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Worth Deserving Chapter 1795

Chapter 1795

“By the way, you just said you’d grant me any wish?”

“Then I’ll let you take me shopping, I want to buy lots and lots of clothes”

“This Sect Master still remembers what you did in the old Chu family mansion before when you stole my clothes?”

“This Sect Master will make you pay back a hundred times over”

“Don’t look, it’s the one you bought”

Tang Yun gave Ye Fan a fierce glare as this guy was staring at his chest dishonestly.

It looked like he was looking to see if Tang Yun was still wearing the black lace underwear he had bought for her earlier

“There’s more.”

“You also have to take me to eat hot pot and roast meat.”

“I have to eat all the cuisines of your Yanxia”

“And take me on a tour of all your famous mountains and rivers, like something like West Lake, Tianshan, Yellow River and Tai Mountain”

Tang Yun talked endlessly, like a young girl who had fallen in love for the first time, imagining all the beautiful and joyful things.

That look was as if she wanted to make up for all the beauty she hadn’t experienced at one time to Ye Fan.

“Fine, fine.”

“Satisfy you with all of it.”

On the vast sea, the huge cruise ship split the waves.

While Ye Fan was planning the future with both Tang Yun.

And after this conversation, all of Tang Yun’s previous gloom was swept away, and her mood instantly improved.

Especially when you think of the future, you can live with the people you like, and that little guy far away in Jiangdong, used to &bsp&bsp loneliness in Tang Yun’s heart, there was a kind of inexplicable warmth and anticipation.

Of course, there are gains and losses.

Tang Yun is also very clear, tonight’s departure, for her, represents what.

Power, status, all the prosperity and glory she once possessed, would all be lost.

From now on, she is only his lover, his mother.

This is undoubtedly a radical change for Tang Yun, and a completely new life.

But she would try her best to do well in this new role.

Consider it for the sake of the man in front of her, and the tiny child she had placed in Jiangdong.

“Ye Fan, look, the sun is coming out.”

On the deck, the cold wind was gusting and the waves were rolling.

Tang Yun was in a long dress, her eyebrows like a painting.

The stunning face was so beautiful that it nearly caused heaven and earth to lose its glow.

With a brilliant smile, she leaned against Ye Fan’s shoulder, pointed to the distant east and spoke softly.

“Yes, the sky is about to dawn.”

Ye Fan said in a low voice too, as he embraced his beautiful woman.

At the end of the heaven and earth ahead, the darkness dispersed like a tide and the light began to reveal itself little by little.

However, just as the two of them were clinging to each other and looking far into the dreamy eastern land together, a human figure appeared silently in the dark night.

Neither Ye Fan nor Tang Yun noticed his arrival.

It felt as if this man appeared out of thin air before him.

The strange appearance caused Ye Fan to be instantly alerted.

However, before Ye Fan could ask who the visitor was, the next moment, Ye Fan only felt that the beautiful woman in his arms, her delicate body trembled violently.

And then, amidst Tang Yun’s terrified gaze, he hurriedly left from Ye Fan’s embrace.

“Yun’er, you.”

Ye Fan was in a state of confusion.

But Tang Yun was already terrified and full of fear, and bowed her head to the person coming in front of her.

“Old teacher, I…”


Hearing Tang Yun’s words, Ye Fan’s pair of eyes also instantly widened.

He instantly turned around and once again looked at the figure in the depths of the dark night.

Sure enough, as the other party got closer and closer, Ye Fan gradually saw his face clearly.

It was Tang Yun’s teacher, the former master of the Chu Sect, Chu Yuan!

At the top of the Vast Sea, he was treading on the sky with his feet in the void-.

That diffuse sky was as flat as the ground beneath his feet.

At first glance, he was still a thousand metres away.

When he looked again, he was already in front of them.

He stood tall and indifferent, and his gaze fell on Tang Yun’s body.

On that majestic face, there was no joy or sorrow, not the slightest emotion could be seen at all.

However, even though Chu Yuan did not say a word, did not utter a single word, Tang Yun still felt an unprecedented pressure.

