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Tycoon Spurt Chapter 503

This trip to Nippon Benzene can be said to be full of rewards.

Did not spend a penny to get a market value of 24 billion yen 51% of the shares of listed companies.

In addition also earned 1.2 billion soft sister coin cash, cut leek cut not too happy.

During this period of time, all of Wu Jun’s energy is put on the project of three wood fireworks factory.

He was inseparable from Angel all day long and met with Huang Zili several times.

This time, a big win, a perfect finish, and then there is a very important finishing work.

Nowadays, the major shareholders and executives of Sanmu Fireworks Factory are all detained and sentenced, and are in a state of no leader.

Wu Jun has now become the largest shareholder of Three Wood Fireworks Factory, naturally, he has to go to show up and swear his sovereignty.

Before going to the three wood fireworks factory, Wu Jun gave a call to the domestic Chen Jian.

The person in charge of Three Wood Fireworks Factory, Wu Jun thought about it, Chen Jian is the most suitable person.

“Mr Wu? Long time no see, how’s business these days?”Chen Jian, who was working in the storage centre, was a little surprised to receive Wu Jun’s call.

Since the end of the last incident, after Chen Jian helped fix a few million fireworks to get $100,000 in labour fees, there had been no contact between the two.

Wu Jun directly opened the door and said, “Old Chen, I’m now in Ribena, I’ve got some business over here, do you want to come over here and try?”

“Ah? Go, go to work in Jiben?”Chen Jian was a bit confused after hearing Wu Jun’s words, after living half a lifetime, this was the first time he was invited to work abroad.

“I became a shareholder by speculating on stocks over here, and got a fireworks factory.”Wu Jun joked, “You also know that I have suffered the loss of the Japanese and Benzene people on this, I am not assured of those Japanese and Benzene people, I must find a person in the industry to keep an eye on it, I think about it, only you are the most suitable.”

“For salary, for the first year I’ll first give you the salary of the original head of this factory, which is around 100,000 yen a month after tax.”

“100,000 yen?”Chen Jian did some calculations in his heart, 100,000 yen, when converted into soft sister currency it would be a good 10,000 or so.

This salary level was already considered high in Shimen City, twice as much as what he was paid as a stevedore for his exhausting work.

“We are both Chinese, what are we talking about yen, 100,000 RBM,” Wu Jun was a bit teary-eyed.

He had converted the yen to RMB in advance, and Chen Jian had converted it to yen again.

“100,000RMB? “Chen Jian was instantly nonplussed after hearing the salary offered by Wu Jun.

When he opened his own factory as a boss before, his net profit for a month was not this high.

Wu Jun asked, “How about it? Do you want to come over and help me?”

“This ……” Chen Jian was still a little hesitant.

He had lived half his life and had never travelled so far away from home.

Although he didn’t have much contact with Wu Jun, and the two of them weren’t too familiar with each other, he also knew that this Wu was always powerful, and would definitely not use high-tech temptation to trick himself into brushing dishes in Nippon Benzene.

However, the thought of separating from his wife and children, and running to Nippon alone, Chen Jian is still a little uncertain.

For such a big matter, it is still necessary to discuss with his wife first, and then make a decision after obtaining her consent.

Chen Jian replied, “Mr Wu, can you give me a day to think about it, I have to go home and discuss this matter with my wife and child.”

“Almost forgot, you are also dragging your family, let’s do …… it this way,” Wu Jun thought about it and said, “You can bring your wife and child together to come to this side of Nippon Benzene, I will help you to solve the problem of accommodation, as well as the problem of children’s schooling, youIf your wife wants to work, I can also help her arrange a good job.”

Hearing this last sentence from Wu Jun, Chen Jian’s hand holding the mobile phone trembled a little, and he was so excited that he almost came down on the spot.

The conditions offered by Mr Wu were too favourable, even his wife and child’s problems were solved together.

In order to dispel Chen Jian’s concerns, Wu Jun continued: “I still have two projects over here, there are many domestic friends around, you come over there is also a care, go back and discuss with your wife and children, I’ll wait for your reply.”

Chen Jian pressed down his inner excitement and spoke, “Okay Mr Wu, I will give you an accurate reply before eight o’clock tonight.”

“Wait for your good news.”Wu Jun hung up the phone after saying that.

After ending the call, Chen Jian looked at the mobile phone in his hand, and then looked at his already sweaty work clothes, it felt like a dream.

A bitter stevedore himself, he actually received an invitation to go to Nipponbenzene to work as a senior manager?

“Chief Chen, what are you thinking about? Thinking about your sister-in-law?”The stevedore from the same team joked as he passed by Chen Jian with two pieces of beer in one hand.

After Chen Jian came back to his senses, he saw that the time on his mobile phone showed that it was almost noon and planned to go home for dinner today.

“Xiao Mao, I have to go home for something, tell Da Liu to go and settle the bill with Liu.”Chen Jian wiped this hand while explaining, “My share of the money is treating the guys to dinner at noon.”

Xiaomao said, “Head Chen you have something to do so go first, there are not many goods left, your share let Liu take it for you first.”

“No need, I’ve invited everyone to dinner, that’s it, I’ll go first.”Chen Jian waved his hand, striding towards his electric car.

Today was Sunday, when Chen Jian returned home he saw that his wife and children were all there, and his little sister was also making a rare trip back again.

Before the little sister has been following their own live, although the little sister did not say, Chen Jian also know that she in their own home to live is not painful.

Chen Jian’s house is only seventy square metres, a small two bedroom.

He and his wife have one room, and his little sister has one room.

The child went to boarding school, only on weekends at home, back in the living room can only support a single bed to deal with two nights.

A family of three, plus little sister, four people crowded in a small house of 70 square feet, to be more awkward and more awkward.

Chen Jian’s wife, Liu Fang, more than once privately mentioned to him, let the little sister to move out to live in a rented room, the home is also a little more spacious.

Not waiting for Chen Jian state, son Chen Hongda first did not agree.

Chen Hongda and his sister-in-law’s feelings have always been very good, if the sister-in-law to drive away, he will not come back in school.

Liu Fang see directly to invite out the little sister-in-law can not, change the idea of thinking to give to marry out.

After work, Liu Fang, the sister-in-law also part-time matchmaker, three days to introduce the younger sister to the object.

Until last year, the little sister bought her own house and moved out without saying a word.

Liu Fang as desired at the same time, the heart is also a little sour.

The house bought by her sister-in-law is bigger than the one at home, the floor is also good, the location is better.

Liu Fang went once and fell in love with that house.

Naihe their husband’s factory closed down, their own work a month only three or two thousand yuan, plus the children go to school to spend money, Shimen housing prices a year a price.

Liu Fang felt like she had no chance with a new house in her life.

“Brother? The sun has come out of the west today, you’re finally willing to come home for dinner.”Chen Lin was a little surprised after seeing her big brother who pushed the door in.