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Worth Deserving Chapter 1778


The heavenly rivers trembled and the earth swayed.

Along with that hissing sound that resonated through the ages, this heaven and earth, almost all of them, trembled uncontrollably amidst this hissing sound.

The low roar seemed to come from the depths of the earth.

Moreover, a moment later, an unparalleled searing storm swept through the four directions of the heavenly river.

When Tang Yun and Ye Fan turned back to look over, they only found that the top of the Chu Sect Mountain seemed to be burning with a blazing fire

That crimson heaven and earth seemed to be undergoing the scorching heat of the blazing sun.

“This this is.”

The moment she saw this scene, Tang Yun’s pretty face instantly paled at a terrifying rate.

“Yun’er, what’s wrong?”

Rarely did he see such an expression and face on Tang Yun’s face, Ye Fan was instantly worried.

However, Tang Yun’s eyes were full of gloom “Ye Fan, I suspect that the monster that has been sleeping under the Chu Sect Mountain is about to wake up.”

“A strange monster?” Ye Fan was instantly stunned.

“Don’t you know?”

“Your Chu Family’s ancestor, Chu Yunyang, was a supreme powerhouse that transcended all the ages and refined all the worlds.”

“Such a figure, but a little bit of grace left in his fingertips would be enough to shade your Chu family for thousands of years.”

“The Cloud Dao Heavenly Duel, the Ironwood Puppet, the Yunyang Ancient Sword, and even our Tang Family’s Cloud Smoke Sword Skill are all gifts from the Yunyang ancestor to his descendants.” Tang Yun’s face was gloomy, his eyes full of gravity as he spoke to Ye Fan about their family’s history.


“The Cloud Smoke Sword Skill as well?”

“No wonder, no wonder when I was practicing the Cloud Smoke Sword Skill, I always felt a few things in common with the Cloud Dao Heavenly Jedi.” Ye Fan instantly dawned on him, and the confusion he had once felt was also clear at that moment.

However, Ye Fan also became even more curious as to what the relationship between this Tang Family and the Chu Family was.

Why, the Tang Family’s heirloom sword technique was also related to the Chu Family’s ancestor, Chu Yunyang.

However, this was not the time to discuss this, so Ye Fan once again asked Tang Yun, “Are you trying to say that the monster is also related to my ancestor Yunyang?”

Tang Yun nodded “I knew when I was very young that there was a monster sleeping under the Chu Gate Mountain.”

“The ancestor of the Jones family was the gatekeeper who guarded this monster, and was also a subordinate and follower of your Yunyang ancestor.”

“After all these years, the years have changed and the Jones Family has merged into the three Chu Clans, on an equal footing with the Chu Family.”

“They only think about competing for power and profit, and have probably forgotten their ancestor’s duties, and even, have forgotten the existence of this monster.”

Tang Yun shook her head and lamented repeatedly.

As the Lord of the Chu Sect, she naturally knew much more about the secrets and history of the three families of the Chu Sect than Ye Fan did.

Like the monster that slept under the Chu Sect mountain, when Tang Yun first heard about it, she only thought it was a legend.

But now, when she heard the roar that shook the ages, and the red flames that burned the sky and the earth.

Tang Yun suddenly realised that it was not a legend, it was real!

“If it was really that monstrous beast coming out of the world, wouldn’t Yue’er and the others, be in danger?”

Ye Fan also suddenly realised the seriousness of the matter.

At a time like this, such a strange change coming out of Chu Men Mountain again, this was undoubtedly adding insult to injury for Ye Fan.

However, Tang Yun was shaking her head “Not necessarily.”

“This monster’s awakening is not necessarily bad for the Moon Gods and girls.”

“In the past, the ancestor of the Jones family was able to control this monster.”

“But now, that beast mastery skill has long been lost to the Jones Family clan.”

“An out-of-control monster coming out of the world is bound to cause a chaotic situation.”

“Your people, too, will just happen to take advantage of the chaos to leave.”

Tang Yun analysed the situation here, and after hearing this, Ye Fan was relieved.

