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Rise to Defeat Chapter 781

After the third elder of the Zhou family walked in, he sat down, his face sank and said, “Their Earth Sect’s patriarch is not a fool, and is extremely smart, how could he do something that promised someone else, and not honour it.”

Said here, he paused, only then continued: “Just now I came back on the way, saw the bad family head are happy beyond measure, I asked, only then found out, people that the Earth Sect’s people, has sent disciples began to send around the return gift, moreover, the return gift seems to be should be very very good, or else, people will not be so happy.”

“So many clans, they’re really sending return gifts!”

The Zhou family head frowned, his face even more sombre, if Qin Li really did send a return gift, and the return gift was still very good, then their Earth Sect was bound to be even more popular, and by that time, their Zhou family, even more so, would not be able to turn over.

Don’t say turn over, he should also worry about one thing now is, in case Qin Li shot, will be the eldest elder and the second elder of the two right-hand man to kill, their Zhou family is completely finished.

“So ah, this Earth Sect’s Patriarch, is incredibly smart, we kind of can’t fight them, looking at this, we can only die!”

The third elder laughed bitterly, before he added, “What I’m thinking now is, since they Earth Sect are sending back gifts, our Zhou Family has also paid offerings, I wonder if they’ll send them to us?”

The Grand Elder immediately said, “This is something I think we should not think about, the meaning of his words that day was already quite obvious, it’s good that he didn’t kill us face to face, and he still wants to send a return gift, how can that be possible?”

“That’s right, I don’t even dare to go out now, and even more so, I don’t dare to go out alone, especially at night, in case the other party finds a place where no one is, and kills us, there won’t even be a shred of evidence!”

The second elder also said immediately, these few days are really not a person’s life, day in and day out, fearful.

“You guys don’t worry, this, I think that kid didn’t kill you guys last time, then he wouldn’t have done that kind of thing of secretly dealing with you guys in private, not to mention, it’s already been a few days.”

After the third elder was silent for a moment, he said with great certainty.

“Family Master, Family Master, the Earth Sect’s disciples have come over, saying that they are sending a return gift!”

It was at this time that one of the Zhou Family’s guards who was watching the door ran in and immediately reported.

“Quickly invite them!”

After hearing this, the Zhou family head was immediately delighted, unexpectedly, the other party actually still wants to send them a return gift, since this is the case, it means that the other party still didn’t put the matter of that day, too much in his heart, when it’s really a person who has a lot of temperament, since this is the case, they, the Zhou family, should as long as they no longer go to provoke the Earth Sect, then, it should be even if it’s safe.

“Greetings to the Zhou family master!”

After the several female disciples entered, they immediately arched their hands at the Zhou Family Master.

“A few of you are truly rare guests, please come inside, you’ve laboured on the journey, go in and take a rest!”

The Zhou Family Head immediately said to the few female disciples.

“Zhou family head need not be polite, a few of us are just responsible for coming to deliver the offerings, there are still a lot of families that haven’t been delivered yet, we’ll leave as soon as the things are delivered!”

One of the women, said coldly, clearly without a smile.

After saying that, she directly threw a Nascent Ring to the Zhou Family Head, then turned around with a few other female disciples and directly left.

The corner of the Zhou family’s mouth slightly twitched a few times, he was at least a family head, and was still the family head of the biggest family here in the past, these few female disciples, actually didn’t even give him a smiling face?

However, he was too lazy to bother with the other party, thinking that these disciples, too, were treating him like this because of what happened that day.

“Family master, let’s see what was sent?”

The Grand Elder asked with some anticipation even after thinking about it.

“Hey, what else could it be, at most, it’s just returning a few spirit herbs, moreover, it’s probably all relatively low, maybe only one spirit herb!”

The Zhou Family Head smiled bitterly, before continuing, “Just based on what happened that day, they won’t give us anything good!”

After saying that, he directly flipped his palm and removed the contents of his Nascent Ring, only to realise that what appeared in his hand wasn’t even the Spirit Grass he thought it was.

In his hand, it was actually a small porcelain bottle, he looked inside and felt slightly more comfortable, “Not bad, a fourth grade primary elixir, the kind that raises cultivation.”

“It’s actually a fourth grade elixir, looks like we really underestimated each other, this elixir is really good!”

