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His Destined Path Chapter 6459

Hearing the words of Xiaonu, Han Sanqian first froze, obviously he did not directly wake up, after all, for Xiaotao, Han Sanqian that is an absolute trust.

She said one, Han Sanqian is to see is a two, will absolutely believe the small peach said one, to Han Sanqian, small peach is such a one will only believe, and will not have the slightest doubt of the person.

But who would have thought that with such trust, this little girl suddenly put up such a fight against herself.

“Hey, you little girl, actually took your brother Sanqian to play up, see if I don’t clean you up.”

Han Sanqian’s words fell, pretending to be about to hit Xiaotao, frightening Xiaotao with laughter and shock, circling the room.

Such an interaction between the two resembled the scene of a brother hitting his sister back when they were young.

Until a few moments.

Peach was forced to the corner, saw the raging Han Sanqian has forced her to go to the end of the road, only to obediently surrender and admit defeat: “Brother Sanqian, I was wrong, I confessed to leniency, okay.”

“Wanting to confess to leniency is not impossible, however, I have to see if the clues you provide are valuable. If there is, hmm, it can be waived, on the contrary, if there isn’t, then those who have it will be miserable.”Han Sanqian put on a look like I’m a traitor.


Xiaotao couldn’t help but snort a laugh, “Okay, then brother Sanqian, listen carefully, I’ve awakened some memories, and inside the memories there seems to be something that says how to use the Pangu Axe.”

“Although it doesn’t say that it can make the Pangu Axe fully awakened, but at least it also mentions that it can allow the user to do whatever they want, so may I ask brother Sanqian, how is the value of this ah!

What is the value of this?”

The so-called “at will” naturally means to use the jade sword in the same way as oneself, exceptionally smooth, one can do whatever one wants to do.

Inside this process, although the Pangu Axe still hadn’t completely awakened its power, the human axe could be united, and in fact, it could also bring out its great power to a great extent.

So, that was the equivalent of Han Sanqian’s current fit with the jade sword, except that the jade sword lacked an artefact soul, so sometimes it might not be able to emit maximum power so smoothly.

But it was enough to be okay.


“Of course it’s true.”Little Peach said excitedly, “Moreover, I can tell you a secret.”


“I’ve discovered that it seems like the more my abilities improve, the clearer some of my memories start to become…

And within those memories, I don’t really have many memories, more of an unfamiliar kind.”

“However, I can learn a lot of things within this unfamiliar memory. These things, sometimes it’s as if I’m standing at the very top of a certain historical time and space, watching the constant evolution of history.”

“Of course, this history, which is the history of our Pangu clan, is just that, it’s in a rewinding manner that keeps going upwards, and currently, I’ve traced it back to the middle history of the Pangu clan.”


Hearing this, Han Sanqian was basically certain that Little Peach’s judgement was completely correct, that is to say, when Little Peach reached a certain level in the true sense of the word one day, the history that she saw at that time would most likely be the time when the Pangu clan started out.

In other words.

, it was also highly likely that all the secrets of the Pangu Axe at that time would be completely unlocked, and then, the power of the Pangu Axe would also be completely awakened.

This direction of Su Yingxia’s was, without question, right.

“It seems like you need to put in more effort to cultivate, Little Peach, of course, a very good news at the moment is that I’m back, and I can help you raise your cultivation.”

With Han Sanqian’s current ability, that would indeed be very helpful to Little Peach, so that allowing Little Peach to directly ascend to the peak of her cultivation would indeed not be too far away, and the awakening of the Pangu Axe would also be right around the corner.

All of this was really too exciting.

“Brother Three Thousand, there’s no time to lose, now, I’ll first teach you how to become one with the Pangu Axe.”Little Peach said.

Han Sanqian nodded furiously, for which he was also very urgent.