“Let’s not talk about that, you are too injured, let’s go first.” “Otherwise, in your current condition, even if they are really in danger, you won’t be able to help.”

Tang Yun advised Ye Fan, then without further delay, she immediately led Ye Fan far away.

Soon, the two figures, a man and a woman, disappeared into the darkness of the roiling night ahead.

On Chu Men Mountain, chaos still continued.

The sky was ablaze, the earth was cracked, and the mountains, rocks and gra*s were reduced to ashes.

At last, a thousand cries have come out.

After half an hour of chaos, an incomparably huge figure burst out of the depths of the earth, straight into the heavens and the earth.

Afterwards, everyone on Mount Chuman saw the huge body that covered the sky and its six huge wings that were burning in the air.

It looked like the blazing angel that lived in myth and legend!

On that day, the sun and the moon were without light. The glory and majesty of God was everywhere. Countless people knelt down and looked up at the blazing six-winged angel like the most devout of believers. All evil was pierced by the divine light, and all darkness was nowhere to be seen.

However, at the top of the six-winged angel of annihilation, the crowd could vaguely see the figure of a man standing proudly.

His eyes were blue, and the golden divine flowers glowed in his eyes.

At this moment, he is the Lord of this world, he is the king of this world.

All beings, all beings in the world, were subservient under his feet!

At the top of the Wuji Mountain, that Chu Zhengliang, who was suffering to the extreme,&bsp&bsp the moment he saw that figure at the top of the sea of clouds, his lofty face was left with tears of relief.

All his pain, all the effort, are worth it.



The chaos on Truman Mountain lasted all night, and in the end, it even alarmed the military of Rice.

Thousands of soldiers converged on the area, Black Hawk warplanes circled high above, coastal battleships stood by, and countless fire control radars locked down Truman Hill.

An armed strike that could destroy a city was already in the offing.

Fortunately, at the critical moment, the military of Rice made contact with the senior management of the Chu Sect and learned that the situation was under control, and that the incident last night was only a mixed round within the sect, and everything had been put to rest.

It was only after this that the mountainous area of Chu Mun Mountain was saved from the artillery fire.

After stopping the armed strike by the Mi military, Chu Yuan immediately called an emergency meeting at the top of Chu Men Mountain.

He told all the elders, deputy hall masters and senior members of the three families of the Chu Sect to give up the pursuit and return to the meeting immediately.

However, Chu Yuan had waited for a day in the Chu Sect’s main hall, but in the end, he did not wait for Tang Yun’s arrival.

“Where is Tang Yun?”

“Who can tell me, where is Tang Yun?”

Above the great hall, Chu Yuan suddenly became hysterical.

His face was lofty and angry.

Before this, Chu Yuan had actually been reported.

It said that last night, someone had seen that Tang Yun had brought Ye Fan along with her and left the Chu Sect Mountain.

At that time, Chu Yuan naturally did not believe it.

He would never believe that Tang Yun, who had always been mature and stable, and who could carry the weight of importance and pros and cons, would take Ye Fan and flee from the Chu Sect, and would betray him, her teacher, and the career and sect that she had worked for half her life.

Therefore, Chu Yuan called this emergency meeting.

He just wanted to see if his most prized disciple, the head of the Chu Sect, would return or not.

However, Chu Yuan was disappointed after all.

They had waited for a day, but in the end, they had not waited for Tang Yun’s figure.



“Chu Tianfan!”

“Good for you Chu Tianfan, huh?”

“You’re really good, really good”

“You destroyed my Chu Family, now even my Chu Sect, you want to destroy it too”

Chu Yuan, who had been silent for a day, eventually found it hard to suppress that anger and sorrow in his heart.

In the end, this old man suddenly laughed in a maniacal manner.

It was only at this moment that Chu Yuan realised how terrible the outcasts that he had despised and rejected and expelled from his family back then were.

Not only had he imprisoned the head of their Chu family for eternity, he had also abducted the head of the Chu clan.

He wanted to destroy the Chu Family and the Chu Sect from the top!

With such a plan and such a skill, even he, Chu Yuan, could not help but bow down in defeat.