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Worth Deserving Chapter 1774

“If you don’t want to die, get the hell out of my way!”

In the middle of the mountain forest, Tang Xian, who was entangled by Gaia, cursed angrily.

The duck that was in his mouth was about to fly away.

One could imagine how desperate Tang Xian was inside at this moment.

His face was so big that he roared in anger as he beat Gaia.

But Gaia would not let him have his way.

No matter how much he threatened, Gaia kept a tight grip on him.

Even if he was kicked away, Gaia would immediately rush up and wrap his arms around Tang Xian again.

In order to do so, was to give Ye Fan a chance to escape.

“Dragon Master, live!”

“Must live!”

Gaia’s mouth was full of blood, but he looked at the direction Ye Fan was thrown away from him and couldn’t stop shouting inwardly.


The windstorm was bitterly cold, and the tremendous force wrapped around Ye Fan’s body, flying straight for dozens of kilometres.

How strong was the power of a Sealed Sovereign?

What’s more, the blow that sent Ye Fan away had used up almost all of Gaia’s power.

One could imagine how far Ye Fan would be carried by this huge force and fly away.


“You guys.”

Ye Fan, who was still deep in the air, was in a complicated mood.

He looked far ahead at the towering Chu Men Mountain, and could vaguely see the stunning battle at the seal level in the distance, and could also hear the deafening sound of the collision.

Ye Fan knew that it was his four strongest Dragon Gods, fighting against the strongest of the Chu Sect in order to protect him from leaving.

Also, Gaia, just now, would rather stay behind to fight against Tang Xian himself, but also to use all his strength to send him down the Truman Mountain.

What kind of strong hope and expectation was contained in Gaia’s voice of living.

“What virtue and ability do I, Chu Tianfan, have that you and others, do this for me?”

The long river was long, but Ye Fan’s mood was one of great mourning.

He wanted to rush up and fight alongside them, but he was also clear that with his current situation, even if he rushed up, he would not be able to make any difference at all.

However, just as Ye Fan was filled with grief, his body had already leapt over the heavy mountain forest, and a few more steps forward, he would already be able to leave the mountain boundary of Chu Men Mountain.

However, when he saw that Ye Fan was about to escape, he only saw that where the mountain met the forest, there were several figures in black, standing proudly.

They were like ghosts in the darkness of the night, or ghosts from hell.

They stood there like that.

There were thirteen of them!

Black hair, black clothes and black robes, if it weren’t for the two pairs of cold eyes, no one would have thought they were human.

No one knew how long they had been waiting here.

They were like messengers guarding the gates of hell, quietly waiting for the man who was about to die to step inside.


Finally, as Ye Fan flew here, one of them, raising his palm, pressed down violently.

A wall of qi was formed in front of him.

Ye Fan crashed onto it with a boom, all the kinetic energy in his body instantly dispersed, and then, like a leaf in the autumn wind, he fell to the ground.

A deep crater was smashed into the earth, and a rush of dust filled the sky.

Ye Fan’s body trembled and a mouthful of blood was spat out once again.

However, after falling to the ground, Ye Fan dragged his tattered body and crawled towards a huge rock behind him.

And then, Ye Fan’s body leaned against the boulder, indifferently and calmly, looking at the thirteen black-clothed powerhouses in front of him.

These thirteen people, without exception, were all Sealed Sovereigns!

The sky-rushing aura, just standing there, was as if a blazing fire was blazing.

They were so powerful that they almost wove a net of heaven and earth here.

And Ye Fan was the turtle in the jar.

When he saw these people and felt the strong murderous aura emanating from their bodies, Ye Fan was not afraid, he just tilted his head and laughed.



“I never thought that I, Chu Tianfan, would be so dignified.”

“To have thirteen sealed powerhouses, closing in on me under the Chu Sect Mountain.”

“To fall at the hands of all of you is better than dying under a few curmudgeons.”

“It is not in vain that I, Chu Tianfan, have made a declaration in my life.”

