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Tycoon Spurt Chapter 497

Three Wood Fireworks Factory, inside the general meeting room.

In addition to the direct management of Miki Fireworks, the three major shareholders were also present.

Miki Fireworks had a market capitalisation of nearly 24 billion yen, with around 200 million shares on offer, and a current market value of 118 yen per share.

In recent times, although Angel’s movements in the stock market were secretive, the top management of Miki Fireworks Factory was still aware of it.

An old man whose hair has been white with a very thick band spoke up, “Asao-kun, due to the fact that Yako sold the shares in her hand, some voices in the outside world have begun to question the profitability of our company, contact that Mr Wu from China and ask him when he wants the next batch of goods, we need a large order to boost morale and crush those untrue rumours in the outside world. ”

The old man who spoke, named Miki Xiong, was the founder of Miki Fireworks Factory, and also the current largest shareholder.

Miki Yuu held 31% of the shares of Miki Fireworks Factory.

The other two largest shareholders were Miki Xiong’s two sons, who controlled 10% and 9% of the shares respectively.

The other 1 per cent is held by Miki’s daughter, Miki Masako.

The Miki family held 51% of the shares of Miki Fireworks Factory.

Although the shares were scattered, but in the end they were the same family.

With 51% of the shares, the Miki family has absolute control and the right to speak on the Miki Fireworks Factory.

The other day, Miki Masako suddenly sold 1% of her shares, making Miki Fireworks a bit passive on the stock market.

Miki Yuu convened the shareholders’ meeting today just to resolve this matter.

Aso Ichiro looked at the old man with a somewhat complicated expression.

Although he was the boss of the Miki Fireworks Factory, in the end he was only the management of the factory.

Some decision-making aspects still had to be listened to by the shareholder side.

The shareholder side said that they wanted to cut down on the cost of raw materials, and although he argued with reason, he was still unable to make it change its mind.

Over the past few months, Ichiro Aso could not sleep well.

The long-term orders he had managed to secure with great difficulty could be terminated at any time because of the shareholders’ decision.

Ichiro Aso knew that capital was profit-driven, but he strongly disagreed with this unscrupulous way of growing profits.

There were many ways to grow profits, and cutting costs by tampering with product quality was definitely not a wise choice.

Paper can’t wrap fire, there will always be a day of exposure.

Although the stock of Miki Fireworks Factory had risen sharply this year, Ichiro Aso was not happy at all.

He always felt that this speculative growth was just a short-lived boom.

After the boom, a withering.

Ichiro Aso sighed and said, “President, I just contacted General Manager Wu in China yesterday, and he said that he would wait a little longer, and that he has recently had some problems with the cash flow on hand.”

Miki Takahito said with a disdainful face, “Asao, didn’t you say that General Manager Wu in China is very powerful? He can’t even turn over tens of millions of dollars? What kind of strength is that.”

Miki Takahito was Miki Xiong’s eldest son, holding 10% of Miki Fireworks Factory’s shares.

This year, the share price of Miki Fireworks Factory continued to grow for half a year, and his assets also increased by nearly 30%, with his wealth reaching as high as 2.4 billion yen, which was converted into soft sister currency, and he was also a billionaire with more than 100 million dollars.

Tens of millions of “turnover difficulties” of the Chinese Wu, in his eyes is a poor man.

Miki Gao Ren completely forgot, the company’s stock rose greatly, the Chinese Wu is not to blame.

Without Wu Jun’s monthly orders, Miki Fireworks Factory’s stock could not have grown so fast in such a short period of time.

Miki Takatoyo disapproved of his brother’s opinion, but in front of his father, it was not easy to refute.

In recent days, Miki Takatoyo always had some bad premonitions, but could not say why.

Although his sister, Miki Masako, did not have a good relationship with his father, she was not the kind of person who acted recklessly.

Obviously the company has a bright future, the stock has been rising, the sister did not even say hello to suddenly sell the shares of the shares of the behaviour of Miki Takatoyo is very incomprehensible.

“That General Manager Wu in China will definitely place an order around the 20th of every month and request that it be shipped to the port of Jinmen in China before the 28th, and according to the experience of usual cooperation, General Manager Wu should place an order within a week.”Aso Ichiro analysed, “Although I don’t know which General Manager Wu is ordering so many fireworks every month for what purpose, but there must be a use for it.”

As soon as Aso Ichiro’s words fell, the door to the office room knocked from outside, and the sound of knocking was urgent.

Atsushi Atsushi ……

Atsushi Atsushi ……

“Come in.”Miki Yuu frowned a little, several creases in depth appearing on his forehead, he disliked being disturbed when he was having a board meeting.

The door to the conference room room was pushed open, and a middle-aged man in a well-pressed suit pushed his way in.

“Yamaguchi, is there something urgent?”Mikio asked with a frown when he saw it was his secretary.

“President ……,” Yamaguchi Keio said with a nervous face, “After the stock market opened, some people have been selling our company’s shares in large quantities, in just ten minutes, there have been four large orders of over a million shares sold, there are also a number of retail investors who have followed the trend of selling, and the sale of theThe total amount of shares is already close to 5 million shares, our company’s stock has dropped by 1 percentage point.”

“What! These people are crazy!”Miki Takahito scuffed up from his chair and knocked over the chair under his bum, showing how agitated he was at the moment.

The stock of Miki Fireworks Factory had a market value of 118 yen per share.

The market value of 5 million shares has exceeded 500 million yen.

A market crash like today’s right after the opening of the market, since the listing of Miki Tobacco Factory, has rarely occurred.

Miki Xiong’s old brows were furrowed, he also felt that there was something strange going on.

Nearly half a year, the stock of the three wood fireworks factory rose more and fell less, and when it fell, at most fell a zero point a few percentage points.

A scene like today’s opening plunge of 1 percentage point was obviously somewhat unusual.

Although her daughter, Miki Masako, had sold her shares in her hand, which had some impact on the stock market, the influence shouldn’t have been this great.

It was only a 1% share, even if it came from the hands of the Miki family, it didn’t mean that the Miki family didn’t have confidence in Miki Fireworks Factory.

The board of directors hurriedly ended, Miki Xiong greeted his two sons to mobilise the funds on hand and began to protect the market, and released the company’s favourable news on the company’s official website, as well as the news that they were prepared to buy back the shares sold by Miki Masako.

Hotel Nikko, inside Wu Jun’s presidential suite.

Angel’s long and white fingers were constantly operating on the computer, and Wu Jun was watching from the sidelines.

It was just like how Xu Fei did not know how to play mahjong and watched him play mahjong with great interest.

“The fish have started biting the bait.”Angel stared at a constantly fluctuating line with a confident smile at the corner of her mouth.

After more than ten days of preparation, the good show had finally started.

During the morning, Angel sold the stocks borrowed from the investment bank in batches at different times according to the K-line fluctuations, ensuring that the stock of the Miki Fireworks Factory was in a state of decline in every time slot, and playing the Miki family gang into a frenzy.

For the rest of the morning, Miki Fireworks Factory’s stock was bright green and did not see red.

To the afternoon break, the first day of head-to-head, to three wood fireworks factory down to end.