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Tycoon Spurt Chapter 500

The quantity of fireworks that Wu Jun ordered from Sanmu Fireworks Factory was sometimes more, sometimes less.

The largest quantity ordered was the first time, costing 20 million.

The least amount was this last time, and the value of the goods was at 8 million.

Of course it wasn’t that 8 million for a single [Resource Guardian] mission within [Resource Tycoon] was enough to handle it.

The reason why he ordered less this time was because there was unused surplus from the previous times.

Together with the 8 million this time, the market value of the fireworks ordered from Sanmu Fireworks Factory, which had yet to be set off in Wu Jun’s hands, was estimated to be around 17 million.

This 17 million fireworks, product qualification rate of less than 10%, all as shoddy products for the Safety Supervision Bureau to pull away and destroy.

The jurisdiction of a warehouse, stored 17 million of poor quality fireworks, which definitely counts as a major safety hazard accident.

Can catch such a big safety hazard problem, for the local safety supervision bureau, can not say great achievements it, but also counted not a small feat, in public and private are not hidden and unreported reasoning.

In order to stall the time exposure of time, Wu Jun let Bian Xuedao helped walk a lot of relations, but also spent some small money money.

This time, it is Wu Jun’s side took the initiative to report the case and actively cooperate with the destruction of inferior products.

Moreover, Wu Jun is still a direct victim.

In the matter of investigating and dealing with the inferior fireworks, Wu Jun’s overall merits outweigh his faults.

It can even be said that he did not pass at all, is a bad luck.

Anyway, the product has been destroyed, the hidden danger has been eliminated, the release of the time a day earlier or later, there is not much difference.

The Safety Supervision Bureau is still very sympathetic to this small Wu, very co-operative to help press the case for more than half a month.

This case in the domestic exposure, Angel just in time to the hands of the three wood fireworks factory shares sold off.

The next day, Shen Yingxing’s team, which had been preparing for a long time, filed a lawsuit against Sanmu Fireworks Factory, and with the help of the embassy, invited several local authoritative online media to report on it.

For a while, the negative news about Sanmu Fireworks Factory was overwhelming.

The bottom line, which had just been held yesterday, began to loosen again.

With the disclosure of a piece of information about the financial falsification of Sanmu Fireworks Factory, the share price of Sanmu Fireworks Factory plummeted, and the whole market was in the green.

Inside the main conference room of Miki Fireworks Factory.

The Miki family, father and son, stared at several court summonses and then looked at the company’s stock on their laptops, which had been dropping wildly, with a look of despair on their faces.

Miki Xiong looked dozens of years older than yesterday, and said with an expression of hopelessness, “It’s all over, I, Miki Xiong, have been running the business for my entire life, and I never thought that in the end, I wouldn’t even have any money left for my retirement.”

Miki Takahito stood up from his seat, staring with a pair of red eyes, gasping for breath, “Father, this time it’s obvious, it must be that Chinese guy surnamed Wu who messed up, I’ll go and kill him!”

It was hard for Miki Gao Ren to continue to maintain his sanity.

Half a month ago he himself was a rich man with a fortune of over a billion yen.

In only half a month’s time, his own had become a negative tycoon who had raised debts all over the place!

With the outbreak of quality problems and the prosecution of Shen Yingxing’s team, all the evidence points to the former partner, the Chinese one, Mr Wu.

China’s domestic case disclosure time, prosecution time, someone shorting the company’s stock time, all of it, are calculated.

This time, the other party to have the intention to count, the Miki family father and son three people were not expected.

Ichiro Aso, who was present at the meeting, had a feeling of a rabbit dying.

Miki fireworks factory fell, his good days are over.

In such a big lawsuit, he, the direct management, and the legal person, was definitely not to be blamed.

The Miki family’s father and son, the heart is not enough to swallow the elephant, wanting to make more profits, desperate to count on others.

The final result was directly propped up, how could Ichiro Aso not expect the consequences to be as serious as this.

To know, Miki Fireworks Factory in the inferior quality of fireworks above the obscene money earned, add up to only 20 million or so.

