Tycoon Spurt Chapter 368

The house that Rong Rong rented was similar to the one that Huang Zili rented.

It was also a small two-storey building with white paint on the outside.

The village where Rong Rong rented the house is mostly this kind of building.

Wu Jun followed on the way here and saw that most of them were of this kind, clean and tidy.

The same is a small rural village, there is still a big gap between the old home Xiaowuzhuang and this side.

After entering the door is the living room, sofa, coffee table, TV, some green plants are placed at the window.

The curtains were also lavender coloured, and the house was decorated in a very warm way.

“Brother Wu, your room is on the first floor, I’ll take you up to take a look.”Rong Rong said while taking Wu Jun upstairs, “The bed and mat, the quilt are all newly bought, the toiletries are also bought.”

Wu Jun followed upstairs and said, “Trouble you Rong Rong.”

Rong Rong said, “No trouble, Brother Wu don’t be polite to me, just consider it as home when you are here.”

When Rong Rong finished this sentence, she felt some ambiguity, and chagrined in her heart that she was tongue-tied, and made a nymphomania as soon as she saw Brother Wu.

Stealing a glance at Wu Jun and seeing that he had no reaction, Rong Rong then breathed a long sigh of relief.

“By the way, where is Ran Jing, hasn’t she come back this late?”Wu Jun asked with some curiosity as he didn’t see his other roommate after entering the door.

“Jing went to talk to the brand about things, she might be back later.”Rong Rong said, pushed open the door of a room, turned to look at Wu Jun and said, “Brother Wu, you stay in this room, there are newly bought pyjamas on the bed, they have been washed and can be changed at night, the bathroom is in the room.”

“Well good,” Wu Jun crossed over Rong Rong and entered the room, turning around he said, “It’s been a hard day’s work, you go to bed early too.”

“Okay Brother Wu, good night.”Rong Rong smiled and nodded, turning towards the next room.

Closing the door to the room and changing into the slippers at the door.

Walking towards the bathroom while undressing.

It was quite convenient to have the bathroom in the room like this, similar to a hotel room.

If I were to share the bathroom with Rong Rong and Ran Jing, it would be a bit awkward.

Toothbrush cups, toothpaste and toothbrushes, shampoo and conditioner, shower gel and toner, everything was available.

When I lived with Huang, I had a bottle of shampoo, but when I changed roommates, I was treated differently.

Wu Jun washed up and changed into the pyjamas that Rong Rong had prepared for him at the bedside.

Just lying on the bed and closing his eyes ready to sleep, a rush of footsteps sounded at the door.

Immediately after, the door of the room was knocked.

Duk Duk Duk Duk ……

“Are you asleep, Brother Wu!”Rong Rong’s urgent voice came from the doorway.

“What to do, what to do ……

” Rong Rong sounded a little flustered.

Wu Jun rolled over and got out of bed, striding to the door and pulling open the door of the room with one reach.

At the door, Rong Rong was in a hurry, after seeing Wu Jun open the door, he pulled his hand.

“Brother Wu, Xiao Jing, Xiao Jing, something happened to Xiao Jing.”Rong Rong was so anxious that she cried.

Wu Jun frowned, “What happened to Ran Jing?Don’t be in a hurry speak slowly.”

“You quickly come with me or it will be too late.”Rong Rong couldn’t help but pull Wu Jun’s hand and rushed towards the downstairs.

Wu Jun couldn’t care about changing his clothes, and accelerated his pace towards downstairs.

The company’s Buick Gl8 business car was parked at the door, after the two of them went downstairs, Wu Jun took the keys from the coffee table by hand.

After leaving the house, the two of them got into the car separately.

After getting into the car, Wu Jun asked to understand what happened.

Ran Jing had just made a distress call to Rong Rong.

She only had time to say “save me” and “by the Qinghe River” before the call was cut off.

“Xiao Jing, don’t let anything happen, don’t let anything happen.”In the car, Rong Rong clenched her hands tightly, tears in her eyes.

