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His Destined Path Chapter 3635

The disciples of Tiangui Palace had already rushed out with Zhong Beihai and Du Shengcheng.

“The disciples of Tiangui Palace have not joined our alliance, yet they are the first to die in the midst of this catastrophe. Follow me.”

A certain junior soldier shouted angrily and went up with his sword.

Although he knew that his cultivation level was nothing in front of a group of big brothers, or in front of a group of soldiers, he would only be a living target for others if he rushed out.

Nothing wrong with that

But there is a way to die and a moral way to live.

“sh*t, right, the things of their own family, outsiders have carried, want me to open my eyes and close my eyes as invisible, the old man can not do, gentlemen big brother, I also first on.”

The words fell, and another junior soldier followed close behind.

“I’ll go too!”

“Me too!”

“f*ck it, I don’t want to live either!”

One by one, one after another, the minions rushed out of the group, following the first one, and rushed towards the opposite side in unison.

However, just as they reached the front from the rear, a group of people blocked their way.

It was Neng Yue.

“What? Do you think you are the only ones who are not afraid of death?” Ning Yue gave a smile.

“If you’re not afraid of death, then why are you stopping us?” The little soldier in charge said angrily.

Ning Yue looked at him and said, “Just like you said, dead money to get a few more heads, wouldn’t that be more money? What can a dozen of you charge and accomplish? But withered gra*s in a gale, it will fall down before it blows.”

“If you want to charge, let’s all charge together and have a look out for each other, so that we can kill more people.”

With these words, Ning Yue laughed and looked fiercely at the disciples behind her, and shouted in a cold voice, “Baguio Palace requests the Vice Alliance Master’s permission to lead the team to charge first, we will never surrender and fight to the end, there is no other choice.”

“You say that as if my brothers from the Hundred Demons Palace are afraid of death.” Emotion Ji sneered and also stood out, looking at Jiang Hu Bai Xiao Sheng and said, “We will also set off with the large group, if we are the second group, we will be very unhappy.”

“Although there are six monsters left in the Seven Monsters of Jiangbei, they are by no means afraid of death.” Big Biscuit Sky also stood out.

Without waiting for Jiang Hu Bai Xiao Sheng to speak, the crowd of disciples behind them also began to shout in unison.

“Kill, kill, kill, fight them to the death.”

Jianghu Hundred Dawn smiled and nodded, “Good, good, good, to fight with you all, to live and die with you, to end up wrapped in the sands, is a blessing for me, Jianghu Hundred Dawn, and a blessing for Han Qianqian.”

“Since all of you think so, listen to my command!”


The crowd responded in unison.

“Fight in blood to the end!!! Kill!”


With a dragon whistle, Lin Long took the lead in carrying Jiang Hu Bai Xiao Sheng in the lead.


The generals roared and followed closely behind.

The group completely abandoned defence and instead went straight for the attack.

Behind the crowd, only a group of Lu Yuan and other elites of the Lu family were soon left, and at that moment, the men also looked towards Lu Yuan: “What do we do?”

Lu Yuan was also confused for a while. If he charged, he knew it would be a death sentence.

But if we didn’t, it didn’t seem too strong either.

“We’ve already boarded the pirate ship, and we can’t get off now, so if we stay, we’ll just die.”


With Lu Yuan’s final decision, all the men and horses in the entire wooden house had already rushed out, and none of them stayed behind.

Seeing the large force attacking again, although Mo Yang and a few others had been sporadically made to look pitiful, but along with Mo Yang’s roaring charge again, although they were few in number, they also had enough momentum ……

Looking at the sudden launch of the charge of the wooden house side, even if it is always bland stunning woman, at this time can not help but fiercely stand up, eyes incredulous look at the side ……

“This ……”