Shame, trepidation, guilt

All sorts of emotions tore at Tang Yun’s entire heart.

The last person she wanted to face right now was her teacher, Chu Yuan.

However, this moment had come after all.

And, it was still when she was with Ye Fan, sketching out her future.


“How could it be so soon?”

Chu Yuan’s appearance was undoubtedly also out of Ye Fan’s expectations.

How could he not have expected that this Chu Yuan, in such a broken time, would find them.

According to reason, in this vast ocean, even a Sealed Sovereign, a God Realm powerhouse, would definitely not be able to find their location so quickly.

But now, there was no point in dwelling on this any longer.

Ye Fan looked towards Chu Yuan, and his low words then rang out “There is a head for injustice, and there is a master for debt.”

“Chu Yuan, this is my grudge against your Chu family.”

“I have nothing to say if I fall into your hands this night.”

“But I only hope that you will not implicate others.”


As soon as Ye Fan’s words fell, Chu Yuan waved his sleeve robe.

A majestic energy suddenly struck out like a cannonball.

Ye Fan immediately spat out blood and flew out, his body of hundreds of pounds ruthlessly hitting the hard deck.

“Ye Fan!”

Tang Yun was instantly anxious and ran over to help Ye Fan.


“How dare you shelter him in front of me?”

Chu Yuan once again became furious and waved his Qi into a lock, directly locking Tang Yun’s entire body in place.

“Let her go!”

“I said, everything, come at me.”

Ye Fan spat out the blood in his mouth and stood up again.

Chu Yuan sneered “Chu Tianfan, are you still qualified to make demands of me now?”

“You destroyed my clan, injured my child, and abducted my disciple.”

“Tonight, even if I bury you to the bone, it will be hard to quench my hatred!”

As he spoke, Chu Yuan slowly lifted his palm, and a huge force swept out, and Ye Fan, who had lost all his power, was immediately sucked up by Chu Yuan.

Reaching out, he ruthlessly strangled Ye Fan by the throat!

If Chu Yuan used just a little bit of force, Ye Fan’s life would undoubtedly be cut short here.




Tang Yun cried, her eyes full of pleading, tears filling the air.

But the more Tang Yun begged, the more the anger in Chu Yuan’s heart grew stronger.

“Little Yun, why?”

“What’s so good about this outcast?”

“To let you disregard the clan and everything.”

“The kindness of my master’s upbringing and teaching, you have thrown it all to the wind.”

“The interests of the clan, the responsibilities of the sect master, you ignore them all?”

“Tell me, why?”

“Is it possible that the master of the world’s greatest clan is no better than this mourning dog?”

Chu Yuan questioned angrily, anger burning in his old eyes.

Even when his clan was broken and his descendants were killed, Chu Yuan had never been so angry.

Tang Yun was his most valued disciple, and although he was a teacher and disciple, he was more like father and daughter.

In order to train Tang Yun, he had given almost everything he had, and in the end, he had even placed the entire sect in Tang Yun’s hands.

This was an almost heavenly favour.

But how could Chu Yuan not have imagined that all this he had given Tang Yun was inferior to an outcast who he had driven out of the Chu Clan back then?

Especially when he saw the two of them embracing each other, Ye Fan and Tang Yun just now, that anger within Chu Yuan’s heart was even more intense.

“Teacher, please, don’t kill him.”

“Ye Fan has been kind enough to shelter his disciple.”

“I only beg you to spare him.” Tang Yun was still begging.


“This son destroys your dao heart.”

“If you don’t kill him, how will you rule the Chu Sect in the future?”

“He will die!”

In his anger, Chu Yuan was about to exert himself and exterminate Ye Fan.

But who would have thought that Tang Yun would damage her own meridians and spit out crimson blood immediately afterwards.

“Little Yun, you!”

Chu Yuan was instantly shocked, he did not expect that Tang Yun would be begging for death.

“Teacher, I’m sorry, this time my apprentice will be capricious once more.”

“If you do not spare him, my apprentice will also kill himself.”