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His Destined Path Chapter 6457

See Su Yingxia still did not say anything, Han Sanqian also did not ask too many questions, for the most loved woman in his life, Han Sanqian is obviously give enough trust and care.

She does not want to say, they do not force, he also knows that she has something in mind, but it does not matter, Han Sanqian believe that in their own care and protection, one day, Yingxia himself will be willing to say.

And until then, he didn’t want to give her too much pressure because of it.

“Then when do you plan to leave?”Su Yingxia asked.

Han Sanqian said, “These sailors will currently have their combat power drastically weakened after leaving the water, which might not be conducive to us using them on the Burning Bone City battle when the time comes.”

“Therefore, I intend to carry out a targeted training for the sailors first, both to ensure that their combat power can explode when they are near the water, as well as to ensure that when they are away from the water

Comparatively far away, they can still provide us with a certain amount of sufficient firepower.”

“In conjunction with the brothers of Night Sky City and Mystic Alliance, this wave of army, dare not say how invincible it is, but it is still considered a side of lions, at least when it comes to dealing with some onslaughts, there are still a lot of cards that we can play.”

Su Yingxia nodded, “Little Peach’s current fighting strength is also very good, nowadays she can also help you a lot. By the way, since you’re still going to be inside the Heavenly Book World for a while, why don’t you also take some time to spend more time alone with Little Peach?”

Hearing Su Yingxia’s words, Han Sanqian couldn’t help but frown at Su Yingxia, “What do you mean by that? What, do you want to change your husband?”

Su Yingxia’s eyes instantly flashed with a slight hint of panic, but it was quickly replaced by petulant anger, and then a fist directly smashed onto Han Sanqian’s chest, “What are you thinking about?


“Hehehe, I thought my wife was preparing to get me a little wife.”Han Sanqian said playfully.

“I don’t think it’s that you want me to ask for you, but you guys want to ask for it yourself.”At this point, Su Yingxia smiled and came over, “Actually, it’s also normal, look at how many excellent and beautiful girls you have around you.”

“The previous let’s not say, I have seen, let’s just say this time, those two girls, I see the long is actually not bad ah, a gentle and soft, a hot and passionate.”

“I think it’s quite good, or not, count them together, anyway, your luck has always been good.”

“You’re jealous, hehehe.”Han Sanqian said playfully.

It’s also fortunate that one’s behaviour is correct, so in the face of Su Yingxia’s words, Han Sanqian not only didn’t feel weak, but instead took all of them as a

kind of joke.

“What are you kidding, how could I be jealous.”Su Yingxia was tongue-tied.

Yes, she admitted that she was already quietly arranging some future things for Han Sanqian, but, arranging by oneself is arranging by oneself, that doesn’t mean Han Sanqian can be flamboyant by himself.

At least for Su Yingxia, that’s how it is.

I can give you to choose a later can replace my person, that is my own love you, but, you want to go behind my back to choose their own words, then sorry, I can’t get you dead.

This is Su Yingxia, this is how women are sometimes strangely logical and unreasonable, but so full of love.

“I’m wrong, I’m absolutely wrong, Your Wife, don’t fool me, okay?”

In this world, the only person who could make Han Sanqian surrender and admit his mistake like this was actually Su Yingxia.

Su Yingxia

Xia smiled, and didn’t intend to make things difficult for Han Sanqian, saying, “I’ve asked you to get in touch with Xiaotao more often because during the time you weren’t here, I’ve already helped Xiaotao lay a good foundation for cultivation.”

“She’s truly activated now, but then again, it’s also because she’s already been activated, so what I’m pondering is whether or not you want to get in touch with her to see if there can be some new discoveries on the side of the Pangu Axe.”


“You also know that nowadays, if you plan to go to Burning Bone City, then Pangu Axe has awakened, and it is also true that it will help you very much, and you also said well, you are now cultivating something different, and the weapon side will probably also gain power irrigation become more powerful as a result of this.”

“Since I’m going to be Pangu, naturally, how can the Pangu Axe not be awakened?”

Hearing these words, Han Sanqian hesitated slightly, after which he nodded violently.

That’s right!