Tycoon Spurt Chapter 498

If you are prepared, how can you be prepared?

There is also, Wu Jun has the help of Angel, the “heavenly warrior”.

Under all factors, Miki Fireworks Factory was counted to death by Wu Jun’s side.

Miki family father and son three people hold 50% of the shares of Miki Fireworks Factory, on the surface of the father and son three people have nearly 12 billion yen, but it does not mean that they have so much cash.

Shares were just a string of numbers in the stock market, not a number on a bank card.

In a day’s time, under Angel’s operation, all of the Miki family’s father and son’s property outside of the Miki Fireworks Factory had already been invested to plug the holes.

At this moment, Miki Gaoxiong, the billionaire, finally knew what kind of experience it was to have tens of millions of dollars not being able to turn over.

Wu Jun is the excuse to shirk, to him, became the actual situation.

The stock market fierce battle for a day, father and son three faces are exhausted, in the end is not able to hold the defence line.

The stock of Miki Fireworks Factory, for the first time since it was listed, fell off!

At five o’clock in the evening, father and son left the factory and drove back to the residential area in the centre of Fuzhuang.

“There’s definitely a push behind this matter, someone is hitting on our Miki Fireworks Factory!”Returning home, Miki Takahito was angry like a wild dog that had been kicked in the face, “Don’t let me know who did this, or I won’t spare him! Make him disappear from the face of the earth!”

“Shut up!”Miki Xiong looked at his eldest son with a disappointed face and rebuked him in a cold voice, “Do you think it’s still a decade or so ago! Something with no growth!”

Seeing his father angry, Miki Takahito quieted down, but he was still very unconvinced in his heart.

He felt that the old man had really grown old, like an old dog that had lost the bloodlust of those days.

More than thirty years ago, the history of Sanmu Fireworks Factory’s fortune, to say the least, was not glamorous, and there were a lot of tactics used behind the scenes that were not known to outsiders.

Back then, the old man, powerful, black and white, acting boldly, is the childhood idol of Miki Goren.

Every period of primitive accumulation of capital is bloody, either being squeezed or squeezing others.

Once you have completed the primitive accumulation of capital, the so-called first bucket of gold, you will find that the future of money is getting smoother and smoother.

Three Wood Fireworks Factory is like this, more than thirty years, three wood fireworks factory from a small workshop to the present listed company, snowballing bigger and bigger, making money easier and easier, money makes money faster and faster.

When you have smooth sailing, surrounded by good people with smiles, encounter problems, solve problems more and more efficiently, more and more risk resistance, resources more and more close.

More and more you enjoy that feeling of being a rich person and want to make more and more money.

Marx said in capitalism: once there is a proper profit, capital is emboldened.

If there is ten per cent profit, it is guaranteed to be used everywhere;

With twenty per cent profit, it is active;

For fifty per cent profit, it is desperate;

For one hundred per cent profit, it dares to trample on all earthly laws;

For three hundred per cent profit, it dares to commit any crime, even at the risk of hanging.

In order to increase its profits, capital will do anything, it will even sell the rope that strangles it.

These words of Marx were fulfilled in the Miki family.

The co-operation between the Miki Fireworks Factory and Wu Jun was prompted by Ichiro Aso.

In order to get this long-term order, Aso Ichiro gave up a large profit margin.

In these two years, the fireworks business in neighbouring China was not doing well, and the fireworks industry in Nippon Benzene also suffered a certain impact.

Take Wu Jun this order although let out a lot of profit margin, but after all, there is also a profit, the factory also have a single to do.

At first, Miki Xiong on this cooperation is still very satisfied, the first two months of cooperation is also quite smooth, according to the contract requirements to the goods.

The third month, Miki male is a little dissatisfied with this, proposed the use of cheaper potassium chlorate as a blowing agent.

Inferior products mixed in qualified products, so as to be able to reduce the cost of a certain amount.

Reducing costs means increasing profits.

Potassium chlorate instead of potassium perchlorate, although it will lead to unstable product performance, but the sound of the explosion will be louder, more powerful, although the countries expressly prohibited, but some people still like this product, willing to listen to a sound.

From the perspective of partners as well as the law, Ichiro Aso strongly opposed this move.

But he is a small man, the opposition is ineffective, after all, the Miki family is the largest shareholder party, holds the dominant power of the company.

How much his salary, how much dividends at the end of the year, is also the Miki family say.

People under the roof had to bow their heads, Aso Ichiro ultimately could only choose to compromise, earning obscene amounts of money.

For the purpose of testing, when the third batch of goods was delivered, only one third of the goods used the even cheaper potassium chlorate.

This time, the transaction was the same as the previous two, Wu Jun did not notice any problems and was very quick to make the payment, and Mikio was relieved.

Although only one-third of the goods were cost-cutting, this transaction increased the profit of Miki Fireworks Factory by nearly 8 million yen.

In the fourth month, the cost-reduced goods accounted for 50%, the profit of Miki Fireworks Factory continued to grow, Wu Jun still did not have any notice, and the Miki family became more and more bold.

By the fifth month, the percentage of inferior products had accounted for 80% of the total goods.

In the sixth month, in the seventh month, there were almost no qualified products anymore.

The Miki family’s profits from this cooperation had increased by nearly 100% from the first month, making money hand over fist.

Potassium chlorate and potassium perchlorate are extremely similar, not to mention ordinary people, even people in the industry may not be able to identify them.

What the Sanmu family could not have imagined is that there is an insider, Chen Jian, who has been engaged in the fireworks industry in the loaders that Wang Qidong has hired.

Coincidentally, when Chen Jian was loading and unloading goods, he happened to come across a box of broken fireworks.

And, Chen Jian this person is also incomparable positive value, told this matter to Wu Jun.

In other people, this kind of thing is not about their own business, who will go to specifically remind the owner of the goods.

Can only say, people are doing, the sky is watching, not unreported, the time has not yet come.

Three wood fireworks factory this crisis, in the end is self-directed, self-inflicted.

Miki Gao Feng inquired, “Father, what next?”

Miki Xiong turned his gaze to his second son, his eyes even more cloudy than during the day, as if he had aged several years in a day, and the wrinkles on his face were deeper.

“What else can I do?”Miki Xiong got up and said, “Split up tonight to raise money, tomorrow’s share price must be held, how much the other side throws we pick up, the share price can’t fall any further, take action, for the sake of the family.”

After Miki Xiong finished speaking, he turned around and walked towards the location of the study.

The two brothers looked at each other and each got up to leave.