want to die, what about you, and in no way seeking how they would consider this request.

Jianghu Hundred Xiaosheng chuckled: “From the first day I met Han Qianqian, I was transformed from a bagman in Jianghu to the so-called deputy alliance master. Han Qianqian has always let the Lin Long buddy accompany me and protect me for my safety, and now …… I have to tell him that his sheltered Under the brother, now grown up.”

The words fell, Jiang Hu Bai Xiao Sheng slowly put the long sword in a grip.

Having been in the jianghu for many years, a small person like Jianghu Bai Xiaosheng knows the way to survive better than anyone else.

Or rather, in order to survive, he had left all his face behind at first, living like a greased rat.

Han Qianqian had helped him pick his self-respect up, and now, he didn’t intend to leave it behind again.

“Good point.” Wang Simin also smiled coldly and raised his sword again.

Du Shengsheng also stood out at this time, looked at Zhong Beihai who was on the side and smiled, “Senior brother, ah, although Tiangui Palace is a companion, going out is all about righteousness.”

“We have been eating, drinking and taking cards from Han Sanchi for a long time, it is time to return him.”

Zhong Beihai nodded gently and looked behind him, “Where are the Tiangui Palace disciples?”

“Yes!” The crowd shouted in unison.

“Those who defend the Way from demons should be the first to do so, how about we go first?”

“I will listen to the teachings of my senior uncle.”

“Then charge with me.” As his sword rose, Zhong Beihai looked towards Ning Yue and the others with a smile, “Journey to hell, brothers from Tian Gui Palace will open the way first.”

As the words fell, under the leadership of Du Shengcheng and Zhong Beihai, Tiangui Palace flew directly into the vast enemy army ……