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Worth Deserving Chapter 1775

“How much hate there is in heaven and earth, the lonely voice in the night does not cry long.”

“The second sword of the Cloud Smoke Sword Skill, Ice Heart!”

A clear, cold and majestic voice resounded through heaven and earth.

At that moment, Ye Fan only saw that at the end of the heavenly river, a haze of light lit up.

The sword energy, which was like thunder descending from the sky, penetrated the heavens and the earth, and the lightning shot straight to the heart of the sky.

The terrifying majesty caused the mountains in this area to tremble, and the clouds in the sky were shattered.

“This this.”

“D*mn, who could it be?”

“Aren’t all of the strong men under this Chu Tianfan’s men held in check by the people of the Chu Sect?”

After sensing the longitudinal sword intent coming from behind them, this group of thirteen strong people all trembled, almost subconsciously.

This was because, surprisingly, they had felt an exceptionally terrifying threat from the sword intent behind them.

“What should we do?”

“Kill Chu Tianfan first, or block him first?”

The sword intent behind them was splitting the sky, while the Chu Tianfu there in front of them was only a few hundred meters away from them.

For a moment, these people were a little hesitant.


“Naturally, we should live first.”

“Chu Tianfan will be killed later, we will join forces first and finish off this unexpected guest!”

The leader made a split-second decision and did not try to exterminate Ye Fan again, instead turning his gun towards the people coming behind him.

After all, there was no deep hatred between them and Ye Fan.

There was no need to put their lives on the line just to kill him.

Therefore, weighing the pros and cons, these people undoubtedly chose to settle the person coming behind them first before killing Ye Fan.


“Piece by piece!”

Although right now, they could not clearly see who the person coming was.

But, as the saying goes, a glimpse of a spot is a glimpse of the whole panther.

The person who could display such a majestic sword intent must be an extremely terrifying person.

They could not afford to take anything lightly.

So, having made up their minds, these men did not hesitate any longer.

They burst forth with all their might.

The majestic power was like a river, a lake or an ocean, rushing down from their bodies and falling straight into the nine heavens.

“Wuji Seal!”

“Bo Ruo Palm!”

“Zeus Sword!”

“Cross Slash”

The thirteen sealed powerhouses exerted their full strength, and thirteen terrifying attacks instantly appeared.

In a mere instant, the wind and clouds in this world rose.

Those thirteen attacks were like thirteen rivers and seas, converging and flowing.

From afar, it looked like a hundred rivers merging into the sea.

A world-destroying torrent plunged towards the place where the sword qi gathered ahead.

In the depths of the heavenly river, the sword light that lit up was equally brilliant.

After the previous two swords had fallen, they were immediately followed by several more in quick succession.

Six streaks of sword qi soared out as if they were six swimming dragons.

And then, they clashed with the attacks of those thirteen sealed powerhouses with a bang.


The sound was deafening.

The moment the two sides’ attacks clashed, an unparalleled shockwave spread out wildly in all directions.

Even Ye Fan, who was a hundred metres away, had already tried hard to find a low-lying place to avoid the aftershocks of the battle.

But he was still affected, spitting blood and being shaken far away.

But fortunately, it was only the aftermath of the collision.

And Ye Fan was hiding in a low-lying area.

Otherwise, it wouldn’t have taken a man to kill him, the aftershocks of the two sides killing each other would have shaken Ye Fan to death.

After the boom, the battle did not end.

The battle in front of them had fallen into a short-lived stalemate.

Although the winner had not yet been determined, the faces of the thirteen black-clothed powerhouses had undoubtedly changed in unison.

In their old eyes, there was astonishment and panic.

“This this.”

“What the hell is this person?”

“To be able to block the combined attack of thirteen of us sealed powerhouses?”

These men in black were filled with tremors and only felt their scalps tingle.

They thought to themselves that the energy under this Ye Fan was too terrifying, right?

Ye Fan alone had turned the Chu Sect upside down.

Now, another one had appeared and was actually able to block the attacks of thirteen of their strongest people.

“D*mn it!”

