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Worth Deserving Chapter 1772

“It seems that I, Chu Tianfan, deserve to die here today.”

After feeling the cultivation levels of those three people outside the cave, Ye Fan couldn’t help but smile to himself, and his clear face was filled with sadness.

Ye Fan had already given up and simply sat there, waiting for the arrival of the strong men of the Chu Sect.

With the other party’s formation, Ye Fan knew very well that anything he did at this moment would be futile.

With his current strength, even a wild dog might bite him to death, not to mention the fact that the other party had a Martial Arts Grandmaster.

Just like this, Ye Fan sat in the cave, quietly waiting for them to approach, waiting for them to walk into the cave, waiting for them to find him and bring him back to the sect to claim credit.

However, at that moment, there was a sudden sound of breaking air outside the cave.

Immediately afterwards, there was a devastating explosion.

Then, everything fell silent.


“What’s happening?”

Ye Fan, who was hiding in the cave, was full of doubts.

He struggled to move his feet and wanted to go to the entrance of the cave to see what was going on.

However, before he could take a few steps, Gaia’s figure, appeared at the entrance of the cave.

Behind him, there was also Owen, Ice Emperor Ce and a host of other Dragon God powerhouses.

The moment they saw Ye Fan, several of Gaia’s and their eyes undoubtedly went red immediately.

“Dragon Lord, you… You…”

At the entrance of the cave, Gaia and the others stared there in disbelief at the man in front of them.

They simply could not imagine that Chu Tianfan, the once terrifying and mighty Dragon God Hall Master, was now, unexpectedly, emaciated to such an extent.

His body was covered in blood and bruises.

His once handsome face was now so pale that he could not see the slightest shade of blood due to his weakness.

Was this still their Dragon Master?

Was this still the Chu Tianfan who had terrified the world?

If he hadn’t been able to see Ye Fan’s face clearly, Gaia would probably have thought that the person in front of him was a dying old man.

Boom, boom, boom, boom!

Four times in a row, all four of Gaia’s men fell to their knees.

Their heavy bodies smashed into the earth.

The boulders crumbled, causing the whole mountain to tremble.

As they knelt down, the four Gaia men, who had long experienced the weather and the world, unconsciously saw their old eyes turn red.

Those muddy tears flowed down their old faces in a vertical manner.

“Dragon Lord, God of Earth and Mountain…”


“God of bronze and fire…”


“We are late in coming to the rescue, please be chastised by the Dragon Lord!”


“Please be chastised by the Dragon Lord!”


The four of Gaia bowed their heads and worshipped, old tears streaming down their faces.

Their foreheads smashed on the earth, creating a deep crater.

At this moment, the four Gaia were both heartbroken and ashamed.

They had not been able to arrive in time to help Ye Fan, causing their Dragon Lord to be seriously injured to this extent.

Ye Fan looked at them, but smiled, and his weak voice, slowly resounded, “What are you old things doing here?”

“Who told you all that I was here.”

Ye Fan spoke breathlessly, perhaps because he was too weak, and at the end of his sentence, another mouthful of fresh blood spat out from his mouth.

When Gaia and the others saw this, they became even more anxious: “Dragon Master, you should stop talking quickly.”

“This is the medicine that the Moon Yao Medical Immortal asked me to bring.”

“It should help you recover some qi quickly.”

“I just don’t know how effective this medicine will be with such heavy injuries as you have.”

As Gaia spoke, she hurriedly handed a jade bottle to Ye Fan, and then urged Ye Fan to take the medicine.

Soon, those pills turned into a stream of pure ability, slowly nourishing Ye Fan’s already thousand-hole body.

Although the effect was not very great, at least, it allowed Ye Fan to recover some strength slightly.

Gritting his teeth, he was also able to stand up and walk slowly.

“Dragon Master, this is not a place to stay for long.”

“When I came, the Chu Sect was searching all over the mountains for Yu.”

“Let’s take you out of here first.”

“When we return to Yanxia, back in Jiangdong, you will be safe.”

After all, this side was the stronghold of the Chu Sect, and there were people from the Chu Sect everywhere.

Gaia and the others had to take Ye Fan away from here as soon as possible.

