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Worth Deserving Chapter 1777

Ye Fan didn’t say anything, he just shook his head.

When Tang Yun saw this, her pretty face was suddenly filled with anger, her beautiful eyes glaring slightly as she questioned Ye Fan with a heart full of resentment “You didn’t throw that jade pendant away, did you?”

“You you”

“You’re P*ssing me off!”

“That was left to me by my mother, it was a token of love from my parents.”

Tang Yun was simply furious.

Looking at those eyes, they almost wanted to lynch the man in front of her even more.

Just as Tang Yun was furious, Ye Fan was unbuttoning the clasp around his neck, revealing the ice blue jade pendant inside.

When Tang Yun saw this, she immediately froze.

The anger and resentment she originally felt also instantly dispersed.

She looked at Ye Fan, her heart filled with emotion “Have you been carrying it with you?”

Ye Fan smiled and nodded his head “The grace of beauty, how can I live up to it?”

Although, back then, the old mansion was parted.

Many more things had happened between Ye Fan and Tang Yun.

But even if he had severed his robe at the top of the rainforest, or the words “Never see you again” under the Maple Sea City.

But this ice blue jade pendant was something Ye Fan always carried with him.

Perhaps it was to forever remember the girl called Yu Yun.

After a brief touch, Tang Yun no longer dared to delay and immediately urged Ye Fan to leave.

“You keep this jade pendant.”

“Mother said that no one who wears it will have bad luck.”

“You should go now.”

“Chu Sect’s men, they’ll be here soon.”

“That man of yours, he won’t last long.”

“As for their safety, you don’t have to worry about that either.”

“I still have some authority among the Chu Sect, so I will do my best to protect them.”

“At least, I won’t let the teacher, take their lives.”

Tang Yun advised one after another, there was anxiety and even more reluctance in her words.

However, hearing these words from Tang Yun, Ye Fan’s heart was inexplicably moved.

This woman, it was as if she could see through all his thoughts.

He hadn’t even said anything about Gaia and the others, but Tang Yun had already thought about it, so it could be said that she had saved Ye Fan’s worries.

“Rhyme, do you think, do you think how good it would be if you were really Yu Yun, and I was really Ye Fan?”

Ye Fan’s inexplicable words were the ones that made the beautiful woman in front of him, red in the eyes.

How could Ye Fan’s words not be Tang Yun’s thoughts?

People in this world are only greedy for power, chasing after profit and fame.

However, when they are truly at the top of power, what they want most is still the ordinary and commonplace that they had at the beginning.

But what if is after all what if.

Tang Yun cannot become Yu Yun, and Ye Fan can only be Chu Tianfan.

Fate had caught up with them, making them go different ways after all.

“You should go.”

Tang Yun turned her head away, not wanting anyone to see her lose her composure.

However, Ye Fan’s lifted footsteps could hardly fall down.

Finally, for some reason, Ye Fan suddenly turned his head and said to Tang Yun, “Yun’er, you should come with me.”


Ye Fan’s words were like a shock to the sky, but they set off shocking waves in Tang Yun’s heart.

Since she was young, she had been a good girl in her parents’ eyes.

Later, she was even the most favourable student in the eyes of her teacher.

After that, she became the head of the Chu Sect in one fell swoop.

From her birth until now, Tang Yun has always lived up to the expectations of her parents and teachers.

She had always lived by the rules.

But now, there was a man who reached out to her and asked her to step out of that routine life, to let go of the worldliness of her clan, to throw away the shackles of worldly eyes, and to leave with him, this troubled jianghu.

No one could understand Tang Yun’s feelings at this moment, a delicate body was stunned there, speechless for a long time.

Ye Fan, too, regretted his words after saying them.

He was a dog who had lost his family, a man who had fallen on hard times and whose life was at stake, how could he be qualified to say such words, and how could he be qualified to ask a graceful and elegant beauty to flee and suffer with him.

What’s more, he already has a family.

Mu Orange had treated him well, and Ye Fan did not want to let her down.

Tang Yun was only a confidante who was destined to be with him.

After all, Ye Fan could not give her a name.

Moreover, if he abducted the Chu Sect’s Sect Master, would the Tang Family let him go? Would the Chu Sect let him go?

Chu Yuan would not give up even more.

The ideal was beautiful, but in the face of reality, Ye Fan’s words about coming with me seemed too naive and ridiculous.

Perhaps, only in fairy tales and novels would there be a happy ending where the two of them would fly together.

Without waiting for Tang Yun’s answer, Ye Fan himself dismissed the whole idea.

At one time, Ye Fan thought that he could defy everything.

However, when it came to dealing with this relationship between himself and Tang Yun, this peerless seal who had terrified the world had finally retreated.

He was only a mortal, and the worldly ties and hindrances were something he could not cross after all.

Ye Fan thought that only the ancestor of Yunyang, who had achieved great emperor status, could truly defy the red dust, fear no ties and achieve true dashing freedom.

Dispelling such unrealistic thoughts, Ye Fan finally turned around, and with endless regret and despondency, turned to leave.

No one knew how different things would be when the two parted this time, and how different they would be the next time they saw each other.

However, just as Ye Fan had taken a few steps, a cry suddenly came from behind him.

“Ye Fan, I’m going with you!”


This shout was like thunder running through heaven and earth, and like lightning shooting straight into the heart of the sky.

Ye Fan suddenly turned around, and then he saw the beautiful woman, whose eyes were full of tears and determination, and whose heart was full of determination and persistence, running towards Ye Fan with joy and a bit of madness.

The moment the soft jade and warm fragrance entered his arms, all of Ye Fan’s inner sanity collapsed.

At this moment, Ye Fan knew that in this world, there was another person that he was willing to protect with his life.


Heaven and earth were speechless, the gra*s and trees were silent.

Under the star river, only that man could be heard, quietly returning the word, good.

And then, these two supreme powerhouses, who were also number one on the Heavenly Ranking, walked together, and together they headed towards the bottom of the Chu Sect Mountain, fleeing frantically.



“Stand still!”

“Who is it?”

“Report your name!”

Further on, it was out of the Chu Sect mountain range.

However, the strong men of the Chu Sect had long since guarded the area again.

A large number of Chu Sect members were waiting here for Ye Fan to throw himself at them.

Finally, after a long time of standing guard, these Chu Clan members waited for two figures coming from the bottom of the mountain.

Countless strong men were immediately alerted and converged on this spot, surrounding them.

Only when they got closer did they realise that one of the two was their Sect Master, Tang Yun!

In an instant, the Chu Sect’s strongest men were terrified and knelt down to apologise, “I’m sorry, Sect Master Tang.”

“It’s because we are blind, we didn’t recognize that it was Sect Master Tang himself!”

“Please also forgive me!”

Faced with the crowd kneeling, Tang Yun shouted angrily “Since you recognise me, why don’t you get lost?”

“Old Sect Master Coco has asked us to,” one of the men said.

As soon as the man’s words left his mouth, he saw a flash of sword light, and a bloodstain several inches long appeared under his neck.

It was only a hair’s breadth from his throat.

The man P*ssed himself in fear and flopped onto the ground.

“Now what?” Tang Yun bellowed once more.

In a flash, no one dared to stop anymore.

The crowd all scattered like a tidal wave.

And with such ease, Tang Yun and Ye Fan both broke through the Chu Sect’s encirclement.

But they hadn’t gone too far.

Suddenly, a majestic hissing sound came out quietly.

The sound was low and distant, mellow and majestic.

It was like a flood of beasts, breaking through the barrier of a thousand ages and resounding through the earth.

“This is?”

At that moment, Tang Yun’s beautiful eyes then trembled.