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Worth Deserving Chapter 1796

Chapter 1796

“You’re threatening me?”

“You should know that I hate threats from others the most!”

After Tang Yun’s words fell, Chu Yuan was undoubtedly even angrier.

The ice-cold words were nearly devoid of the slightest bit of warmth contained in them.

The killing intent in his eyebrows was even greater.

The more Tang Yun cared about this Ye Fan, the more he undoubtedly could not keep him.

Tang Yun was his chosen Sect Master of the Chu Sect, and he had to get rid of anyone who got in the way of Tang Yun taking charge of the Chu Sect!

Especially this Ye Fan!

However, just as Chu Yuan was determined to kill, Tang Yun once again ran her power and severed another vein of her own, her delicate body trembled and a mouthful of blood spat out once again.


This time, Chu Yuan was undoubtedly stunned.

His old face turned pale!

Because, he clearly felt that this disciple of his in front of him, that determination to die for the sake of Ye Fan.

“Good, very good!”

“Tang Yun, you’ve won.”

“Tonight, I’ll let him off the hook again.”

“But, as a condition. I make you swear to cut off all dealings with this Chu Tianfan from this moment onwards.”

“From now on, you shall not have any further contact with him.”

“His life or death is no longer your concern!”

“If you agree, I will let him go tonight.”

Under Tang Yun’s stubbornness, Chu Yuan finally took a step back.

Ye Fan smiled, but shook his head and looked at Tang Yun as if he was telling her to reject Chu Yuan’s request.

And Chu Yuan undoubtedly saw Ye Fan’s movement, and the force on his hand was once again a few points heavier.

As he watched, Ye Fan’s face was already red from lack of oxygen, and all over his body, veins were rippling, almost on the verge of suffocation.

In such a situation, Tang Yun could no longer hesitate.

With tears streaming down her face, she shouted, “I, Tang Yun, swear to the heavens!”

“After this night, I will sever my ties with Chu Tianfan.”

“His safety and death are no longer my concern.”

“From now on, we will clear our grudge and never see each other again!”

Tang Yun gritted her teeth as she spoke, every word that came out of her mouth at that moment was like a sharp knife that plunged straight into Tang Yun’s heart.

When she finished saying this, perhaps the heart of this stunningly graceful woman was also shattered along with her.

“Tang Yun, remember your words tonight.”

Only when Chu Yuan heard this did he nod in satisfaction.

After that, he let go of his hand and Ye Fan, whose breath was dying, fell to the ground, spitting blood all over the floor.

“But Chu Tianfan, don’t think that, just because you escaped tonight, you can rest easy.”

“I only promised not to kill you tonight, I didn’t say I wouldn’t kill you in the future.”

“I will give you seven days.”

“Within these seven days, my Chu Sect will not take any action against you.”

“But after the seven days, whether you die or live will be up to the will of God.”

Chu Yuan stayed high, his indifferent gaze looking at Ye Fan beneath him, his morose words, however, were as cold and hard as ice.


However, just as these words of Chu Yuan fell.

In the distant sky, there was suddenly a fire light rushing into the sky.

Immediately afterwards, the deafening sound of the explosion, even though it was a hundred miles away, was still as clear as ever.

Chu Yuan immediately raised his head.

When he saw the direction from which the explosion came, his old eyes trembled and his entire expression then became grave and angry.

“Junior, it was you?”

“It was you who sent someone to beat up my Chu Sect Mountain?”

Chu Yuan once again strangled Ye Fan by the neck, his eyes as red as blood as he angrily shouted.

Yes, the place where the fire was raging at this moment was clearly Chu Men Mountain.

Someone was attacking Chu Men Mountain.

Looking around the world, the only one who had the guts to do so was this man in front of him called Chu Tianfan.

Now Chu Yuan even felt that this b*****d had used himself as bait to lure him out and transfer the tiger away from the mountain.

Then he sent his men to take advantage of the situation and bombard their Chu Sect.

Seeing such a tremendous attack, Chu Yuan no longer had to think about it, the only three thousand people left in that Chu Sect were afraid that they would die and be injured tremendously again.

