Tycoon Spurt Chapter 499

Angel steadily and steadily consolidated the results of the battle while selling off all the shares of the Miki Fireworks Factory that she had borrowed from the brokerage house.

Miki family father and son three people this time is down to blood money, how much Angel sells, how much they pick up.

Over the decades, the three wood family from the three wood fireworks factory earned money, and all posted back, but also to find all sides of the relationship borrowed a lot.

Operation for many years, the three wood family hand funds, assets, and all changed into the company’s shares.

Initially, the Miki family father and son of three people have 50% of the shares of Miki Fireworks Factory.

In a week’s time, from 50% to 80%.

Except for some loose shares in the secondary market, the rest all returned to the hands of the Miki family, leaving only about 20% of the shares still circulating in the secondary market.

This time, even without Miki Masako’s 1% shares, the Miki family was absolutely in control, but this situation couldn’t last too long.

Holding 80% of the shares was too high, and having too few shares circulating in the market would lead to lower trading volume and low activity, which was not conducive to circulation.

“Finally, it’s holding.”After receiving Angel’s attack, Miki Xiong watched as the company’s stock began to slowly rise, his old face filled with relief.

Seeing that the father and son were united in their efforts to finally save the day, Miki Takahito also breathed a sigh of relief in his heart and laughed coldly, “You’re still a bit young to think of undermining our Miki family.”

Miki Gao Feng looked at his father, and then looked at his brother, although the situation was settled, he always felt a little uneasy.

The other party came with ferocity, how could it be resolved so easily?

This time in order to protect the market, in addition to the Miki family desperate to put all the assets and funds, but also before and after the financing of nearly 5 billion yen.

In the business world, there is no such thing as a temporary emergency, the financing of the 5 billion yen, the interest is paid on a daily basis.

Miki Takatoyo always feel that this time play a little too big.

In case ……

The consequences are unimaginable.

I hope that I am thinking too much!

Miki Xiong Lao Huai Huai comforted, “Although a great price was paid, but everything is worth it, next, it’s time to change the other party’s headache.”

This time, the turbulence in the company’s stock was obviously an act of shorting, otherwise the other party couldn’t have gotten so many shares of the company without knowing it.

Shorting a company’s stock is usually done by splitting a loan with a brokerage firm, or signing a betting agreement, which is subject to interest and royalties.

Shorting, in simple terms, means borrowing shares from a brokerage firm that holds shares in the target company, then selling them for money, and subsequently buying them back from the market to return them to the brokerage firm when the share price falls, earning the difference in price.

Let’s say that a short seller thinks that a company’s stock price of $100/share is too high now, and that it will surely go down after a while.

He borrows 1,000 shares of the company’s stock from the broker and agrees to return them at a certain time and pay a usage fee of $1,000.

After a few days, the price of the stock really fell, and the short patiently waited for a good price, $80/share, thinking that this price should be the lowest price before the return deadline, so he decided to buy 1000 shares, spending $8,000.

For this transaction, the short spends = $1,000 usage fee + $8,000 cost to buy the stock = $9,000.

Short in the purchase of shares, the stock, if the stock fell again, or then up Zhang, this price is no one with the short any relationship, he only need to return to the brokerage firm of these 1000 shares of stock even if the end of a successful.

Of course, the lower the purchase price, the more the short makes; the higher the purchase price times, the more the short loses.

Removing the $1,000 royalty, $90/share, is his equilibrium point.

If he buys lower than that, he makes money; if he buys higher than that, he loses money.

If the price continues to go up in sheets, the short seller will just lose money.

Moreover, shorting is very risky, making money is capped, losing money is unlimited.

At $100/share, even if it falls to $0/share, the most the short can make from that trade is $100 per share, and that’s almost impossible.

But if the stock goes all the way up to $1,000/share, $2,000/share, the short seller loses money and is probably not even left with his trousers.

Short selling is allowed under the current financing facility, but of course you have to be a big customer to do it.

In the short three wood fireworks factory this thing, Wu Jun in FuZhuang JunHeng wood limited company also played a key role.

Junheng Wood Limited as a protection company, there is also Wu Jun’s financial support, plus Angel double world-renowned university degree bright identity.

The three together were still very convincing.

While the Miki family father and son celebrated their success, Wu Jun and Angel did not have a headache over the matter as they thought.

Inside the presidential suite of the Hotel Nikko, Wu Jun and Angel opened a bottle of Bolkov Extreme Dry Champagne to celebrate the upcoming victory.

This champagne was the most expensive champagne in the Hotel Nikko, priced at 2,809 USD (approximately 18,880 soft dollars).

Although expensive, the quality definitely justifies the price.

The wine grapes used for this wine come from three small vineyards that together cover less than 1 hectare.

“Why are you drinking this?”Angel felt magical as she looked at the liquid inside the tall glass whose bubbles continued to rise up from the bottom of the glass.

Angel was new to champagne and did not yet understand what it represented.

Wu Jun finally found a bit of superiority in this aspect of wine and briefly gave Angel, a wine illiterate person, a bit of popularisation.

The custom of drinking champagne to celebrate success originated in France.

It is said that when Napoleon was young, he had a good relationship with a classmate named Jean-Rémy Moët, who often invited Napoleon to drink champagne at the winery he opened.

Later, Napoleon always went to that classmate to drink champagne before going to war, and every time he returned victorious.

In 1815, before Napoleon went to war again, he did not say goodbye to his classmate, and the wine he brought with him was not champagne but beer, which resulted in the Waterloo incident in the history textbooks.

The result was the Waterloo incident in history textbooks. From this, champagne became a symbol of victory and hope for success in the minds of the French people.

After defeating Napoleon, the allied forces of Russia, Austria and Britain invaded France, and carried away all the champagne in the wine cellars of Moët by horse-drawn carriages, which became their trophies.

Soon after, Hugo, the great French writer, received a letter in an unsigned envelope with the words “Paris – France’s greatest poet to receive”.

Hugo humbly thought that he was not qualified to open the letter, so he returned the original letter to the post office.

The post office then forwarded it to the poet Della Martin, who also modestly returned it to the post office.

The post office staff had no choice but to open the letter.

It turned out that the letter came from the royal palace in Moscow and contained only one sentence: “To the greatest poet of France, Monsieur Moët, who makes champagne!”

The power of champagne was irreplaceable, and it conquered the adversary that Napoleon could not “solve” with his guns.

Although Angel was victorious, she said modestly, “Isn’t it a little early to celebrate?”

Wu Jun smiled and said: “If I’m not mistaken, the other side should also be celebrating their victory now, let’s consider it as a joke and drink with them.”