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Worth Deserving Chapter 1776

Seeing his family sobbing blood, in that instant, Ye Fan’s heart, immediately grew anxious and heartbroken.

Not caring about his injuries, he ran over to the woman who was about to fall down and took her into his arms.

When Ye Fan took her into his arms again, all of a sudden, their eyes met, and the jade-like body in his arms trembled violently as if it had been electrocuted.

She didn’t know why, but when she felt this man’s embrace again, she felt the urge to cry.

A wave of inexplicable emotions surged out from the depths of her heart. In just a moment, her nose let go and her beautiful eyes had actually turned red.

However, even so, this stubborn woman still pushed down the sourness in her heart.

After the disturbed breath in her veins had stabilized, she broke away from Ye Fan’s arms, and then got up and left.

“Tang Yun, aren’t you going to kill me?”

“If you miss this opportunity today, the next time you come across it, it will be the day your Chu Sect is exterminated.”

Looking at the graceful and flamboyantly beautiful silhouette in front of him, Ye Fan asked in a deep voice.

But even so, the figure still had no intention of turning back.

Long black hair streaked in the wind, and the blood-stained veil swayed slightly.

When confronted with Ye Fan’s words, the person only replied, “You have mistaken me for someone else, I am not Tang Yun.”

“Besides, we won’t see each other again.”

The low, slow words rang out quietly.

No one knew if she was saying this to Ye Fan or to herself.

From this, it was also enough to see the tangled and guilt-ridden heart in her heart.

If she did not fail him, she would fail the clan.

She had been born and raised in the Chu Clan since she was a child.

The clan was everything in her life.

She once thought that she could give or leave everything for the sake of the clan’s great cause.

But only when she faced this man in front of her did her years of perseverance and integrity come to naught.

However, just as she was filled with grief, suddenly, a pair of hands behind her, unexpectedly, poked over.

And then, under her gaze full of panic, she only saw that Ye Fan actually took her whole into his arms.

He fiercely pulled down the blood-stained veil, and the city-defying, stunning face belonging to Tang Yun appeared beneath heaven and earth like this.

The beauty of some women is out of this world, out of this world, out of this world.

The moment Tang Yun’s face was revealed, even the moonlight looked that dull.

“What are you doing?”

“Let go of me!”

Such a bold move by Ye Fan had undoubtedly frightened this Lord of the Chu Sect.

She shouted in shame and anger, her beautiful eyes filled with panic.

In a panic, Tang Yun pushed Ye Fan away with great force.

Perhaps the force used was too great and Ye Fan fell to the ground in a painful manner.

Ye Fan’s appearance undoubtedly scared Tang Yun.

She turned and ran over to help Ye Fan, “Are you alright, I didn’t mean to.”

Tang Yun was filled with guilt and her words were full of self-blame.

It must have been because she had just pushed too hard and pulled at Ye Fan’s injury.

She was a fool herself, knowing full well that Ye Fan was now scaly and bruised, and she had still treated him so roughly just now.

When she thought of this, Tang Yun’s heart undoubtedly felt even harder, and her tears eventually stayed uncontrollably.

However, while Tang Yun was still blaming herself, over there, Ye Fan smiled wryly and turned around and pressed this magnificent Chu Sect’s master under his body.

After that, without any regard to Tang Yun’s frightened and blushing appearance, Ye Fan then kissed Tang Yun’s warm and cool lips.

At that moment, Ye Fan only felt that the woman beneath him, that pair of soft and delicate jade bodies, instantly tensed up, and a pair of beautiful eyes, too, instantly stared huge.

Red lips entwined, lips and teeth clinging to each other.

It had been so long, although the two of them had already touched each other several times.

But today, it was the first time that both of them were awake and had such intimate contact.

So close that she could hear Ye Fan’s panting and the sound of his heart beating.

Was this what kissing felt like?

Was this what, love felt like?

In a trance, Tang Yun suddenly felt her body and soul trembling under this sudden, hot kiss from Ye Fan.

It was a very wonderful feeling.

Ethereal, divine, as if you, the water and the milk were in harmony.

That feeling of heart and soul being in tune was something Tang Yun had never experienced in all her years.

Even, back when she had stepped into the Seal Realm and broken through the shackles, there was no moment like this one, which made her spirit and soul tremble.


At first, Tang Yun struggled because she was frightened or shy, and a whimpering sound came out of her mouth.

But after just a moment, this magnificent Chu Sect’s master gave up all resistance.

Slowly, she closed her eyes and began to try to meet and match Ye Fan’s kiss.

Her breathing gradually became more and more rapid, and her originally snow-white pretty face gradually flushed.

In the end, sanity and reserve were destroyed, and only a glue-like entanglement remained.

Soon, the two of them were lost in it.

I don’t know how long it took before Ye Fan let go of the girl beneath him and left those warm and seductive lips.

The starry river was rosy and the moon was like water.

The two men and women were lying quietly on the gra*s like that.

The sharp and heavy panting, too, gradually fell into silence.

“Aren’t you leaving yet?” Tang Yun’s soft words slowly recalled.

Ye Fan did not answer, quietly looking at the starry river above his head, and by his ears, a beautiful woman exhaled like an orchid.

Ye Fan’s arm, looped under Tang Yun’s jade neck.

He rested on the gra*s, while she rested on his shoulder.

At this moment, the two of them were really like the couple in their first days of love on the campus.

Warm and quietly beautiful.

Both of them knew that it was never the right time to look at the stars, but what could they do, they didn’t want to mention the parting in their hearts.

Perhaps now they are both hoping that this moment will last forever.

“Teacher, are you all right?”

“I just saw many people in black fleeing down the mountain.”

The silence in this place did not last long.

Suddenly not far away, a worried voice came out.

It was Meng Wangyu, who had been travelling with Tang Yun earlier.

She had just seen her teacher coming this way, so she had followed her over.

However, Meng Wangyu, who had just arrived here, saw Tang Yun lying in the gra*s.

Of course, what shocked Meng more than anything else was that she found that there seemed to be someone else beside her teacher.

And her own teacher, it seemed, was still snuggled up to that person’s


The moment Meng Wanyu appeared, the quick-eyed Tang Yun instantly struck out with a sudden burst of Qi energy.

With a bang, it struck Meng Wanyu on the head.

At that moment, this poor girl’s eyes rolled white and she directly fainted.

“Why don’t you go now!”

Tang Yun hurriedly got up from Ye Fan’s arms, and now she had regained her previous majesty and coolness.

Only, the redness above her pretty face had not dissipated, and, moreover, it had become even redder.

This, in turn, added a little more charm and charm to this magnificent woman, whose beauty was beyond compare.


“My power?”

At this moment, Ye Fan also stood up and was just about to leave, when he suddenly found that his originally empty dantian had a few more points of pure Yuan Power.

“Rhyme, could it be that when I kissed you just now, you gave me”

“Know that and still ask!” Tang Yun instantly interrupted Ye Fan, such a shameful matter was something she definitely couldn’t let Ye Fan talk about.

“Right, the piece of jade I gave you before, do you still have it?” Tang Yun suddenly asked again.

When she and Ye Fan first met at the Chu Family’s old mansion, she had given some tokens before she left.

Among them, there was a blue spirit jade pendant.