Ye Fan could not stop laughing, and in that laugh, there was all sorrow.

What is the meaning of a wall falling down and people pushing.

Perhaps, this was it?

Back then, when Ye Fan first came to the Chu Clan, he had defeated countless strong people of the Chu Clan with his own strength, and if Chu Yuan had not appeared in the end, the world’s most powerful clan would have been trampled under his feet.

However, even though a God Realm powerhouse had appeared in the Chu Clan, under Ye Fan’s threat, the Chu Clan still backed down and conceded, showing that they would send someone to Yanxia to apologise.

At that time, Ye Fan was in such a great position.

He was number one on the Heavenly Ranking, a young man who had become famous and had shocked the world.

At the old mansion in Jiangdong, the grandfather’s birthday, all the heroes and heroines of the world came to pay their respects and offer birthday gifts.

However, when the prosperity was over, who would have thought that Chu Tianfan, who had been a terror to the world just a few months ago, would now be at the end of his rope.

Tang Yun wants to kill him, the Jones family wants to kill him, the Chu family wants to kill him, and now a dozen mysterious people have suddenly appeared and want to kill him too.

In the world, there are many people who add flowers to the flower, and many people who drop stones on the well, but there are only a few who send charcoal in the snow.

No man is good for a thousand days, no flower is good for a hundred days.

After the pinnacle, it should wither.

However, Ye Fan’s peak was too short.

The legend of being number one on the Heavenly Ranking and the peerless seal was only a fleeting moment after all.

Under the Chu Sect Mountain, Ye Fan smiled forlornly.

Escaping the Chu Sect was already extremely slim.

Therefore, being surrounded here, Ye Fan was not too surprised or disappointed.

On the contrary, such an ending brought a sense of relief to Ye Fan’s heart.

At least, he could live and die with his Four Dragon Gods.

If the four Gaia had fallen here, and he alone had escaped with his life.

In the future, even if Ye Fan could avenge them, the guilt and regret in his heart would still be tied up for the rest of his life.

Now, to fall with them under the Chu Mun Mountain was not the best ending.

At this moment, Ye Fan already looked as if he was willing to die.

However, before he was about to die, Ye Fan still looked at them and asked the question “All of you, dressed like this, should not be from the Chu Sect.”

“I have no regrets about dying at your hands.”

“But before I die, I just want to know, what is my grudge against you all, and why did you kill me?”

Ye Fan’s weak words resounded slowly between these mountains and forests.

The thirteen men remained speechless, like stone statues, standing here, the night wind lifting their clothes.

Perhaps it was because they had seen the heroes in their twilight years and were sympathetic to each other.

Faced with Ye Fan’s question, one of them finally opened his mouth, “The wind will destroy the wood in the forest.”

“Between you and me, there is no enmity.”

“But when a person shines too brightly, then his very existence is a mistake.”

“Chu Tianfan, the only reason you have ended up today is because you are too sharp.”


As the words fell, the thirteen sealed powerhouses in front of them all exploded with their might.

Countless qi was struck out almost simultaneously, and true essence gushed out, the majestic power converging into a true essence qi sword under this mountain.

Then, this sword of light, which contained endless power, cut towards Ye Fan below, instantly!

If the thirteen masters combined their efforts to cast a spell, even if Gaia was in his prime, he might not be able to survive, let alone Ye Fan who was already at the end of his rope.

Under the storm, Ye Fan slowly closed his eyes, and his calm face wore a serene smile.

Just when Ye Fan was already desperate, who would have thought that a sword flurry would light up in the distance of the Heavenly River.

That sword qi, with an icy cold sword intent that belonged exclusively to someone, swept through the four directions.

Immediately afterwards, a voice that Ye Fan could not be more familiar with wielded a sword skill that Ye Fan could not be more familiar with, and it was exquisite!

“Qiankun a rustling sky downstream, the moon is like a hook, it is hard to part with it!”

“Cloud and Smoke Sword Skill, First Sword, Wind Flow!!!”