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His Destined Path Chapter 6458

If the supreme divine weapon Pangu Axe could be awakened, then it would indeed allow Han Sanqian to become even more invincible all of a sudden.

At Little Peach’s place, Han Sanqian also really needed to make a new contact after he had obtained a new power.

“That’s true.”

Although the power was already strong enough, but if it could be even stronger, then it was natural to be prepared.

“However, there’s no rush, the most important thing at the moment, hey ……,” Han Sanqian smiled mysteriously.

Half an hour later, Han Sanqian sat up from the bed on top of his arse again with a reluctant heart, after which, he went out to do his business.

The first thing he had to do was to gather the sailors together and give them a preliminary instruction on the dharma, so that they could have a re-cultivation based on the new dharma he had given them.

This would help so that they could more quickly raise their instinctive

Cultivation, as for their instinctive exercises, Han Sanqian had also formally decided to let the strange ox and the old tortoise go and be their coaches for a general enhancement respectively.

This will enhance the combat ability of the sailors to a certain extent, of course, these are only temporary, just to simply enhance their comprehensive ability.

After their comprehensive ability went up, Han Sanqian planned to conduct a corresponding special training for them, forming their own special system.

However, this would take time, and would also require a foundation of improved comprehensive ability, so such an arrangement would obviously be the most appropriate.

After settling on the sailors, Han Sanqian spent the rest of his time training the strange ox, the old turtle, Birdie, Xiaonu, and Lotus individually.

They were all bound to be great generals in the future, so their abilities

high or low, in fact, meant a lot.

In the end, Han Sanqian found Little Peach.

At first sight of Little Peach, Han Sanqian had already noticed the complete difference in the aura within her body nowadays, a thick chaotic power not to say that it surpassed his own, but at the very least it could at least be comparable to the Han Sanqian that was once there.

“It’s really an impressive sight, who would have thought that our family’s Xiaotao, from a weak woman, has transformed into a person with such strong and pure power.”Han Sanqian laughed.

“Brother Three Thousand don’t laugh at Little Peach, everything Little Peach has was given to her by Sister Yingxia, so Little Peach won’t have any pride in her heart.”

Han Sanqian didn’t think too much about it, after all, for him, Su Yingxia helping Little Peach in such a way, he completely understood it as Su Yingxia wanting her to find a way to activate the Pan Gu Axe as soon as possible

method, thus focusing her power on Little Peach’s body.

“Your sister Yingxia helping you, that’s also because you have talent and ability yourself.”

“By the way, Brother Three Thousand, you’ve only just returned, and as a result, you’ve found your way to me so quickly, so I guess, it should be for the Pan Gu Axe.”Xiaotao laughed.

Han Sanqian was helpless and a little embarrassed, “I originally said it would be later, but as a result, your Yingxia sister had to rush it, and besides, we’re just about to go to Burning Bone City, so I think it’s also really necessary to come and ask you about it.”

Little Peach nodded and said, “Then, if I were to tell you, brother Sanqian, that, in fact, although my cultivation has risen, I’m still the same as before with regards to the Pangu Axe, wouldn’t you be extremely disappointed?”

It must be admitted that Han Sanqian was more or less a little bit lost, however, this loss was obviously

towards things rather than people, who owns such a thing as the Pangu Axe and doesn’t think about unlocking his power.

Only, Han three thousand is also very clear, some things, that is not what they want to do must be how, Pangu axe has its difficulties is an indisputable fact, so, everything itself can only silently go to wait for the time.

This can’t blame Xiaotao, even more can’t blame anyone, also can’t rush what.

“I can never blame you, these things, itself is to see the fate of heaven. Everything, as fate would have it.”Han Sanqian smiled, “Of course, you don’t have any pressure, even if we can’t solve this thing for the rest of our lives, your brother Sanqian definitely won’t blame you.”

Hearing Han Sanqian’s words, Xiaotao happily revealed a smile, “In fact, just now, I was just teasing you, about the matter of the Pan Gu axe, I’ve got something.”