“Don’t worry, nothing will happen.”

Wu Jun felt that his consolation would not help, so he could only step on the accelerator deeply and drove towards the location that Rong Rong had mentioned with the fastest speed.

Although Ran Jing’s distress call was brief, adults could also brainstorm what had happened.

Qinghe is only two kilometres away from the small rural village where Rong Rong rented her room.

With Wu Jun travelling at breakneck speed, it took less than three minutes to arrive at a river.

“Brother Wu, that’s the car, I know the licence plate number!”Rong Rong pointed ahead to a black Grand Prix with double flashing lights parked by the river and said in an urgent tone.

Almost as soon as Rong Rong’s words fell, Wu Jun had already driven his car next to the big Ben.

Squeak, squeak, crunch!


Wu Jun stepped on the brake with his foot and pulled the handbrake with his hand, and with a flip, the rear of the car hit the left front door of the Big Ben!

Rong Rong screamed and was scared out of her wits.

Wu Jun pushed the door to get out of the car and went directly towards the back door of the Grand Ben.


Before Wu Jun could reach him, the doors on both sides of the Big Ben opened at the same time, and a man and a woman got off from both sides.

The man was dressed in a suit and had an angry face.

When the man saw Wu Jun, he was flabbergasted for a moment, then he pointed his hand at Wu Jun and gabbled something.

The woman’s hair was a bit messy, a small suit was open on her upper body, inside was a pure white shirt.

Wu Jun was also surprised for a while after seeing the two.

The female is Ran Jing right, did not hit the wrong car.

The key was, he also knew the man.

Surprisingly, it was Dong Ye Jian!

This is really …… where life doesn’t meet ah!

“Xiao Jing!”Rong Rong, who got out of the car right after him, saw Ran Jing and pounced towards her.

“Xiao Rong!”After Ran Jing saw Rong Rong, she similarly cried tears of joy, and the two hugged each other, crying bitterly.

Through Ran Jing’s distress call to Rong Rong, and Ran Jing’s current state, without having to ask in detail, Wu Jun knew what was going on.

For Dong Ye Jian, this super rich second generation, Wu Jun was disappointed, too damn disgraceful to the rich second generation.

“It’s you bastard again, you’re deliberately trying to make things difficult for me, right!”After Tohno Ken recognised Wu Jun, his whole body was not good, and he hurled curses in Japanese.

Wu Jun couldn’t understand what the other party was saying, don’t argue if you can do it, lifted his leg and came to Dong Ye Jian’s side.

Wu Jun’s height is one metre eighty-two, Dong Ye Jian is at most one metre seven, the two of them confronted each other, Dong Ye Jian’s aura is immediately shorter.

“You want, what are you doing!”Tohno Sword pushed back a step, his back pressed against the open car door.

“Sorry, I don’t understand pig squeals.”Wu Jun sneered and swung his fist violently!

“Ouch!”Tohno Sword was taken by surprise and wailed, falling to the ground with a plop.

There was no need to translate this sentence, Wu Jun understood it.

A burst of punches and kicks were thrown at the fallen Dong Ye Jian, beating you up!

The first time Dong Ye Jian was punched by Shen Yang, Wu Jun took over Shen Yang’s class.

As for the consequences, Wu Jun was able to easily bail out Shen Yang, and he was more than sure of getting out in one piece.

In the end, Wu Jun was pulled away by Rong Rong and Ran Jing with one arm each.

Ran Jing advised, “Forget it Brother Wu, I didn’t suffer any loss, don’t break someone.”

In a foreign country, Ran Jing also did not want to cause trouble for Wu Jun.

The two of them persuaded Wu Jun for a while, and the three of them drove away.

After the trio left, the bruised and swollen Dong Ye Jian only dared to climb up from the ground.

Looking at the direction of the trio’s departure, Dong Ye Jian angrily kicked a few feet at the big Ben parked on the side.

Being beaten up by foreigners one after another, Dong Ye Jian’s mood at the moment was simply bleeped!