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Tycoon Spurt Chapter 502

In the matter of Nippon Benzene Miki Fireworks Factory, Wu Jun and Angel, as the dominant player and banker, were undoubtedly the biggest winners.

Of course, those who followed the short at the beginning and then followed the long, also earned a lot.

In this world, there is never a lack of discerning speculators.

However, compared to Wu Jun’s gains, the little money that the followers made was not even a fraction of what he made.

Shorting a listed company’s stock is divided into a total of five steps.

1: Find the target company, this step is the most critical, you have to find the rotten apple that has been packaged.

2: Carefully study the target company and write a challenge report.

3: Ambush short orders in advance.

4: Release the report and wait for the market reaction.

5: The target stock price falls, close the profit.

In this five-step process, Wu Jun and Angel are ahead of others step by step.

And, the largest contribution, is as the main force to participate in the war.

It can be said that the input and gain are directly proportional.

Shen Yingxing sued Sanmu Fireworks Factory for defrauding the co-operators, and the amount involved was as high as 17 million soft sister coins.

The key is that this is also a transnational lawsuit, which has attracted much different attention internationally.

From the last Fuzang Customs transnational lawsuit this has not been long past, and then exposed a scandal, Fuzang local senior management also attaches great importance to, can not be planted twice in one place.

Especially when it was discovered that the prosecuting party was the same group as before, the Fukuzang local executives dared not slacken off even more.

If they neglected their disciple, and then alerted the master to come out, then the consequences would be even more serious.

There was also the financial falsification report of the Miki Fireworks Factory that Angel had obtained, which also played a very crucial role in it.

Miki Fireworks Factory lowered the cost to purchase cheaper potassium chlorate, but the raw material was still the higher priced potassium perchlorate when it was reflected in the financials.

The Miki family is simply bad, not only cheating foreigners, but even their own people!

Fraudulent customers violating contracts, and also deceiving shareholders to falsify financial statements, this kind of unscrupulous listed company, it is not surprising that the wall will fall down in the end.

Before he met Angel, or before he summoned Angel out, Wu Jun always felt that he was missing something around him.

In the end, he was just a college student who graduated from a third-rate university in China, and he was able to get where he is today, all thanks to [Resource Tycoon].

Wu Jun didn’t get blinded by his sudden wealth and felt very bullish.

On the contrary, with the increase of assets, the bigger the spread, but more and more he recognised his own shortcomings.

How many kilograms he has, and how capable he is, he knows better than anyone in his own heart.

If there is no resource tycoon, he is just an ordinary member of the sea of people who can no longer be ordinary.

The only thing he can show is that his appearance is okay.

Billions of assets might bring Wu Jun a high sense of satisfaction, but it didn’t bring him any sense of security.

There was an insurmountable gap between these assets and his abilities.

It was like handing over a Formula 1 car to a croaking baby for control.

Before Angel appeared, Wu Jun already had nearly 1.9 billion.

In front of people is the scenery infinite Wu, behind the payment and uneasiness, only he himself knows.

Why don’t you hire some professionals through headhunters with high salary to manage several companies?

On the one hand, it is because Wu Jun is worried that he can’t control each other.

In personnel management, Wu Jun is still a child, what level of his management ability, his heart is clearer than anyone else.

Unceremoniously, in personnel management, he and his sister-in-law Dong Li Zhu are several streets away.

Hiring professionals with high salaries is not like inviting the wolves into the house.

Stumbling to today, in Wu Jun’s heart, several companies under his banner are also poured his heart and soul.

He can accept a few companies because of personnel management and mismanagement lead to losses, but can not accept their own results by others to pick the fruit.

In other words, Wu Jun’s code of conduct is that my money can be spoiled by me, but cannot be counted by others.

In Wu Jun’s mind, with the quality resources within [Resource Tycoon] as a support, it is not an easy thing for any company to lose money.

He would rather be a dirt boss in the eyes of outsiders who was not good at managing money and was nepotistic, and slowly make the company bigger and stronger than recruiting a shrewd and overly smart manager to tell him what to do.

The emergence of Angel, just to make up for the lack of excellent talents in management and operation.

Although Dong Lizhu, Bian Xuedao, and Cai Diheng were not bad and knew how to forge ahead, there was still a big gap between them and Angel, who graduated from Harvard MBA.

Moreover, Wu Jun could completely trust Angel, and there was no need to have any avoidance with her.

In the future, Angel is responsible for earning money to support her family, and she is responsible for spending it.

Spending money is also a discipline, Wu Jun this “spend” of course does not refer to the random spending, spend money like dirt.

He is not too demanding in terms of food and drink.

Looking for projects is also a way to spend money.

In their own money at the same time, change the living conditions of more people around them, than simply buy buy more meaningful.

After Wu Jun had seen Angel’s speed of earning money, he felt that he couldn’t see how fast he could spend money to catch up with her.

Wu Jun very rightfully said, “Angel, I’ve decided, in the future, the company’s operation will be fully handed over to you to take care of, I’ll just be a shirker at ease.”

“Do you think I’m very powerful and capable of making money?”Angel pulled her hair back and asked a rhetorical question without agreeing instantly.

This also reflected the difference between Angel and the ordinary farmers within [Resource Tycoon], she was more like a native Earthling, an ordinary person.

If it was anyone else, if Wu Jun said he would do whatever he was told to do, and told him to go to the main road to touch the porcelain, he would not even bring hesitation to lie down on the ground.

Wu Jun smiled and asked, “Isn’t it?”

Angel’s ability to make money, he personally verified it, and also witnessed it from the sidelines.

“You don’t think too highly of me.”Angel humbly said, “The reason why I was able to win big this time is mainly because the timing, the place, the people, and the people are all on our side, a beautifully packaged rotten apple like the Sanmu Fireworks Factory, it’s already good enough to come across one, this kind of way of earning quick money can’t be every day, and even if it is every day, it’s not possible for all of them to be encountered by us.”

“So you mean this.”Wu Jun laughed, “This kind of thing I don’t intend to do for a long time, there is again and again, not again and again, do more, inevitably cause the attention of the relevant departments, although capital operation makes money fast, but I still prefer to do industry.”

“Why?”Angel cocked her head to look at Wu Jun, curious about her boss’s thoughts.

Wu Jun said, “This can provide more jobs and help more people improve their lives, although making money is a little slower than capital operation, this money is more meaningful.”

Angel said, “If you want to change the living conditions of the people around you, wouldn’t it be more direct to give them a little bit of the money you earn from investing money?”

Wu Jun said, “It is better to teach a man to fish than to teach him to fish.”