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Worth Deserving Chapter 1797

Chapter 1797

He admired Ye Fan, perhaps the result was not perfect, but at least, this young man had really single-handedly killed his way into the Chu Sect and stirred up the whole Chu Sect by himself.

Far more outstanding than he was back then.

This boldness and means of Ye Fan alone was enough to make Oske follow him for the rest of his life!

“Dragon Master, tonight will be considered as a final parting gift from my subordinates to you.”

“It is only a pity that my subordinate will no longer be able to accompany you on the rest of the way.”

Oske looked far away from Ye Fan’s direction and knelt down heavily to where his heart was.

The words were filled with regret.

Yes, who would not want to accompany their sovereign to the world for the Lord’s campaign.

Oske was one of Ye Fan’s four Dragon Kings.

Naturally, he also wanted to accompany Ye Fan on all his journeys.

However, when his identity was revealed, Oske already knew that this dream would, after all, only be a dream.

Perhaps in the future, Ye Fan would return to the Chu Sect and return the humiliation that Chu Yuan had brought him today a thousand times over.

But that day, Oske would undoubtedly not be able to wait.

When the last round of attacks ended, the world was finally silent.

And his men, as planned, began to retreat in an orderly fashion.

The dense ma*s of figures only retreated like a tidal wave.

Oske just stood there, watching as the men exited the mountains and retreated to the city.

And at this time, the surviving people of the Chu Clan began to rush down the Chu Clan mountain, looking for the murderer who had blasted their Chu Clan tonight.

Chu Yuan, who had taken Tang Yun away earlier, also quickly returned to the area.

They found Oske on a high ground.

“Oske, it really is you!”

“You b*****d, how could my Chu Sect not have imagined that you were actually that Chu Tianfan’s man?”

“You beast, killing so many people from my Chu Sect, you should be shredded into pieces!”

Even before this, Grand Elder Tang Xian had already guessed that the attack tonight was definitely not related to the guards stationed at the bottom of the mountain.

However, Tang Xian’s original guess was that it was Ye Fan, together with Oske and the others, who had attacked Chu Men Mountain.

But now, after descending the mountain, Tang Xian realized that this son of a b*tch, Oske, was actually a dog’s egg, and he had actually led the fight by himself.

“Where’s Chu Tianfan?”

“Where is that b*****d Chu Tianfan?”

“Why didn’t he come?”

“That goon, could it be that he’s afraid of my Chu Sect, that Fang just sent you alone to fight, but he himself hid behind and didn’t dare to come out!”

Tang Xian was covered in wretchedness and dust, but was full of anger, rushing at Ye Fan and cursing furiously.

Those few rounds of attacks just now were too sudden.

One had to know that during this period of time, Chu Sect’s people would have been sent out in large numbers to search for Ye Fan.

The forces left behind on Chu Sect Mountain would have been few, leaving only a very small number of people to patrol and stand guard.

After all, no one would think that Ye Fan would still take the initiative at such a time.

But now, that Ye Fan had undoubtedly given the Chu Sect crowd a resounding slap in the face.

However, in the face of Tang Xian’s questioning, Oske did not answer positively.

He just tilted his head and laughed “Hahahaha”

“It will come.”

“Sooner or later, the Dragon Lord will come.”

“The day the Dragon Lord comes to Chu Sect Mountain again will be the day your Chu Sect will be exterminated!”


“Shut up!”

When Tang Xian and the others heard this, they immediately cursed and waved their hands to hit Osric’s body with a fierce slap.

The man in front of him, spat out blood, and his entire body then flew out.

“Save your breath, bring it to the Chu Sect mountain and torture it properly.”

Chu Yuan, who had already returned to the clan, found out that this Oske was just an ordinary man with no hands, and lost interest.

He instructed his men to tie him up and take him to the Truman Mountain.

However, no sooner had Chu Yuan said these words than he heard a gunshot pa*s.

Oske drank the bullet and died, leaving crimson blood all over the ground.


“He killed himself!”

The men from the Chu Sect walked over to take a look and cursed in anger when they saw that the other party was no longer alive.

