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Tycoon Spurt Chapter 501

Wu Jun and Angel are not alone.

When they were shorting the stock of Miki Fireworks Factory, they were followed by a long line of soup drinkers.

After the news of Sanmu Fireworks Factory broke out, the stock price that had just stabilised once again fell wildly.

So far, it has been in a state of daily decline.

Miki Fireworks’ stock had fallen from 118 yen/share, where Angel had first entered the market, to 32 yen/share, which was simply disastrous.

The biggest shareholders were all detained, leaving behind a pile of mess.

Analysed from an objective and rational point of view, Miki Fireworks Factory is completely played out and no one will take over this hot potato.

The best outcome would be to wait for a bankruptcy filing.

But before the stock price fell through, there are still people who hold on to their luck and want to come in to have a bite of soup.

The already lingering and dying Sanmu Fireworks Factory attracted a large group of air force to share the food, all wanting to tear a piece of meat from this prey.

Wu Jun asked Angel, “What’s next?”

Angel lightly said, “Protect the market, we will buy as many shares of Miki Fireworks Factory as there are in the market.”

“Nani?”Wu Jun looked puzzled and expressed his doubt with one of the only few Japanese phrases he knew.

If Angel had said this a week earlier, the three Miki family members would probably have to kowtow to her in gratitude.

In the aspect of capital operation, Wu Jun was a fledgling in front of Angel.

Since Angel said buy, then buy it.

Wu Jun asked, “Do you need me to support you with some more ammunition?”

Angel said confidently, “No need, I made money before, it’s just enough with interest.”

Angel struck again when Miki Fireworks Factory’s share price fell to 30 yen per share.

This time it was a buying frenzy, buying as much as she could.

The total number of shares issued in Miki Fireworks Factory was around 200 million shares.

With a price of 30 yen/share, even a 100% holding would only be about 6 billion yen, which is about 1 billion soft dollars.

The money that Angel had earned before, with interest, was almost this amount.

After Angel’s patient science, the degree of professionalism downgraded to kindergarten level, Wu Jun finally know what she is going to do.

Angel was going to cut the leeks of the Japanese Benzene people!

Wu Jun of course raised his hands and feet in favour.

He had been screwed over by the Miki family for more than half a year, and he would repay with his fists for the kindness of a drop of water!

By the way, also teach the Japanese Benzene stockholders, the stock market is risky, must be cautious to enter the market.

Around the three wood fireworks factory stock “short and long” war, in full swing to the middle of October.

Eleven golden week Wu Jun have not been able to rush back to the country, has been staying in Japan and Benzene, not less by the mother complained.

However, cutting leeks this kind of thing, timing is very important.

Currently is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, miss this time, do not know how many years to wait again.

Wu Jun and Angel ate and slept together every day, as if a dried up sponge, through the side learning, crazy absorption of knowledge in the capital original work.

In a month or so, from a little white man who knew nothing, he advanced to an introductory rookie.

In the end, Wu Jun gave up, and he figured it out.

Doesn’t it smell good to be his own shirker?

There is Angel in, why do you need to worry about this.

No matter how good he learnt, could he be as good as Angel?

During this period, Angel spent the funds of more than nine hundred million dollars that she had just earned and had not yet warmed up her hands.

When earning this more than 900 million, Angel knocked Miki Fireworks Factory from heaven into the abyss.

In the end, with this more than 900 million, pulled Miki Fireworks Factory from the abyss back to heaven.

The stock of Miki Fireworks Factory, from 30 yen/share when Angel entered the company, had risen all the way up to 98 yen/share, and had almost equalled the stock price at the beginning.

Angel already held 180 million shares of Miki Fireworks Factory’s stock in his hands, and the remaining 20 million shares were divided among other long positions.

At last a miraculous scene appeared.

There were two hundred and seventy-six million shares of Miki Fireworks Factory’s stock circulating in the market, which was seventy-six million shares more than the total number of shares issued!

After following Angel for so many days, without Angel’s explanation, Wu Jun knew what was going on.

These extra seventy-six million shares of stock were the white strikes from the ammunition that the various air forces had put on the battlefield.

These white strips, they were to be returned.

The various air forces panicked and were dumbfounded that at this point they needed seventy-six million shares to close their positions on the short sale contracts.

This meant that they had to buy seventy-six million shares of stock from other holders to pay back the shares they had purchased in the short sale.

And the vast majority of those shares are already in Angel’s hands.

Even if they bought all of the other twenty million shares, they would still be fifty-six million shares short of closing their position.

From mid-August to mid-October, Miki Fireworks Factory’s stock took a roller coaster ride.

It fell from an all-time high to an all-time low, and then finally climbed to an even higher peak.

In the end, Angel was kind enough to sell the short stock at 120 yen per share to close out his position.

Miki Fireworks Factory’s stock also surged from a low of 30 yen/share to 128 yen/share.

This stock price was higher than when Angel first entered the market.

Helping to close the short position, Angel sold 60 million shares of Miki Fireworks Factory in her hand, and in the end, there were still 120 million shares left, which just accounted for 51% of the shares of Miki Fireworks Factory, and it was in the state of absolute control.

Wu Jun admired Angel’s operation.

Sixty million shares of stock cash out 7.2 billion yen, about 1.2 billion soft currency.

According to the current share price of Miki Fireworks Factory, the market value of Miki Fireworks Factory returned to the peak, back to the range of 24 billion yen.

Wu Jun finally left in the hands of 51% of the shares of Miki Fireworks Factory, the market value of about 12 billion yen, about 2 billion soft currency.

Invested 100 million, and finally returned 1.2 billion in cash, plus 2 billion in market value of the company’s shares!

It took two months, Angel used 100 million to help Wu Jun snowball to 3.2 billion!

This time before Wu Jun came to Nippon Benzene, his total assets are only 1.8 billion, less than 1.9 billion.

Angel cut leek cut to this 3.2 billion, plus three wood fireworks factory compensation of more than 30 million.

Wu Jun’s total assets dramatically increased to 5.2 billion, nearly tripled.

“Compared with the capital operation, doing industry is simply a family affair.”As the victor, Wu Jun could not help but let out a sigh of relief.

He had been busy for more than a year, with thousands of employees under his hand, only to earn more than a billion.

Angel used money to generate money, and in two months’ time, he earned more than three billion, there was absolutely no comparison!

There are still about two months to go before New Year’s Day.

There was no longer any suspense in completing the [Resource Tycoon] upgrade task before the end of this year.

Angel’s appearance made Wu Jun’s money making speed directly increase from green car speed to high speed train speed.

Even he, the person involved, felt like he was dreaming, so unreal that it was a miracle.

But he witnessed this miracle with his own eyes.