“I just don’t believe it.”

“There are so many of us and we still can’t stop him alone?” Amidst the storm, these black-clothed powerhouses shouted angrily.

The next moment, the attacks in their hands were once again several times more intense.

The attack in front of them was instantly much stronger again.

As they watched the other side’s sword intent gradually dissipate, the old eyes of these black-clothed strongmen were already smiling in victory.

But who would have thought that in the next moment, that cold voice would once again resound.

Ye Fan, who was far away, seemed to have sensed something as he raised his eyes and looked up, his expression trembling.

“This is?”

“The Realm of Human Sword Unification!”


The long sword cut down the heavens and the earth, sword Qi clashing with the clouds.

In the next moment, it was as if this long, long night had been split down the middle.

An incomparably brilliant sword qi erupted out.

“Seeing the king above without bowing down, the Three Immortal Swordsmen kowtow long!”

“Cloud Smoke Sword Skill 7th Sword, Invincible!!!”


The storm swept wildly and the heavenly river exploded.

At the top of the Star Ocean, all Ye Fan could see was that the stunningly beautiful silhouette, transformed into a sword, turning into light.

Clashing thousands of darknesses and shattering thousands of barriers.

After the invincible sword intent fell, the joint strike of those thirteen powerful people crumbled inch by inch like falling gla*s.


At that moment, these black-clothed powerhouses were all shocked.

They had been traversing the martial arts world for decades, but this was undoubtedly the first time they had encountered such a supreme sword skill in their lives.

They could only see that longitudinal sword qi sweeping across the eight wildernesses.

After breaking through their attacks, the remaining momentum did not diminish and swept out fiercely towards them.

Whoosh whoosh whoosh~

After the sword light flashed, the time in this room, then fell into silence.

When the storm cleared, the only thing left in the sky was a stunning silhouette.

Under the moonlight, her face was covered with a light veil and her long skirt was flowing.

Her long black hair was like a waterfall, flowing down.

As for the thirteen strong men in black, all of them had sword marks on their arms.

Crimson blood slowly flowed down their arms.

These people, with painful eyes, even after retreating a thousand meters, non-fang stop, and then full of scorn and gloomy eyes &bsp&bsp, looking at the figure under the dark night in front of them.

“Dare to ask your name?”

“Such an exquisite sword technique is rare in the world.”

“Please also tell us your name, later on, so that we can know, defeated under the sword of whom?”

A low voice rang out at once.

These people’s eyes were like eagles, looking dead ahead.

However, in the face of their questions, the figure did not answer.

After a few moments of silence, a cold voice rang out.

“Three seconds, either die or get lost!”

The icy words carried a great deal of killing power and majesty, and there was no room for manoeuvre, no room for doubt.


When the thirteen black-clothed powerhouses heard such a tone from the other party, they were undoubtedly so angry that their faces turned blue to the extreme.

It was the first time in all these years that they had been treated with such contempt.



The figure in front of him had already started counting the seconds.

The long sword in his hand was also slowly raised.

Seeing this, the strong man in black knew that this time, he would not be able to kill Ye Fan.

With no choice, he had to retreat.

“Hmph, the mountains don’t turn, we will meet again later!”

That leader snorted coldly, then waved his hand.

These thirteen black-clad powerhouses, in a single turn, disappeared into the roiling black clothes.

The mountains and forests in this area returned to silence.

In this heaven and earth, only Ye Fan and her were left.

At this moment, Ye Fan, leaning against a tree, looked at her from afar.

The woman, however, did not look at him, her back always turned to him.

There were no words for a long time.

Finally it was Ye Fan, who broke the silence.

“Don’t you want to say something to me?” Ye Fan chuckled softly.

However, there was still no answer.

The silhouette, in the end, did not say a single word, lifted her feet, and prepared to leave.

The woman was just about to leave when the blood that had been forcibly suppressed in her mouth and belly finally vomited out. Her already pale and pretty face was even weaker.

The white veil was already bloodstained.

“Yun’er!” Ye Fan was greatly alarmed.