Because of this 20 million yuan of obscene money, the market value of billions of companies facing a crisis.

He did not expect that the Chinese General Manager Wu’s vengeance would be so heavy, so black!

Aso Ichiro listened to the noisy sounds outside and turned his head to look outside.

The entrance to the factory gate was already blocked by debt collection vehicles.

This time, the Miki family had borrowed nearly 5 billion yen of foreign capital in order to protect the market.

When the wall falls, the rats scatter from a sinking ship, it is obvious that no one will lend a helping hand at this moment, jumping into the fire pit by themselves.

Ichiro Aso knew clearly that this time Miki Fireworks was completely finished.

A listed company doing fireworks, finally playing with fire, to say it is also very ironic.

Aso Ichiro looked at the chairman who had a look of despair on his face.

Then he looked at the eldest son who was angry but could only be angry and couldn’t do anything else.

The silent second son.

Aso Ichiro smiled to himself and thought that he wouldn’t be alone if he went in, the three of them could still fight a landlord or something.

Not waiting for Miki Takahito to find trouble with Wu Jun, people from the Japanese Benzene police department and court arrived.

The severity of the laws of Japan and Benzene, Shen Yang, who once fought with Tohno Sword and was almost deported, had experienced it before.

This time, this 17 million transnational lawsuit, under the operation of Shen Yingxing’s team in conjunction with the media of all parties, attracted the attention of many parties, and caused quite a stir on the Internet, and was characterised as a big case special case.

The most widely known thing about Sanmu Fireworks Factory ever was not the hard work of more than thirty years of operation, but this counterfeiting incident.

Faced with solid evidence, the Miki family, father and son, and Ichiro Aso, the head of the Miki Fireworks Factory, confessed.

The trial went surprisingly smoothly.

It took a week, and the case ended with a big win for Shen Yingxing’s team.

The case did not result in significant loss of life or property, but the verdict was serious.

Miki Fireworks Factory compensated the partner, that is, Wu Jun, for the economic loss of about 210 million yen, which converted to about 34 million soft currency, that is, double the amount of the lawsuit.

Miki Fireworks Factory was fined 600 million yen for operating illegally and causing a bad impact internationally.

Three members of the Miki family, father and son, were sentenced to prison terms ranging from one to three years.

Ichiro Aso, who was the direct supervisor of the Miki Fireworks Factory and had knowledge of the situation, was sentenced to four years in prison.

All the assets of the Miki family were exchanged for shares, and a foreign debt of 5 billion yen was borrowed.

Not to mention the repayment of foreign debts, even Wu Jun’s 200 million he could not afford to compensate.

Finally, the Miki family was enforced by the court, and all the shares in their hands entered the market.

And with that, the stock of Miki Fireworks Factory plummeted again.

In recent time, the stock of Miki Fireworks Factory has fallen to the point that its own father doesn’t even recognise it.

Wu Jun and Angel who ambushed the short order in advance made a big profit.

The day the judgement came down.

Inside the presidential suite of Nikko Hotel.

Wu Jun looked at Angel standing at the window looking out the window, his mood was very excited.

He initially only gave Angel 100 million.

In less than a month, it had snowballed to about 1 billion!

In addition to the interest and royalties given to the brokerage firm, the pure profit was more than 800 million soft yen, nearly 5 billion yen.

Wu Jun felt that Angel was simply his own goddess of wealth, his own money printing machine.

The gap between him and Angel, the difference is 108,000 himself.

What do you mean by snowball, this is what you call snowball!

Wu Jun wanted to kiss his own money printing machine, however, he was too tall to reach it.

Angel turned around and looked at Wu Jun with a smile, “Don’t be too happy too early.”

Wu Jun gathered his excitement and cautiously asked, “Is there anything left to wrap up?”

“This is just a warm up.”Angel said with a confident face, “Next is the time to pick up the money.”

“What the hell?”Wu Jun was instantly unsettled.

More than eight hundred million earned in more than twenty days, and it’s still just a warm up?