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Worth Deserving Chapter 1773

“Gaia, run!”

The moment the Four Dragon Gods set fire to defeat the Chu Sect elders, Gaia seized the time and fled like an arrow from a string, leading Ye Fan towards the bottom of the mountain like a madman.

The remaining three, Owen and the others, were responsible for holding back the Chu Sect’s strongest men who were arriving one after another.

“D*mn it!”

“These old things, how did their strength get so strong?”

Tang Xian had already climbed up from the ground, even as strong as he was, he had actually been injured under that level of attack just now.

The blood marks at the corner of his mouth had not yet dried.

Even he was in such a state, not to mention the remaining elders.

Apart from one or two who stood back and were only lightly injured, the remaining three had broken ribs and blood flying everywhere, and had been knocked out of action in one move.

The weakest elder was even hit directly through the chest in the collision just now.

He fell to the ground, bleeding profusely, no longer alive.

“Eighth Elder!”

“Eighth Elder, wake up!”

In a flash, all the strong men of the Chu Sect who had rushed around gathered around, looking at the Eight Elder of the Chu Sect who was no longer alive, some of them had tears streaming down their faces.

Tang Xian’s palms were clenched tightly, his eyes full of ice cold “D*mn Chu Tianfan!”

“If I don’t kill you, will it be worthy of the dead spirits of my Chu Sect?”

An angry roar resounded through the heavens and the earth.

And then, under the leadership of Grand Elder Tang Xian, an even more fierce pursuit and siege was once again launched.

Previously, Ye Fan had gone up to the Chu Clan twice, and almost all of the Chu Clan’s living combatants had been crushed, especially the two Elders of Xuan Hei, who were wounded and no longer able to participate in the siege here.

However, don’t forget that most of the Chu Clan’s fighting forces were still there.

Tang Yun, in particular, was defeated by Ye Fan’s sword before.

However, in the previous battle, Ye Fan had held back his hand and only inflicted certain injuries on Tang Yun, but did not really defeat the Chu Sect leader.

Now, after recuperation, Tang Yun’s strength was already able to play at 50% or even 60% of her full strength.

Therefore, even if the Four Dragon Gods arrived, it would still be difficult for Ye Fan to escape from Chu Sect Mountain.

Owen and the others had obviously realised this as well.

Therefore, in order to reduce the pressure on Gaia’s side and smoothly send Ye Fan out of Truman Mountain, the three Owen’s chose a very different path from Gaia’s as they retreated.

Moreover, Gaia fought and retreated at the same time, deliberately making a lot of noise to attract the attention of the strong men of the Chu Sect.

Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh~

The wind was bitterly cold as Gaia stepped forward and sped away.

His speed was so fast that he cut a trail of stigmata through the mountains and forests.

“Dragon Master, hold on.”

“It’s not long now.”

“It won’t take long for us to break out.”

Gaia was still running, but behind him, Ye Fan’s breath was getting weaker and weaker.

The elixir that the Moon Yao Medical Immortal had asked him to bring earlier was only maintained for a few moments after all.

“D*mned&bsp&bsp Chu Clan!”

“D*mn the Chu clan.”

“How dare they put our Dragon Residence in such a bad way?”

“When I step into the God Realm in twenty years, I Gaia will have to blow up the entire Chu Sect Mountain.”

“To avenge the Dragon Lord’s death.”

While Gaia’s heart was sad, he could not stop cursing.

In this way, Gaia ran wildly for more than ten kilometres in a row.

He was about to run out of this mountain forest.

But who would have thought that at this moment, a powerful aura would come out from ahead.

When Gaia looked up again, she found that there was a person standing there at the end of her sight.

It was none other than the Grand Elder of the Chu Sect, Tang Xian!

“You you”

“How is that possible?”

“Didn’t Owen and the others hold you back?”

“How did you get ahead of us?”

Gaia stopped and stared in disbelief at the Chu Sect Grand Elder in front of her.

Tang Xian grunted and laughed “The ploy of transferring the tiger away from the mountain is fine against the others, but against me, I can only say that you are too naive.”

Yes, from the moment Gaia and Owen fled in two separate directions, Tang Xian had already seen the end.

He sent a large number of Chu Sect’s strongest men to chase Owen.