When they returned to Yanxia, it would undoubtedly be much safer.

The two places were ten thousand miles apart, and while Yanxia was where the Martial God Temple was stationed, Jiangdong was even Ye Fan’s basic territory.

As the saying goes, even a dragon that crosses the river cannot defeat a tiger that sits on the ground.

When Ye Fan returned to his own territory, even if the people of the Chu Sect wanted to arrest Ye Fan, they would not be able to do so so easily.

“Let’s go!”

After Ye Fan had temporarily regained some strength, Gaia immediately picked up Ye Fan on her back and the five of them quickly fled towards the outside of the cave.

However, they had just stepped out of the cave when they felt several powerful auras sweeping towards this place.

“Not good, someone is coming!”

“Gaia, you take the Dragon Lord away first!”

“We’ll hold off this side.”

Ice Emperor Su Muqiu’s expression changed and he immediately said to Gaia.


“Can we walk away?”

“I, Chu Mun Mountain, have already set up a heavenly net, today, Chu Tianfan, you will not be able to escape!”

The chaos over here just now had naturally attracted the attention of the people of the nearby Chu Sect.

The sound of rolling torrents came, only to see dozens of Chu Sect’s strongest people surrounding the area.

The six people leading the group, the worst of them all had half-step seal strength. The strongest one was the Chu Sect’s Grand Elder Tang Xian, whose strength was ranked in the top ten of the Heavenly Rankings, far surpa*sing Gaia and the others.

All six of them, without exception, were elders of the Chu Sect.

When they heard the commotion, they brought their men to surround and kill.

Sure enough, that Ye Fan was here.

“What now?”

“It seems like there’s no way to get away?” Gaia’s face went white.

Owen also had this gloomy face, full of gloom.

“There’s no choice but to charge out strongly.”

“And, a quick battle!”

“Otherwise, it will only attract more powerful people to come over in a while.”

“If that Chu Sect Sect Master also arrives, there will be even less possibility of escape for us.” Owen spoke in a deep voice.

The four looked at each other for a moment, and all nodded their heads, preparing to break through the Chu Sect’s encirclement directly with their strongest techniques in a moment.

“Gaia, it’s mostly you!”

“Remember, in a moment, no matter what, find an opportunity and immediately lead the Dragon Lord to rush out.”

“The three of us, we will do our best to buy you time.” Owen and the others instructed Gaia once again.

Gaia nodded, “Good!”

After the four discussed the matter, there was no more hesitation, and their might exploded immediately.

The four auras rose up to the sky like swimming dragons.

The terrifying majesty was like a torrent that swept through heaven and earth.

In the end, the four streams of power converged in one place.

With the combined power of the four great seals, how powerful was that might?

The terrifying power stirred up the storm clouds.

It was like a dazzling sun, blossoming instantly on top of the Chu Sect’s mountain.

Immediately afterwards, amidst the trembling gazes of the Chu Sect elders, the four Gaia stomped their feet in unison and fiercely shouted, “Ice and Fire Xuan Long Duel, now!”


It was like thunder running through heaven and earth, and like lightning shooting straight into the heart of the sky.

As the four Dragon Gods shouted in unison, they saw the heaven and earth change, with thunder clouds swirling wildly.

Endless power lingered and gathered.

Soon, a giant dragon, a thousand feet long, emerged from its cocoon between the heavens.

The dragon ran through the heavens and the earth, covering the sky.

Its body was covered in scales like armour and steel.

Half of it was as red as fire and half as blue as ice and snow.

One half was as hot as fiery lava, the other as cold as the nine mysterious ice.

It was these two forces of ice and fire, which were mutually exclusive, that, upon their appearance, smashed towards the Chu Clan’s strongmen with a world-destroying might.

Tang Xian and the other elders of the Chu Clan were undoubtedly shocked, and ordered the crowd to retreat, while asking the elders to join hands to fight the enemy.

However, even though the six elders of the Chu Sect combined their efforts against the enemy, they were still defeated in one blow under the majesty of the Ice and Fire Xuan Dragon.

The fiery ice dragon swept across the four directions.

All of the Chu Sect’s strongest men spat out blood and flew backwards!

“Gaia, go!!!”