The Grand Elder’s heart was also a little more comfortable after seeing it.

And at this time, an An Family head who had been close to the Zhou Family came over.

“Hehe, I didn’t expect that the person from the Earth Sect, even gave you guys a gift back as well? I thought that he wouldn’t give you guys a return gift, so I came over to ask, to ask to see if they gave you guys a return gift!”

After that An Family Head finished speaking, he immediately walked over and looked inside that porcelain bottle, then his face was slightly strange, “Only one?”

“Is it hard to believe that you guys even sent two of them? With so many clans, they can’t take out that many pills if they send two by two?”

The First Elder immediately said.

And the second elder of the Zhou family said, “That’s right, I reckon, it’s all because of the fact that our Zhou family is powerful, they only sent one pill, the other families, maybe they all sent spiritual herbs, after all, a family of one, that’s not bad!”

Unexpectedly, that An family head was smiling, “You guys don’t say, our An family is really two, I asked some other family heads, one by one, they all said that they were sending two fourth-grade elixirs, and that Wang family, they actually sent five, and inside the five, there are still two that are fourth-grade intermediate level elixirs!”

“No, it can’t be!”

The Zhou family head’s face was gloomy after hearing that.

And at this time, the Bai Family Head said again, “I thought that you had offended their Earth Sect, so I’m afraid that they wouldn’t give it to you this time, but I didn’t expect that they would still give you one ah. But, this obviously still implies that they still care about what you guys did last time, otherwise how could you have one less?”

“Forget it, one is one, even though they are a powerful person of the Reincarnation Realm, what else can we do?”

Although the Zhou family head was a little upset in his heart, there was nothing he could do but admit it.

The rest of another month or so passed, due to the fact that so many clans had already sent so many offerings to the Earth Sect before, coupled with the fact that every half a month, a batch of disciples would head to that forest ahead to search for spirit herbs, therefore, the Earth Sect’s development speed was really amazingly fast.

And within this month or so, Qin Li’s alchemy technique had also improved by leaps and bounds, before, he had already barely been able to concoct a fifth grade intermediate level elixir, but now, he was actually able to concoct two sixth grade primary level elixirs.

After all, a sixth grade elixir, for a cultivation level like his right now, if he used it, the boost would be extremely impressive.

What made him even happier was that Zhou Tao, as well as quite a few alchemists, even including Yang Le Jia, were able to refine some fifth grade primary pills.

With fifth-grade primary pills, this was simply like divine assistance for Qin Baidao, Qin Weilang, and the others who originally had second-grade Heaven Breaking Realm cultivations.

After all, for them, the fourth grade primary, or even the fourth grade intermediate level pills, already not very useful, sometimes two fourth grade primary pills, can only raise the cultivation of one grade, such pills, it would be better to save for the use of heaven level cultivation, that the effect is more obvious.

And within this month or so, everyone’s cultivation level, even more so, had a great increase.

Qin Li’s cultivation had also broken through from the fifth rank of the Reincarnation Realm to the ninth rank of the Reincarnation Realm, and his combat power had increased tremendously.

As for Qin Beibei, Qin Hongyan as well as Qin Longyi and the others, they had even broken through to the seventh rank of the Heaven Breaking Realm.

Those disciples who joined the sect later on, one by one, had reached the cultivation of the fifth or sixth grade of the Heavenly Realm, or even the seventh or eighth grade.

As for the disciples from before, most of them even broke through to the Heaven Breaking Realm fifth grade cultivation.

Xia Yu Fei’s progress was great, directly breaking through from a Heaven Breaking Realm seventh grade cultivation all the way to a Reincarnation Realm second grade cultivation.

Mo Demon, on the other hand, had broken through to the Heaven Breaking Realm’s ninth rank, Bai Ruyun, who had originally been in the Heaven Breaking Realm’s eighth rank, had now also broken through to the Reincarnation Realm’s second rank cultivation, and Li Dakui was slightly lower, reaching the Reincarnation Realm’s first rank cultivation.

The two of them, Liu Kai and Luo Guangqiu, had broken through to the Heaven Breaking Realm’s eighth grade cultivation, and for them, it was quite satisfactory.

The current Earth Sect, together with Qin Li, this Reincarnation Realm ninth grade fellow, actually already had four strong people with Reincarnation Realm cultivations.