But he himself went south to the mountain pa*s of the Chu Mun Mountain and waited here for the rabbits.

The truth was just as Tang Xian had expected, and Gaia, with Ye Fan in tow, had indeed fled along another direction.

“If I remember well, you are the Persian King Gaia, right?”

“You are also considered to be a king of a dominant party, why do you degrade yourself and worship a junior as your master?”

“Chu Tianfan has lost his power now, I advise you to turn back in time and find a good master again.”

“Otherwise, if you persist in your obsession, I don’t know if Chu Tianfan will fall with this, and you will be buried with him.”

Tang Xian stood tall and smiled faintly.

The gaze he looked at Ye Fan and the others was like looking down on two ants.

This was exactly the truth.

In Tang Xian’s hands, the two Gaia’s were no different from fish on a chopping board.

He was a sealed powerhouse in the top ten of the Heavenly Ranking.

If the Four Great Dragon Gods did not use the Ice and Fire Xuan Long Duel, they would not necessarily be his opponents even if they joined forces.

What’s more, only Gaia was left now.

As for Ye Fan, he was already a ruined man, so Tang Xian could completely ignore Ye Fan’s threat.


“Your Excellency is right.”

“In fact, I’ve wanted to change my clan for a long time.”

“If it weren’t for those Owen guys forcing me with their swords, I wouldn’t have waded into this mess at Truman Mountain.”

“How about we make a deal.”

“I’ll give you our dragon residence and you let me go?”

“How about that?”

Gaia asked Tang Xian, carrying Ye Fan on her back.

Tang Xian nodded “If the Persian King really wants this, then naturally it would be best.”

“It’s better to settle grievances than to end them, in fact I don’t want to make a move with the Persian King either.”

“Good then!”

“I’m going to give you the Dragon Lord.”

“Take it!”

Gaia laughed out loud, then he threw Ye Fan, who was behind him, over towards Tang Xian.

Tang Xian had just thought that this Gaia was hoodwinking him, but now that he saw that this guy had really thrown Ye Fan over, Tang Xian was undoubtedly overjoyed and hurriedly went forward to catch it.


“Thank you, King of Persia, for this great gift.”

Tang Xian laughed harshly.

But as soon as his laughter fell, he hadn’t even rushed a few steps forward, when Gaia, who had originally stayed still in place, unexpectedly rushed out instantly with his feet on the earth.

“I thank your mother!”

Gaia cursed and his body was just like an arrow that left the string.

In one leap, he had already overtaken Ye Fan, and an iron fist ruthlessly smashed towards Tang Xian’s head.

“Not good!”

Ye Fan, who had just been thrown at him, blocked Tang Xian’s line of sight.

So much so that when Tang Xian realised that Gaia had already attacked, it was already too late.

In his haste, Tang Xian hurriedly raised his arm to block the vital point and resisted Gaia’s blow.

The earth cracked and rocks flew across the ground.

Tang Xian’s entire body was instantly knocked back a hundred metres.

However, after resisting Gaia’s punch, Tang Xian, who was a top ten powerhouse in the Heavenly Rankings, instantly started to counterattack with his feet on the ground.

At this moment, Gaia had undoubtedly realised that he would no longer be able to escape if he took Ye Fan with him any longer.

So, at this moment of crisis, Gaia made a split-second decision and wrapped her arms around Ye Fan, then gathered all of her strength in her arms.

It was like a volcanic eruption.

Gaia lifted Ye Fan and threw him towards the bottom of the Chu Mun Mountain.


The huge force shattered heaven and earth, and the sonic boom swept across the void.

Ye Fan’s figure, wrapped in this power, nearly turned into a stream of light and shot wildly towards the outside of Chu Men Mountain.

“Dragon Master, stay alive!”

“Must be alive~”

Gaia’s eyes were red and she roared at the top of her lungs.


“This D*mn thing!”

Seeing that Ye Fan had actually thrown Gaia out, Chu Sect Grand Elder Tang Xian was undoubtedly instantly anxious.

He turned around and went after him.

But how could Gaia let him get what he wanted.

He rushed straight over, wrapped his arms around Tang Xian, and with a force from his waist yanked Tang Xian back alive again.

“Get lost!”

“You’re looking for death?!!!”