“Teacher, you promised me that you would spare him,” came Tang Yun’s words again.

Even though Chu Yuan was angry in his heart, he had to spare Ye Fan’s life.

He slapped down a palm, severely injuring Ye Fan, and after venting a few moments of anger in his heart, he immediately took Tang Yun back to the Chu Sect and went to save him.



Chu Sect Mountain.

It was already in chaos.

Thousands of cannon fire was poured out like no money.

The disciples on Chu Men Mountain had gone mad.


“Who’s hitting my&bsp&bsp Chu Men Mountain?”

“Could it be the military of Rice, falling on the well?”


“Get me Admiral An Lan!”

“I want to ask him what the hell is going on?”

“What the hell are these b*****ds up to?”

“Do they really want to start a war between our Chu Sect and them?”

The attack had come too suddenly.

By the time the crowd noticed it, the entire Chu Sect Mountain was already covered by a raging fire.

After the first wave of attacks fell, Chu Sect Mountain was cut off by several metres in a raw manner, and the weaker disciples under the sect were either killed or maimed.

Such a sudden attack was undoubtedly a deadly threat to martial artists.

By the time the strongest members of the Chu Sect held up their defences, the Chu Sect Mountain was already strewn with corpses.

And while the people of the Chu Sect were still investigating the identity of the incoming enemy, there were heavy troops pressing down on the Chu Sect Mountain.

Dozens of armoured fighting vehicles, rockets, howitzers and other kinds of heavy weapons were all brought out.

Thousands of artillery shells were in position, firing wildly.

In front of the position, a man dressed in military uniform stood there like that.

Watching the fireworks of the shells exploding in the air, watching the sky-rushing flames of Truman Hill in front of him.

“General Oske, the three rounds of attack have ended.”

“Is the attack to be stopped?”

At that moment, the men suddenly came forward to ask for instructions.

“How many shells are left in stock?” Oske asked in a deep voice.

“Less than sixty percent!”

“The artillery fire continues.” Oske spoke slowly, his tone bland and calm, and even, with a bit of determination.

“General, the inventory is less than forty percent, should we continue?”

“General, ammunition inventory is still 20%.”

“General, all artillery shells, are close to being depleted!”

At the bottom of Truman Hill, one after another, the messengers reported to the men.

Finally, when he heard that the ammunition was about to run out, the man smiled.

But in that smile, there seemed to be a bit of relief.

He looked ahead at the flaming Truman Hill, and then issued a final order to his men.

“Distribute all the artillery shells to the artillery, prepare to give Truman one last point of great gift.”

“Rest of the units, prepare to retreat.”

“After the last round of attack is over. Everyone, just go on your own and flee for your lives.”

“In the meantime, thank you all for me, Oske.”

“Thank you all for more than ten years of sincere cooperation.”

“We’ll see you again!”


Brush brush brush brush

Hearing these words from Oske, the surrounding generals, all of them, rolled down and burst into tears.

“This order will not be repeated, it will be carried out immediately!”

Osco bellowed, showing the last of his majesty to the entire army.

And then, another round of cannon fire shot up into the sky.

After the deafening explosion, the soldiers retreated like a tidal wave.

Only Oske, standing on high, admired the masterpiece that he had written tonight.

“Alice, your man has avenged you!”

Oske laughed harshly, but the cloudy gaze was filled with the miss of his former lover.

Back then, Oske was just the most ordinary of ordinary people, with a happy family and a woman he loved.

But one day, his girlfriend was abused and killed herself.

The murderer was one of Truman’s men.

At that time, like Ye Fan, Oske also rushed up to the Chu Sect Mountain against all odds to ask the Chu Sect to give him justice.

But as a result, he did not even enter the door and was almost killed by the people of the Chu Sect.

It was then that the seed of hatred was planted.

Later, he met Ye Fan.

The same goal undoubtedly brought them together quickly.

With Ye Fan’s help, he spent many years in hiding, &bsp&bsp accumulating power, and rose step by step to where he is today.