After that, the crowd didn’t waste any more time and all returned to Truman’s Mountain to count the wounded.

This attack by Oske may have caused limited casualties to the Truman personnel, but it undoubtedly came close to destroying the entire environment and buildings of Truman Mountain.

As far as the eye could see, there were ruins and gullies everywhere.

The remnants of flames smouldered black with smoke.

There were very few and far between buildings that were still intact in a large sect.

“This D*mned Chu Tianfan!”

“I really f*cked his whole family.”

With the sect destroyed, Tang Xian and the others had the heart to get Ye Fan killed, and the resentment against him in their hearts had undoubtedly intensified.

“Old Sect Master, have you caught up with that little Yan Xia child?”

“We must not let him escape!”

“I will now continue to lead the men in pursuit!”

“That Chu Tianfan must have fled via the sea route towards Yanxia.”

The more Tang Xian thought about it, the angrier he became.

Tonight, he had been bombarded by artillery fire twice in a row, so he could imagine how furious he was.

As he spoke, Tang Xian was about to lead his men out in pursuit.

But he was stopped by Chu Yuan.

“There’s no need.”

“Inform this down, all the men outside, give up the pursuit for the time being, all return to Chu Men Mountain and wait for instructions.”

“This,” Tang Xian smiled, and was instantly stunned.

“Old Sect Master, I don’t understand.”

“That Chu Tianfan has lost all his cultivation now, and is at his weakest.”

“If we don’t chase after him at this time, that would undoubtedly be letting the tiger return to the mountain.”

“If we want to get rid of Chu Tianfan later, we will have to pay a thousand times more if we want to get rid of him again.”

Tang Xian’s eyes were full of incomprehension and he asked Chu Yuan in doubt.

But Chu Yuan replied indifferently, “Don’t worry, he won’t be able to escape.”

“I have my own plans!”

“This time, I will not only let him die in the sea, I will also bring back all the majesty that our Chu Sect has lost.”

Chu Yuan’s cold voice rang out slowly.

No one knew what was brewing in this old man’s heart.

“What about Sect Master Tang Yun?”

“Are we not going to rescue them either?” Tang Xian asked.

Chu Yuan replied, “I have already brought her back.”

“But she was persecuted by Chu Tianfan and was seriously injured.”

“During this period of time, I’ve put her in seclusion to recuperate from her injuries.”

“None of you should disturb her.”

Tang Xian was undoubtedly overjoyed when he heard that Tang Yun had returned.

After so many days, it was finally good news to hear.



The Pacific Ocean was vast and boundless.

As far as the eye could see, there was the endless blue sea water.

The sun shines, reflecting the azure light.

It was another evening when the sun was setting in the west.

Ye Fan and his group, the cruise ship they were on, continued their journey east.

The sea was calm, and through the clear water, one could still see the fish and shrimps playing below.

In the distant sky, there were even a few mellifluous cries of seagulls.

“Brother Little Fan, look, the view from the sea, it’s so beautiful.”

“Beautiful, like a fairy tale.”

“There is no blood, no strife, no killing.”

“Just that quiet sea, and that fiery red sunset.”

In the cabin, Xu Lei simply hugged her little Fan brother, looking out of the glare window at the boundless sky as she spoke in rapt attention.

And in her arms, it was as if the man was asleep.

His eyes were tightly closed, his breath was weak, and the wind blowing outside the window made his eyelashes sway.

It had been several days.

Several days had pa*sed since Ye Fan had been found fainted on the deck and then again.

However, for so many days, the man in front of him, had never woken up.

Li Er and the others, almost every day, came to visit Ye Fan for a glance.

Xu Lei, on the other hand, never left an inch.

Day and night, she watched over her Little Brother Fan’s side.

“Little Brother Fan, do you know?”

“For so many years, I’ve been hoping for a time like that.”

“Just like now, with the sky, the sea, the warm sunset, and the balmy sea breeze.”

“And most of all, just you and me.”

“You lie on the beach, lazily blowing the sea breeze. And I, lying in your arms, resting on your chest, listening to your every gasp and counting your every heartbeat”